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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Blogging Buddy

You can find Judy hanging out on her front porch (My Front Porch) or you might find her hanging out at Lovella's (What Matters Most), but I never dreamed that I'd find her hanging out here! This proves that if one blogs long enough, good things will come your way. ☺

From the time that they hopped into their camper way out there in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and pressed the pedal to the metal, they were roaring East at an incredible clip. I got dizzy just thinking about where Judy and her husband Elmer would turn up next. You'll be able to read all about it at Judy's and see some of the sights that they have seen. And, just as soon as they have their harvest in the can, they'll be back traveling again. They love to travel so My Front Porch is a blog to keep your eye on for sure.

You may also know that Judy is one of the Mennonite Girls [Who] Can Cook. What a wonderful team of women whom God has brought together in a special way. I wish to thank each and every one of them for signing my copy of Celebrations. More about that in a moment.

So it was with great anticipation and some nerves that I prepared for their coming to our humble corner of the country and our humble town and our humble breakfast haunt and our humble home. John even went overboard and showed off his humble garage, which is a proper fright. I have a feeling that we'll laugh about that one forever!

Judy is such a gracious sport! Have you ever seen a gal look happier over a crinkled apron? Who knew that stuffing it into a jar would have such results?
< insert *thud* > That picture of Elmer is the only one I took of him. I am really slipping.
 Proof that she was here!
 And they're off! Trust me, they are out there somewhere!
Judy brought me this gorgeous print of Mt. Cheam, which is "her" mountain, the one she sees from her home every day. It was painted by a local artist and a good friend.  What Judy may not know (because I don't remember ever telling her) is that I was first attracted to her blog (back in 2007) by the beautiful scenes of British Columbia. My aunt attended nursing school in Vancouver; she was also an artist and her paintings of BC hung on the walls of my grandparents' home. In the past few years, I packed up the last of her paintings and returned them to their rightful owners...her granddaughters. So this print is like a God whisper to me and I am looking for a proper frame!

Don't grandmothers think of everything? Even gifts for another's grands? As it so happens, my own grandchildren are returning from a vacation in New Brunswick today so I'll be able to give them their candy. Those chocolate covered blueberries were amazing. Right. Past tense. I loved my Winks bag, which was a mistake, but a happy one for me since Judy often talks about her shopping trips to Winks.

And now, as it so also happens, I seem to have a spare copy of the newest Mennonite Girls Can Cook Celebrations. I was trying to plan ahead and be able to have Judy sign it; however, it arrived a day late. Oh dear. It's a beauty and a wonderful read. If you'd like to toss your name into the cap, I'll send one along anywhere. Yes, I will! Just let me know that you're interested. There are no hoops to jump through; it is only for those who wander in over the next week and find the offer waiting.

Thanks for reading my part in the story. Have a beautiful week...


  1. That does it! I really have to connect with Judy next time I'm in her town. I'm so happy that she and Elmer stopped by your place. You've had such a part in the MGCC from the start (giving it the name and all). What joy!

  2. How exciting! I am always amazed at the friends we've made through blogging and the fun it's brought! It's opened our world up to so much! I'm so happy you had a nice visit and I'm sure they loved being in your lovely home. I still don't have this book....I would be thrilled! Thanks! And enjoy your day....I'm sure you're still on Cloud 9! Hugs!

  3. Vee, Now that takes the joy of blogging to a whole new level, yes indeed.

    I have always enjoyed visiting Judy on her front porch, although I did not clue in that she is one of the authors of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

    Yes, please put my name in your cap. I'd love to win the book.

    We enjoyed your post.. as we always do.


  4. How nice to see 'proof' that Judy was at your home. :) I'd believe it anyway Vee. Great pictures and a beautiful apron made by you that Judy is modelling. As you know I had the pleasure of meeting Judy while in Chilliwack and visiting her beautiful home. And, she gave me an autographed copy of the MGCC cookbook too! I was thrilled and also have a spare copy which I bought before hand. It will go to my sister who got to meet Judy as well. It's a beautifully done book. I'll have to remember to bring you Smarties and some of the Brookside chocolates next time we meet. We love those chocolate covered berries a little too much. Hugs, Pam

  5. So happy that "our Judy" was able to visit you way out East! Love your recap of your time!

  6. Oh, boy! What fun! I follow the "girls" on FB and from there to their blogs. I just know a wonderful time was had by all! Put my name in the hat, please! (Sorry about that ... I need to be my own spell check ... try this one more time)

  7. Oh my goodness, this is too wonderful for words. Judy smiling away in your haven and a delightful account of your meeting. I've read it twice just to be sure I didn't miss any of the lovely details.
    I was attracted to Judy's blog for the same reason as you. Prior to reading it I knew very little about BC. Now I know it to be a most beautiful area.
    Thank you for sharing your account of this very special meet-up. I'll be sure to read Judy's post too.
    I'd love to have my name tossed in the hat for the cookbook.

