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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mallow and More

I love the wispy quality of mallow. Apparently, the beetles think it's marshmallow, the way they chow down on it.

Wanted also to share the size of the spider lily for Diane to see... John had to help me out. I don't have enough hands!

Hmmm, apparently, the beetles like it, too!

Short posts this week! Lots going on! I'll report sometime in the future! Have a great day...

Note: If anyone is curious and would like to return to my *photo challenge post,* Donna very kindly fixed the final photo. It was so horrible that she had to turn it into a black and white, but I think you will appreciate the details she was able to add back to the photo and the commentary that she provided. I found it absolutely fascinating! (As the wife of professional photographer, Donna has learned a great deal about photography. I have so enjoyed learning from her.)


  1. Amazing transformation on the photo! Donna did a great job.

  2. That lily is huge! What a difference on the photo that Donna edited!

  3. Vee,
    I love mallow too and have been unsuccessful growing it..so I will just enjoy yours..
    Love, Mona
    p.s. everytime I see your teacup header, I smile!

  4. I always enjoy beautiful flowers. These are both lovely.
    I'm off to see the edited photo.
    Enjoy your day.

  5. I've always loved mallow too. I think they are a relative of hollyhocks, which remind me so much of picking blooms in my childhood and imagining them as little "dolls." Yes, beetles nibble on them! I'm surprised that the beetles like the daylily. Usually that is not the case. It sure is a huge bloom!

    And thank you for the kind words about my editing. You challenged me, so I took up the challenge! I wanted to prove to you that you are a better photographer than you give yourself credit. Also, I believe that well composed photos are worthy of rescue attempts when exposures go wrong. After considerable experience and practice the past couple of years, it is relatively easy for me to see the potential of an image before I even begin the post-processing step in my photography. And I'm proudly a member of the school of thought that the digital darkroom is where a lot of the photographic magic can happen! With this small example, I rest my case, LOL. I know that I've made a believer out of you!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love how big your spider lily is! WOW! The edited photo turned out nicely as well. Such a huge difference!

    Have a great week!

  7. Wow that is some big flower!! Beautiful.
    I always get a chuckle out of the comments you leave. : ) Yesterday's was so true.

  8. Wow... Donna sure did her magic didn't she. I am not to knowledgeable when it comes to post processing. Maybe after I retire I will have time.
    Your flowers are beautiful. After I retire I'll have more time for that too.
    Just a few more years!!!

  9. Have I told you how much I love your header photo? It is perfectly "Vee"!

    I went back to look at Donna's editing and commentary on your photo. It confirmed the fact that I am in Photography Kindergarten. I told her that last week, and she kindly emailed me a "pep talk" and convinced me to try her Photo Challenge next month. Eek!

    Looking forward to your report on this week's happenings. :)

  10. I love taking photos no matter what, but I have so much to learn about photography. I will have to read Donna's blog when I have the chance! Hope all good things are happening your way!

  11. That's a huge lily. Is mallow another name for lavatera? Looks similar to me. It's pretty regardless of its name.
    I'm off to explore the photo transformation! Donna is so generous with her knowledge and we all benefit!

  12. Wow what Donna did and said is "Greek" to me, but we will all just keep on trying. After all my photos are for my pleasure and for sharing what might be my inexperience. LOL Yes a beautiful flower.

  13. I think we call those hollyhocks? Very pretty. That is one big lily! :D

  14. Hi Vee
    I've never had luck with hollyhocks so grow mallows instead, but the bugs haven't done much damage to mine.
    The lily is huge! If you took it to our garden club competition, you'd come away with the red ribbon.
    Donna did an amazing job on your photo - the black and white is just as nice as the colour and all the details are there now.

  15. Hi Vee! Great catching up with you this week - LOVE your beautiful flowers. I need to start posting some from my garden. My husband tends it so lovingly for me each summer - my own little English style sort-of place where it's nice to sit and ponder. If the humidity is down, that is!

    Your photo challenge with water is fascinating! Wish I was better with a camera. I hope to attend a Note Card Party soon - but next week I'll be visiting my grandbaby so blogging will not be high on the list of things I have time to do. Back to the keyboard the end of the month.

    Blessings to you!

  16. That Mallow is so pretty. I'm unfamiliar with it and the name but I like it!
    Hmmm...short posts but lots going on. You've got me curious. Have fun with the lots that's going on!

  17. Love that lily, it is huge! I've heard of mallow but this is the first time I've seen it, very pretty flower. Must be quite tasty for the beetles. Your header is so beautiful. xo

  18. A thing I am loving here in Scotland is a peek into some wee gardens as we walk along. At several today along the coast I found a similar plant as your mallow and I was thinking about whether it was a mallow or not and decided it must be in the same family of flowers. The plant part was whisper but the flower about the same!

    Thanks for passing along the photography tips you get!


  19. Wow! That lily is gorgeous and huge! Your flowers have done so well this summer. We've been fortunate to get lots of little rain showers that have kept up green all summer. I'm off to look at your photo! Sweet hugs...to you and John both!

  20. Wow, that is one big beautiful lily. I just re-did my front flower bed and I can't wait for next year to see how everything blooms.

  21. Love your flowers! That lily is probably the biggest I have ever seen! You must have a very green thumb......or a bucket of miracle grow....lol

  22. love the mallow photo....have never got round to growing that.

  23. HI Vee! You are so cute to measure your flowers! Aren't they just the little pick-me-ups we need every day? I go out to my little garden (and I mean little!) and just love up those flowers with my eyes.

    The mallow photo was beautiful too. I didn't know that was the name of that flower. I can learn so much from your blog!

    Happy Wednesday!

  24. Good morning! Wow that is one big lily. Ours are not blooming anymore. I have two big bushes as well, but doesn't seem as if they bloom very long. I am going to admit now that I have never even heard the name of the mallow flower, but I loved it! Enjoy your day Vee!

  25. Good Morning,
    I think that is the biggest day lily I have ever seen and quite gorgeous. I am not familiar with Mallow but will be checking my garden store to see if it would grow here...so pretty.
    Have a very fun fun day!

  26. the spider lilies here are due...we never know when they will show up for they happen over night and the greenery comes after the blooms are near spent...I have mallow in my Koi pond, it blooms for a month then gone for another year...can't wait to hear what's been happening in your neck of the woods

  27. Thank you so much for sharing the daylily picture. I love the size of those petals, too.

    I agree, mallow is beautiful and it seems to be one of those flowers planted in cottage gardens of yesteryear.

  28. I love all sorts of mallows and am sorry yours are under such attack. I love pictures with backgrounds which are trees and lawns with both dark areas and areas of slanting sunlight.

  29. Ugh! bugs begone!! Got home last night at dark so this morning I enjoyed looking over my gardens and flowers and seeing how they are doing after almost 3 weeks away. I've found several wooly brown caterpillars eating sunflower leaves, lantana, and the hollyhocks, which have never ever bloomed are pocked with holes. I also found LOTS of weeds! It's been so rainy here (so they say) and it poured this afternoon again. I checked the photo that Donna edited. Amazing. I learned from that little lesson for sure. Enjoy your busy week! Pam

  30. Your flowers are beautiful and that is one amazing Lily!

  31. That is one large lily....and beautiful, too. :)

  32. Those darn beetles, they're everywhere. Donna did a great job with the photo, even if it is black and white. It's still stunning. Wow, that's one big Lily that John is holding. Have a great day Vee. ~ Abby


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