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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tea Cup Exchange

Stephanie had a lovely idea to host a Tea Cup Exchange and I decided to participate. Though I've been blogging for some time now, it was a first for tossing my cap into an exchange. What fun it was! 

My tea cup soon arrived from Gina of Sweetbriar Cottage along with a sweet friendship note and extras.

The package was so sweetly decorated that I turned it right around and used it to send along a tea cup to my recipient. Recycling at its best and, yes, I am a titch lazy.

~my lovely tea cup and gifts~

~my tea cup's new home~

~I plan to make a new header from this photo~

The day was so gloriously perfect yesterday that I took my book and tea cup to the deck where the light was good and where I finished the last few pages of my reading. Now this is a generously sized tea cup...lots of room for extra tea.

~showing the graceful handle~

Thank you, Gina. It's a beauty! And thank you for the sweet extras. 

Thanks, too, to Stephanie for organizing the whole thing. ☺

Edited to Add: To see what other gals received, follow along at *Tea Cup Reveal.*

I was glad for the roses on my tea cup because the only thing blooming out on the deck otherwise is the pot of Kalanchoe. Even the dahlias are waterlogged.


As promised, a couple more photos of our Sunday drive. (Am I giving it away yet that I'm trying to load up for the Note Card Party on the 21st? I think I'll piggyback on Donna's idea and do water for August. I have so many photos...over 300! And they are not all going to waste. Ha! Besides, Donna would not like to wade through all that water for her challenge.)

~too pedestrian; I'm not using it. ☺ ~

~little country church~

Would you ever participate in an exchange? Have you? What was exchanged? (Blogdom is always a delightful exchange of ideas, that's for certain.)

Happy Tuesday to you! 


  1. what a great idea.....love the teacup
    would love to do an exchange......let me know how I can enter the next one.


  2. I love the tea cup exchange idea! I would absolutely participate in an exchange! Love your additional photos--especially the quaint little church. Beautiful! Looks like we have another perfect day, weather-wise!

  3. I don't think I've done an exchange. I did do a pay it forward type thing on FB once and made homemade pillowcases for 5 recipients. But I didn't get anything in exchange (which was supposed to happen) Anyhoo!

    That is a lovely tea cup. Perfect colors for summer too. A tea cup exchange would be right up my alley, too!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Your tea cup is indeed beautiful! I've exchanged a homemade tote bag, needle book and pin cushion, and towels and pot holders at Rhonda Hetzel's Down to Earth blog. Sometimes I was exchanging with women from Australia which was very nice.

    I remember reading once that during colonial times when women got together for tea, each brought her own cup. Once the herb society I belonged to had such a tea party and enjoyed looking at each others cups and the sweet treats we had brought.That was in the '80s which feels very long ago now.

  5. That is a very pretty tea cup and the picture will make a wonderful header. I have not participated in any exchanges...though I have had giveaways and did receive a lovely post card from you a while back!

  6. Hi Vee, I have not participated in an exchange, but would love to. Your teacup is lovely, as are the photos of your outing.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. Good morning! The tea cup is soo pretty! Fun thing to do. I have participated in a couple of exchanges over the years, but not in the blog world. We exchanged kitchen towels, and what fun it was. We also did a book one...a little harder to do. I'd love to jump in on one. Enjoy your day Vee!

  8. Wel I thought you were writing about a virtual (or visual?) exchange but this was the real deal. What a treasure you got! Love the teacup. I've seen this pattern before. So I helped with a baby shower on the weekend and the hostess was getting out cups for coffee and I overheard, "I could do cups and saucers, but maybe just mugs. Who uses cups and saucers anymore? they seem to be thing of the past." NOT! What beauty and refinement is lost if we stop using teacups and saucers. Somehow using such a thing of beauty slows us down to enjoy the ceremony of tea.

  9. That is a lovely tea cup. I'm glad you finally got some decent weather.

  10. Beautiful teacup! Once upon a time I belonged to an e-group called Lilacs, Linens and Lace. We had a Valentine exchange and the lovely gift(s) I received from the person who drew my name still hold a lovely memory of her thoughtful ideas.

  11. Hi Vee,

    Ooo....your tea cup from Gina is gorgeous! I love the roses and the color is so pretty and feminine :) I am very glad you participated in the exchange - it was great fun. I am looking forward to hosting another exchange sometime soon.

    Thanks for sharing and may you have a blessed day!

    Hugs to you.

  12. I have never participated in an exchange, but this looks like it was fun! Your new tea cup is beautiful. And I totally love the photo that you have marked for a future header! (I also totally love the doors and window in the background!)

    What a treat to have weather so perfect that you can enjoy a cup of tea and a book out of doors! Sunday and Monday were perfectly gorgeous days here...but now we're back to the rain. It was good while it lasted.

  13. I loved this blog today! The teacups reminded me of my own stories, so I will put the story into a blog before long. :) The country church pictures was a snapshot of omy own country church memories, I can't get enough of those pictures.


  14. A tea cup exchange is a sweet idea. I've participated in a couple of magazine exchanges and in a 'sewing box odds and ends' exchange. They were fun!

  15. Oh, Vee- I love your beautiful rose chintz teacup from Gina!

    I musta been living in lala land missing that great idea. Dang. I read Kitty's exchange too and slapped my palm to my forehead missing that neat idea. You know how much I love teacups!

    Anyway, yours is definately one of the most lovely. Glad you had fun with it.


  16. Lovely teacup! That is a fun idea. After clearing out all my stuff and all my teacups out of one of my cabinets I'm ready to send away a teacup or two without getting one in exchange! I really need to host a tea party but that will have to wait till another year...
    Love the photos from your drive.
    Happy Tuesday to you. It is Tuesday, right?

