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Monday, August 19, 2013

This is The Life

So there we all were hanging out in the living area and, for once, I was not worrying about the mismatched furniture, the unfinished floors or the odd decorating style I call Grandmother's Attic.

Lambchop was reading Down Story Roads.

John was reading the Kindle.

 I don't know who is cuter.☺

It was a perfect summer day...

I kept thinking "This is the Life!"

It doesn't matter that I don't have the 4th of July decor put away nor even the Easter decor.

Oh no! Not you, too, Lambchop! (Reading an autumn poem when it is still summer!)

Mostly, this post comes to you courtesy of Diane at Lavender Dreams who provided so many of the delightful props: the children's reader, the This is the Life card, and the beautiful toile tote bag. Thanks a million, Diane!


Now, would you believe that it is almost time for the Note Card Party? Mr. Linky will be available by two tomorrow afternoon. The links will remain open until Thursday at 10 a.m. more or less.

Clicking on the sidebar links will take you to the rules, which are few and easy to follow. Hope, if you're going to be around, that you'll join me! It's great fun and a wonderful way to meet more bloggers. 


  1. love your home, and the cute Lambchop,...

  2. Oh that looks ever so restful. Today will be a busy day here. It is just beginning to be light here and I'm up and thinking I should make some muffins before the grands arrive to be babysat...I mean, come for a visit.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. This is SUCH a sweet post, Vee!! Lambchop is just adorable (and John is too). :) I think I've told you this before, but I love your living area, especially the paneled walls, the tall windows with deep sills, and the book shelves. It's just delightful and so homey. You have some very sweet gifts from Diane; she's such a nice person!

    I hope you have a great day; it's raining here, as usual. Just the sound of it is really starting to get under my skin. :(

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. I loved watching Shari Lewis and Lambchop. I always wanted a LambChop to love! Some very sweet memories from childhood. A girl can never have too many tote bags and this one is a winner.

  5. your right...looks like the perfect summer day! Enjoy!

  6. I absolutely love your attitude of gratefulness, Vee. You are such an amazing woman.

    And it is a tough call who is the cuter - but, well, John wins over LC- though she DID give him a run for the money.


  7. PS

    Your things from Diane - so lovely and perfect.

  8. Any day spent reading is a good day - especially for a retired librarian! Just LOVE that doily covered wreath! Lovely idea!

  9. As cute as John is, I'm afraid no one can compete with Lambchop. ;)

  10. What a adorable post! Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  11. I would feel right at home at your house. 'Scrunch over' and we'll read together! Are we having a cuppa while we read? I'm feeling nostalgic today. I feel like I survived last week and I'm so happy! Enjoy your day...all of you! See so tomorrow with notecards! Sweet hugs!

  12. I just love it and I noticed the stagecoach at the foot of the tv, what a wonderful place to live! That is what our homes are all about, living!
    Now I have a heads up, maybe I can get my note cards ready!

  13. Vee, I love your home....it looks like a place where we would all feel welcome....and
    John is the cuter but you already knew that. :-)
    Love, Mona

  14. Mornin' Vee. I've said it before, but I love visiting your blog/your home. What sweet goodies from Diane. I am ready for the note card party and enjoy all the visits from you & your talented and interesting participants.
    Have a good day.

  15. The 1950's style illustrations around the poetry jolted me back to my early years. I'd be tempted to make a color scan of the page, matte and frame it for Autumn! Sure would make a great transfer art for a pillow.
    Oh gee...now am imagining a whole series of transfer art seasonal poetry pillows.

  16. Vee, your home looks very cosy and welcoming! xo

  17. Your home is cozy & comfortable, I love that style. Really, Note Card Party is this week? Goodness I've got to get my thinking cap on again. Hmmm . . .


  18. Lambchop is just the cutest! And she even reads vintage story books. Love the tote bag. What a wonderful gift from Diane. It's almost cozy time isn't it? I can feel it in the air even though it's hot and hazy today. It's the sun's slant I think. And the cool nights. Thanks for the warning for the Note Card Party. :)

  19. I like mismatched furniture - good thing. LOL Lovely views of your home. I like those quiet days.

    Oh note card party - already - well I must get ready.

  20. My house has always been filled with mismatched furniture, etc. Different color stains on the wood pieces. Different types of wood. Eclectic in my own way. Mostly we just have used what we have and what was handed down to us with a few IKea, Homegoods, and Target put together pieces thrown in.
    I am ready for a This is the Life day. It was good to browse through yours!
    Hope you have a good week.

  21. Hi Vee, I love Lambchop, always have. I have no decor around, just the usual accessories which I am tired of but have no intention of replacing yet!! I have been in a Pinterest fall pinning frenzy but no signs yet, maybe an apple or two will appear this week. Depending on back pain. Ugh. Congrats on the win! Lovely items. xo

  22. well I for one would be happy to call this room home, I love your style and I love the name you call it, pure bliss to me!

  23. Nothing in my home matches, I like to think of it as eclectic...kind of like me. Your home looks warm and inviting. Lambchop brings back a lot of childhood memories...I used to watch that show all the time. Hope it's a good week for you

  24. If that style is called "Grandmother's Attic" I LOVE It! What a delightful post Vee.

  25. Oh Lambchop, please don't hurry autumn along, she'll be here soon enough. Sweet post, Vee, love seeing glimpses of your home.

