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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Photo Drive By

One of my readers said that she'd never heard of this kind of Drive By Shooting. They are the most pleasant kind. 

I first became aware of them six years ago at Melissa's Inspired Room. I think that the decorating blogs are more inclined to do them. I've done them from time to time, though I'm not so good at it. I may show you houses or fields or my husband's profile. I may take my own photo in the mirror and I may miss the house entirely and get only the barn or vice versa. 

Let's start at the reason for the drive...the photo challenge and the lake

~too pedestrian~not using it ☺~

Have you ever heard the importance of a diagonal line in art? It's true for photos, too, though this is not the finest example.

 ~I rather like this one. I may use it.~

So here we go, dirty windshield and all...

Spectacular clouds...I think a lot of us have been seeing these skies lately...

Oops! A miss...

I really like Federal Style homes...such large, square rooms. I like the transom window over the double front door as well. I'm sure that the pot of posies is a nice touch for the front steps — too bad it has toppled over.

This is a near miss...wish that it hadn't been a ~whoosh~ because the banking in front of the farmhouse is loaded with all manner of flowers, both garden and wild. The homeowners are working on painting so I may have to return and take another photo in autumn.

The turning point where we stopped for ice cream — blueberry for me, butter pecan for John. See the lake in the background? (I never tire of John's distinctive profile. Folks in his clan often share one like it. People say, "You've got to be an Ess because you look just like...")

For the barn lovers...

This sort of landscaping is most common...neat and tidy enough, perhaps a bit overgrown for some tastes.

A country cemetery, no outer gate or sign so it may be privately owned...

Wending our way home...

 Our valley looking west... I have often shown our valley looking east...wouldn't want you to be confused. ☺

Clouds gathering...

 A neat farmhouse just on the edge of town...

While out driving, I received an "urgent" call from my sister. She and her husband had left six hours earlier to drive to the cottage in Canada. Unfortunately, they were turned back at Canadian Customs and were now wondering what to do. So John and I stopped by for a quick visit with "the kids." We were putting our heads together trying to come up with solutions for Sis. Nothing like a bit of drama. More about that tomorrow!

Anyway, the grands were so cute sitting just outside their Auntie's (my daughter's) apartment. The oldest soon started making noises about how concerning the approaching storm was to him and so got us all rustled safely on our way before the thunderstorm began in earnest.

And that will do it for drive-bys for a while. I do enjoy them, but am not used to posting soooo many photos. ;D

A happy mid-week to you!


  1. I liked your drive-by post! It's always fun to take a little road trip and see things you've never seen before. So many stories...

    Thanks for taking us for ice cream too. Both flavors sound wonderful...I'd have a hard time choosing! (Do you each taste the other's choice?)

    Fun stop on your way home too! Those grands are too cute up there on that landing. :)

  2. Very enjoyable pics, Vee. My husband and brother drove across the U.S. and back a few years ago and John got very good at drive by shootings! Wishing you a nice day.

  3. I love taking photos like that.

  4. I enjoyed this little trip...going to have to do some drive by shooting myself

  5. I love this little drive by. I realized upon reading it that I used to do that a LOT more often than I do now. I don't know why. I enjoy it so.

  6. Vee,
    You have such beautiful countryside..love all the houses and barns...I find myself taking more than I want to while riding down the road....Enjoyed your pretty pictures..
    Love, Mona

  7. I've done a few drive by photos but I'm more for stopping and getting out to capture something. A good way to show your surroundings as you've done.
    I'm wondering why there was a problem at the border?

  8. I have not done drive by's in a while. I enjoyed yours. I love getting a better sense of the area you live in. My favorite ice cream is butter pecan....

  9. Happy mid-week to you too Vee. Love your drive by shootings!! Oh dear, what happened at the boarder?

  10. Oh I'm yearning for a care free drive by drive...
    Turned back at the border?? I'll be tuning in for that story.
    Now that's being established in an area when people recognize family traits.
    Reminds me of my Atlantic ocean story. It would take too many words to explain it though...
    Loved all your drive by shots.
    Have a good hump day.

  11. Loved your drive by Vee! Did you notice the blue sky and clouds in the rear-view mirror (in the photo where your husband was driving?) Of course, I just loved the barn photo! I have been noticing the same beautiful, billowing clouds in the sky here!

  12. The boys are adorable. Love the drive by pictures. I like the old and quaint houses, lots of character. Your new banner is delightful, with the teacup. Hope things got straightened out with your sister. ~ Abby

  13. I love your drive-by shots, Vee. Beautiful red barn! Those of us who participate in Barn Charm know all about drive-bys. :) I'm usually the driver, so it is a bit challenging but fun!

    Now, I'm very interested in hearing about the turn back at the border. See you tomorrow.