    1. All day! Now there's a fun idea, Ellen. Have a tea party and send home a tea cup and saucer with each guest as your party favor. (Only if you need to release a few.)

  17. I hope there will be another tea cup exchange sometime, I do love them so! I miss so much with the laying by of the garden, canning consumes me...please let me know when then comes up again!
    hugs a bunch

  18. Hi Vee! Did you like your tea cup blog hop? I loved all the photos, and my caught the Mary Walsh Englebright (sp?) napkins. I love her stuff! It's a favorite of a friend of mine too.

    Love those Sunday drive pics too :)

  19. Your chintz teacups fits in nicely with it's surroundings.
    It will look pretty as a header too the way you have it displayed.
    I've participated in an apron exchange-it was fun. We all made them
    for each other.

  20. Your new teacup is very pretty. I like the way you photographed it, too. Your Sunday drive pics are pretty, too!

  21. Oh it's sooo pretty - love the pattern and you or course took great shots of it:)

    I've done a few swaps with artwork (tags and book pages) as well as scrapbooking materials (really loved this one)!

    Now you'll be doing them all the time?


  22. I've never participated in an exchange, but I have won my share of gifts (blessings) since I started blogging. Love your tea cup and smart idea to pass the packaging along! xo

  23. You received such a pretty tea cup!
    More great photos.
    Another beautiful day here too.

  24. Vee, I am so happy that you like your teacup! I love the delicate vintage look! I have one very similar and love that it is big! :-)

  25. I love your tea cups, very pretty. I can't find mine, it seems either some things didn't make it on the moving truck or they are somewhat misplaced. Blessings

  26. I love chintz-patterned china. Your teacup is so pretty. I'm certain that tea tastes better drunk from bone china than from anything else. I have a mug of tea beside me as I type.
    Exchanges - I've participated in a few, one for ATCs many years ago, and a couple of magazine swaps. I think they can be fun.

  27. Oh Vee, I am so pleased that you recycled all those pretties on to my package, when I found it on my porch I was just thrilled!

    Thank you so much for the lovely cup, I don't have any like that. The yummy Sugar Plum Spice tea will be given to my grand kiddos to enjoy, they love all of the different types of herbal teas and will quickly drink it up.
    I did find the pretty little magnet and it will be put to good use on my fridge along with several other special ones.

    I will be sharing all of this over at Stephanie's on Friday when she has the link put up for us all.

    Have a wonderful week. xo

  28. What a fun swap! The tea cup you received has a very pretty pattern.

  29. I've never participated in a swap....your set is just lovely. I only recently met blogger Stephanie. Love her blog, as well as yours! Have a good night.

  30. Hi Vee
    Your gifted teacup is so pretty, happy sipping!
    I have participated in a teacup swap twice before and each time extra goodies were tucked in the parcel by, and for me. Some generous and thoughtful ladies in blogland.

  31. What a great idea! Your tea cup is beautiful! I've only participated in a tea towel exchange and a recipe exchange so far. I love all of the fancy tea cups I have (mostly gifts from my grandmother) and love to use them for special occasions. Happy day to you too dear Vee!

  32. What a great idea! I love it, and yes, I would participate!!!

  33. This is a very pretty tea cup, Vee! It sounds like a fun exchange. I don't think I ever participated in a blog exchange but I'd join in one if I could.

  34. I love your teacup. I like to collect them and have them all over the house. As for an exchange, I haven't done them in blog land but do an online Christmas one every year. To be honest, I am so pathetically anxious and self-conscious that I stress over whether what I send is as good as it should be. Isn't that silly?? Ugh. The stuff I stress over.

  35. I love your pretty tea cup.
    About 4 or 5 yrs ago, I did a Christmas Swap that was sooo fun. Hope to do one again this Christmas. My partner collected nutcrackers and I collect Mark Roberts Fairies so we knew just what to get ea other. I was sooooooo delighted with my fairy.

  36. Your tea cup and goodies are so nice. I love your new banner, too! I've never done an exchange. I've always been afraid that I would get something amazing...and send something under-amazing. Is that a word? lol ENJOY your cup of tea and beautiful photos!

  37. Love the teacup and the whole idea of a surprise and gift in the mail. Also all the other fun stuff!

  38. Oh my your tea cup is just beautiful! I love the photo you took of it. This exchange was such a delight, and I am looking forward to another one soon. :)
    Enjoy your new tea cup!


  39. Hello Vee... your Rose teacup is just beautiful!... this was my first time doing an exchange as well and I had so much fun meeting so many wonderful new friends... like you!... I too took my new teacup filled with Lady Grey and a favorite book outside in my garden to relax... wishing you a beautiful day, xoxo Julie Marie

  40. Hi Vee, That is a beautiful teacup! Love the yellow with pink roses. So dainty and feminine.

  41. Oh, what a pretty color combination, like buttercream and strawberries. I love it. This was my first teacup exchange in three years of blogging and I told Stephanie I cannot wait for the next. Crossing my fingers that she has one every month or at least every season.
    Now, The Lobster Chronicles...what a title. I am intrigued. :)
    Enjoy your new teacup, Vee.

  42. This is a beautiful teacup. Very gorgeous and dainty! Love your new location for it as well. :-)

  43. What a beautiful teacup you received. I loved this gift exchange.

  44. Hi Vee...so, we meet again! Love your beautiful teacup. I do several exchanges with my Tasha Tudor group, but I jumped into some new exchanges this year too and it has been a most fun adventure. Fun Fun Fun.
    Nice sharing with you again.
    Love your blog

  45. Hi Vee,
    So nice to meet you. I'm just now getting around to see everyone's teacups. Yours is so pretty! I'm so glad that I joined in for the party. :)


  46. beautiful teacup & wasn't the exchange fun! your blog is so nice & lovely pictures~ wishing you a happy weekend~



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