    Are we supposed to vote on who is cuter? (teehee) I'll let you decide.

  26. Lovin' your little Lambchop!!
    Your home looks warm and cozy.

  27. Dear Vee, You have the life, and home that exudes love, warmth, and an "at home" feel, that so many desire, by sharing your daily life, you motivate us all to try a little harder! Lamb chop can visit me any day she wants too! This was such a delightful read.

  28. That was so cute, toss up between Lambchop and John was it? (tee hee) Thanks for the reminder of the note cards, I'm having so much fun laying back and reading books I almost forgot.
    Nice gifts from Diane, lots of room in the book bag.

  29. Love Lambchops!!! The stuffed animal, not the meat! LOL!!!

  30. I've always loved Lambchops since I was a kid. Lamchops and John. I just can't decide. : )
    I think your home always looks so inviting, warm and happy.

    This is the life. We often say this too, especially since we moved here.
    Life is Good.
    I'm planning on joining in on the Note Card Party.

  31. Hello Vee,
    First of all AMEN on the post before this one. Gorgeous flowers and bottles.
    I could not choose who is the cutest, but I have had a warm spot for Lambchop for years.
    I do not think your house mismatched at all. It looks like it suppose to be...LIVED IN!!!LOVED IN!!! not a fashion plate, that when someone like me comes for a visit, would be afraid to touch anything. I love your room for its homey feel. And life is good. some times the bad puts us back in prospective.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  32. Lambchops... she was my favourite!!!

    And, yes, it is hard to tell who is cuter. Sounds like you have a similar 'perfect' kind of day too. They make life worth it.

    Thanks for the peek...

  33. That's a great room, it's warm and comfortable to look at, a great place to relax.
    Lambchop and John seem happy there.

  34. I looks like a wonderful room and a wonderful way to spend the day, just relaxing and reading. I would love a little Lamb Chop like that! I'm a huge old fan.

    And now, I have the song that doesn't end stuck in my head.

    (HOPE to be here tomorrow, even if I don't get here until tomorrow evening.)

  35. Vee- What a wonderful post! Isn't it great to just BE sometimes and not worry about all the little odd things in life that we should have done or should do? I have a hard time relaxing sometimes when I know I am behind on all manner of things. It is hard to just relax and let go. Looks like you did it perfectly for that moment in time! LOVE Diane, too! xo Diana

  36. Lamp Chop is TOO cute! Great post.

  37. Your day-in-the-life series is so fun! I had to really chuckle when you changed perspective on Lambchop. I am not sure the younger generation truly knows the origin of Lambchop back in the Ed Sullivan Show days.

    I will participate in this month's party, but will sit out for the September one. At this point, I am wondering if I can even do the photo challenge next month. I won't have time to do blog hopping.

  38. Ahhh, what nice gifts...I am pretty sure the black and white bag was meant to come to West Texas and live in other blacks and whites but, oh, well....I guess I'll let you keep it since it looks so neat on the cute rack. :)
    And, I'd be hard pressed to know which is the cutest.. John or Lambchop but since John can REALLY read, and he just might be reading this over your shoulder, I vote for JOHN !!!:))

  39. This was such a fun post Vee.
    I'm such a fan of Lampchops.
    I'm afraid I can't decide whether
    he or John is cuter either. Let's
    just say they are both cute in their
    own special way!

  40. If I can get up early enough before the baby arrives I will do a post and join in, Vee! I love Lambchop AND John..tee hee

  41. That IS the life! I love everything in this post. I think I may have Down Story Roads in my attic. I love Grandmother's Attic styles of decorating. (And actually, my own grandmother, my Nana, lived on Story Road. She always loved the name.) And now I find myself yearning for a Lambchop, but I shall restrain myself!.

  42. Hi Vee! First of all, your new header is stunning! I love the way you captured the flowers, they look like they are glowing :) The Lord has certainly blessed us with much, hasn't He? :) Thanks for the lovely post. Hugs!

  43. I'm with Stephanie on the new header - aren't you a smartie pants the way you added the name of the blog:)

    I keep seeing signs of fall and am getting the itch:)

    Enjoy your "holiday decor!"


  44. I love that Lambchop was enjoying some reading in your cozy living room! and looking forward to the Notecard party again. Now to think of what to post! I also like your new header! It has been awhile since I changed mine, I wonder if I remember how!! Have a wonderful day! and I hope you will stop by the country soon as well.

  45. Ah yes, that is the life for sure. Nothing nicer than a cozy day of reading and not giving a hoot whether the Easter and 4th of July decorations are still out.
    What a delightful gift you received from Diane. Lambchop looks right at home with his reader. How does John feel about reading in the company of Lambchop? I sometimes get the eye roll from Brett when I set up these cute little displays. Ha!

    1. John is always amused by anything I do. Lambchop is one of the grands' favorites so is always close by. You'll find that you can get away with more now that you have a grand in your life. =D

  46. Diane is such a sweetheart! I love lamb chops too!

  47. Possibly one of the cutest posts that I've ever seen! I'm so glad I found your site! Thanks to Mary at Ocean Breezes & ...

  48. Very sweet and I love the pics of Lamb chop. Lots more here I need to catch up on which I will do soon. Who would have thought grands could take up so much time!


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