  14. Great post, Vee. I love the photos of the houses, even just the corners of the houses - and that shot of the road - it's evocative!
    I hope your sister's border challenge gets solved. That's no fun at the beginning of a holiday!

  15. Your drive-by was soo enjoyable! Honestly you live in such gorgeous surroundings, and your camera takes such clear, pretty pictures. loved the clouds...hope your day is a good one!

  16. Fabulous photos - lovely drive. I like blogs with lots of content - photos and text - they are my favorite kind. Drive bys are so much fun.

  17. Enjoyed my ride with you and John on the drive by. I do that quite often but if by myself have to stop and pull over. What a beautiful cup for your swap. Makes a great header. I do Artist Trading Card swap with Blissfullatcswap. blogspot.com. We make three and receive three. The Adm. sets up our swap partner and plans the themes for the month. August theme is "Back to School." Some folks do fabric art, some sewing, some painting. You are getting really good with your photography. Have a good week.

  18. A drive in the countryside is a great way to begin my day - well, to begin my blogging day. Love the farmhouses and lush green countryside. You're working hard on your photo challenge, me, not so much. Need to get at that.
    Curious as to why your sister was turned back at the border; will have to wait until tomorrow!

  19. I love stopping and taking photos of things to use in my paintings especially buildings. Your photos are great and I love the new header photo.

  20. A most enjoyable drive by. I like the variety of houses in your area.
    I'll be back tomorrow to learn more about your sister's problem at the border.
    Before I go, I must tell you how pretty your new blog look is. The header photo goes so nicely with your background.

  21. Very nice photos, Vee...I think that "farm house on the edge of town" looks just like my Grandma's house, deep in East Texas. She died before I was born but my mother took me by the house years ago. bwaaaa..now I am missing my mom.(it takes such a little for me to miss her)

  22. meant to say I have a post in draft about taking photos that i am debating about posting or not. i know so little about it all, i am embarrassed. :(

  23. ooo, and meant to say, I am TRYING to learn from you and other good blogging photographers but... .

  24. So now I think I understand drive by shooting. To put it in plain words. you take a photo from the car window as you drive by. Wow I do that a LOT. And am always amazed at how good they are. The profile one of your husband, nice clouds in the side view mirror.

  25. My favorites are the profile of John and wending your way home. Drive by shooting, huh? I have heard of drive by clicking (on the computer) and I admit I am guilty of THAT!!

  26. Can't wait to hear why your folks were turned away at the border...and I am going to start taking my camera with me everywhere! You have inspired me dear Vee!

  27. Good job on the drive by photos. Great pictures. I love the old barn.
    I think you may like ice cream as much as I do. : )

  28. Nice drive by, Vee, great photos. xo

  29. Love your 'drive by' post Vee - maybe this could become a regular thing!
    I'll try one as soon as my beloved laptop returns home from major surgery (fingers crossed she makes it)!!!

    Your new look blog is beautiful - love the new header photo and the side bars are so pretty too.

    My son has lent me his laptop for the day so I'm trying to catch up on everyones news!

    Shane xox

  30. I do drive by shooting from time to time..but "drive by shooting" has a different meaning where I live!

    Yours are just fantastic..

    1. Oh dear. I should not have echoed the comment...I found it an interesting play on words, but then dbses are not part of my world. So sorry that they're a part of yours!

  31. Fun! Everything is looking beautiful up they-ah in Maine!

    I am a big fan of Federal style! That's a great looking house!

    I may have to do a post like this from Scotland! Ah, if I can only get some wi-fi!


  32. I love your drive-by shots, I do them quite often. My favorite photo is the one of the grands :)

  33. That was a very enjoyable ride, or drive by as you call it. I particularly like the clouds. Aren't little boys just wonderful?

  34. Thanks for taking us along on your 'drive-by' excursion. I know all about shooting through dirty windshields...and think I will have a lot of 'photo-shopping' to do on my travel pic's once we are home. Now what's up with Canada Customs? I thought they let anyone and everyone into our country. :) Keep us posted!

    1. Beautiful drive, thanks for sharing.
      I love your new background with the book and your new teacup. So pleasing to the eye and very ladylike.
      Don't forget to share the Canada story. You have my attention.
      Looking Up!

  35. Vee, I really enjoyed your drive by photos and the number of them! A great post!! I have been taking a lot of drive by photos while on holiday through darkened dirty windows from the middle of the backseat between 2 grand kids in car seats. Littlest one like to grab my camera strap while I'm in the process. So, beautiful countryside but a bit blurred. At least I know what I saw. :) Can't wait to hear about your sister's adventure in crossing the border. Pam

  36. Your neighborhood looks so green and quirt, Vee! I love the large red barn and the white house with the big front porch. It all looks so beautiful and quintessential New England.


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