  8. I ran across the Mennonite Girls Can Cook a few years back also. I would love to toss my hat in the ring for the book. You have such great adventures. Ginger V from Friday Shoot Out. invited me to go on a trip to meet Pauline in New Zealand of The Paddock but I am just not up to that. Sure would love it however. Who knows I have been known to ponder things that I thought I could not do and then dive in with my bionic knees and all. LOL

  9. Judy hung out on our back porch a few years back. She and Elmer are delightful. Bernie hit it off with Elmer just as apparently John did.
    Maybe we need a "Judy came to my porch" button for our blogs?

  10. I'm smiling here, Vee...as I recall the details of our time together. It was so neat to meet you (and John)! What I don't even remember is modeling the apron...and I had to see if your trick photography took the apron out of the jar and wrapped it around me. But I think it is real. Oh well...at my age there are a lot of things that I don't remember! But thanks for the apron. I love it! Maybe I will try it out today...as the kids are coming for supper. Thanks for everything! We so enjoyed our visit.

    BTW Whatever was I doing on that other pic...the one taken in your backyard park? :)

  11. What a wonderful visit you had!!
    I am definitely interested in the cookbook. It sounds wonderful!

  12. I'm going to have to check out the new book. Your visit sounds wonderful and the pictures are great.

  13. How fun that you got to meet in person! I love meeting blog friends. Please drop my name into the hat...I would love a chance to win the cookbook! Thanks Vee!

  14. Such a fun visit....
    throw my name in the hat...
    Love, Mona

  15. I LOVE Judy and I LOVE YOU!!! There are some blogger friends who stay with me in my heart! Where else but the Land of Blog can you make so many amazing friends? It just makes me SMILE to know the two of you got together! What I wouldn't give to meet you and John!

  16. Vee, it is so wonderful that you get to meet so many blogging buddies, and welcome them into your home. You do blogging RIGHT! That is a cute photo of Judy with the crinkled apron. Count my name in for the cookbook, please! Thanks. (((hugs))) xo

  17. I got to meet Lovella and Anneliese when they came to our local Christian bookstore to sign their first cookbook! I'd love a copy of the second one! The cover is so beautiful.

    I must add Judy to my sidebar so I don't miss her adventures. She looks very much like a friend of mine! Fun!

    So glad you had such a lovely visit with she and Elmer!


  18. Hey it sounds like a real treat you had. Just one more proof of the blessing blogging can be as friendships are formed. And you can place my name in the book drawing if you will!

  19. I've been waiting for this post for awhile, Vee! ;} I just knew when Judy mentioned she and Elmer were going to Maine in their cross country trip, that she would meet you and John! My only regret was that V & I were no longer in NYC as I know she once expressed interest in visiting my former home there. Parking their RV in Brooklyn would have been a difficult task...lol...but we would have figured something out. There is a little know national park near where I lived --Gateway National Park--and we could have had them park there and then picked them up. I'm rambling, but I'm envious you had a chance to spend time with her. Someday I hope they will swing by us here in Colorado.

    I have not as yet purchased a Celebrations cookbook--I'm always meaning to get one, so if I win I'll be ecstatic--if I don't win I'll make sure to order one by the end of this year.

    I'm so glad you all had a fun time together! I love that print of Mt. Cheam that she gave you --Judy really does live in the most beautiful place in BC!

  20. What fun to have one of your blogging friends stop by and bring you such a beautiful gift. I must go and visit Judy's blog.
    Throw my name in for a chance to win the cookbook please!

  21. Vee- How wonderful to meet another blogger. Life is just so unexpectedly wonderful sometimes. Love the apron and I love that hubster showed off his garage. I'd be afraid to let anyone in ours! What a wonderful giveaway! xo Diana

  22. Hello Vee
    I can put the girls together on their MGCC blog but when they're off on their own, I guess I don't realize they're part of the team. I've used their recipes a number of times and find it interesting how they may have a personal variation of the same recipe.
    You are fortunate to meet bloggers from different parts and kind to invite them to your home. Judy's comment was funny in that she didn't even remember modelling your gifted apron for the camera.
    A hard copy of the book from these wonderful gals would be a treat to win, so please throw my name in your draw.

  23. I think this is one of the highlights of blogging when we get to meet that person behind all those words, and beautiful photos. Judy seems like a sweet lady. So glad you had this time together.
    Indeed I would so love this cookbook, thank you for your generosity.
    Enjoy your evening.

  24. Oh Vee - what a delightful post about your time with Judy! You have me giggling at your sense of humour. You are far too humble.

  25. Oh how fun to visit with blog friends. I know you all had so much to talk about. It would be a thrill to win the copy of this book. Wishing you a good afternoon.

  26. I am smiling BIG for you! I have a clue about how much that visit meant to you. Yay!!!

  27. Dear Vee

    Is there a signpost on American roads that says "To Vee's Place"?!
    I think it's so lovely how you US bloggers make the effort to meet up with one another.
    Like minded souls - we all have a lot in common as God loving people who love our families and enjoy home making things.

    Judy looked thrilled with her apron - who cares about a wrinkle or two!
    Your idea of packing it in a jar was inspirational! (I'm thinking they would make great Christmas presents for friends packed that way, maybe with a wooden spoon or something tied to the jar)!!

    I follow MGCC blog and I would dearly love one of their cook books so please pop my name in your cap Vee,

    Enjoy your week - any more bloggers on their way to your house or are you and John having a quiet week?!!!

    Shane x

    1. Judy might take exception to the "US bloggers" thing, Shane, as she is from Canada. She certainly is an American, too, though, by virtue of living in North America. She is actually an amazing spokeswoman for her country, her province, and her community. I know that you would enjoy visiting her and learning what I mean by that!

  28. Well I read all about this on Judy's blog this morning! I have only recently starting following her, and how I love her blog. I was just green with envy that the two of you met. And she met Judy at ~ Just a little something for you ~ as well. How fun this would be to actually meet some fellow bloggers. Anyway, yes, yes, yes, I would love to win a copy of that cookbook. I have read some of the other cooks from that cookbook as well. Looks so good. Hope you had a good day Vee!

  29. How wonderful that you got to meet! I have befriended folks through blogs..one of them posted a picture of some mountains where I grew up and we connected because of that! Canada is a beautiful country and I hope to see more of it one day - also love the Mennonite Girls Can Cook site and would not mind at all if you sent me a copy of their cookbook! And I won't mind if you don't send it either - I will keep reading your blog regardless!

  30. Hi there, I loved reading about this; how incredible that she came to visit you-you lucky lady. I'm going back over to their blog; would also love a chance to get this wonderful cookbook. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  31. Vee, I am amazed at how many people you get to meet, even though you are pretty far off the beaten path! And again, I am glad to see another example of blog friends having no problems connecting in flesh and blood:) Yes, I would love a chance at this cookbook -- I am in need of some fresh ideas.

  32. Hi Vee,

    You must have been thrilled to meet her, and I love all of your treasures. You have met so many wonderful bloggers. I am not surprised, you are such a favorite in the Land of Blog.

    I love visiting you Vee, you are always up to something wonderful.


  33. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed catching up on past blogs. I would love the cookbook!

  34. Sounds like it was a great visit!!! : ) How many blogger friends have you met now?

  35. I have been following along with Judy's blog as well,,,,what a great time you must have had meeting face to face! Thanks for sharing!!

  36. How fantastic that the two of you were able to meet up! More good memories...

  37. Oh, p.s. Yes! I would love to win the book. ;D

  38. Vee, how exciting that you were able to meet another blogging friend! I know your time together was delightful! (Did John and Elmer hit it off too?)

    Were the hour not so late, I'd dash over to Judy's Front Porch and visit...

    I'd love to have my name in the hat to win that book! (And I do love a hoops-free giveaway. Just sayin...)

  39. Vee, That is amazing!! How wonderful that the both of you got to meet. I have met wonderful people though blogging. and it is amazing the friendships we make..

  40. I would love a chance at that book! I read Ellen's blog, she is one of the authors. She is a great gal!
    Glad you got to meet Judy. i will check her blog.
    Thanks, Vee.

  41. A lovely post Vee! Especially love the fun photo of our Judy wearing the apron! Maybe someday all of us can meet you in person!

  42. Vee
    I don't know why, but it always makes me happy when I hear of bloggers meeting! You have several sweet gifts to remind you of Judy's visit.
    Every time you use your cook book or the beautiful mountain painting!
    I know the chocolate covered blueberries won't be there long as a reminder...well, they wouldn't be here.
    I know Lovella an Anneliese, but not Judy. I would love my name in the pot for your gift drawing please!

  43. Isn't it grand to meet up with blogging buddies?! She sure looks like a sweetheart. If I ever make it back up there to Maine, I want to hang out in your haven too!

  44. I have a copy so I don't need to be included but wanted to say it is a fantastic book. I liked it even more than the original!

    The greatest benefit to blogging I've also known is the friends I have met. Some in person and others hopefully someday here... or THERE.

  45. Visiting your blog is always most interesting! No wonder Judy talked so highly of your visit together. Meeting bloggers in real life is a special gift. What fun to read about your visit, especially since you included your sense of humor in sharing it. I am still smiling.

    Your banner picture is beautiful!

  46. What an awesome visit Vee! Count me in definitely for the cookbook, I love their recipes.

  47. How lovely that you and Judy got to meet! Meeting a fellow blogger is very special! The area where Judy lives is so beautiful- as is Mt. Cheam. But Maine is pretty nice too!!
    Please toss my name in for the giveaway- I'd love to have that cookbook on my shelf...

  48. Well now,that was awesome!! What fun that you got to meet. I'd love a chance to win the cookbook!

  49. Hi Vee, I've just been looking over Judy's travels--my hubby and I talk all the time about leaving CT and getting a "truck" to tour the big USA!! We can't wait. Please include me in the giveaway. I would love to win that book! Linda

  50. Oh, dear...I would be thrilled to win this cookbook. I've heard you say you never made a thing out of one of their books (or on their blog) that wasn't delicious. Thanks for the chance...:)