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Monday, August 5, 2013

Moving Right Along

No, that title has no double meaning. I am not leaving blogging and I am not going anywhere...merely feeling chatty again. (You poor things.)

Yesterday started out in sun and ended in storms — again! 

The morning glory is growing like crazy, yet has not one bloom on it. In former years and by now, it would be loaded with flowers. It must have something to do with this crazy summer. I also read that it could be too much nitrogen in the soil, though I can't imagine how the soil has a nutrient left in it after all this rain.

The drift roses are another story. They bloom and bloom and bloom. There are even three bouquets of them in the house. 

~for Auntie~

Oddly enough, there are still a few day-lilies to finish out. They are usually spent by mid-July.

The dragonfly's iridescent wings intrigued me. I don't think I've ever looked at things the same way since I started taking pictures.

After church, John and I needed coffee in the worst way so had to take a trip to Tim Horton's to pick up our monthly supply. While there, we had soup and a sandwich and then went on a slow drive to the lake. (Note this month's photo challenge in my sidebar.)

 ~too pedestrian...I won't be using it~

I also took a lot of those drive-by shots that I love to do, but that don't come out so great. I'll be showing them sometime this week. Here's a teaser.

So typical of a New England farmhouse — the attached shed between the house and the barn. It is a practical way to avoid being out in a blizzard when heading for the barn or the privy. 

What I like about drive-by photos is that one always finds a surprise later. I wasn't paying much attention to the porch and the colorful chairs, even a child-sized one. They were a bonus! I'd love to sit there on the swing and watch the world go by.


Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my part in the tea cup exchange, plus perhaps toss in a few more drive-bys.

A happy Monday to you... 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Great photos, can't wait to see the others. Have a delightful day!

  2. What a nice and relaxing Sunday afternoon! Your pictures are always so pretty and interesting. You have such a wonderful eye for catching beautiful shots.

    Have a great Monday!!

  3. Nothing nice than a Sunday drive.

  4. Your drift roses are beautiful. Such a lovely color. My morning glories have not bloomed yet either. Perhaps it is a rain related issue.
    Oh how I love a good old fashioned Sunday drive. Drive by photos are the best way to capture this activity. Very interesting tidbit about the New England farmhouse.

  5. The roses are gorgeous! We have been getting just enough rain to keep everything green and blooming here, too. Love that barn. I once saw a huge horse barn that was joined to a big house in NC. Not sure about that! I took a barn photo once and saw a little swing from a tree branch when I looked close. I love that! Happy Monday!!!

  6. Looks like your day was as beautiful as ours was!

    We went to an outdoor concert in the park in the evening. I'll share about it soon, maybe today!


  7. I have always thought having the barn attached to the house was a wise idea. . .during winter months. I think my animals would get a LOT of outdoor time during the summer. Otherwise, I think my home would be quite odiferous!

    Such beautiful roses. Is the daylily a late bloomer?

  8. Oh how I love a Sunday afternoon drive. And your drive-by pics are wonderful! Enjoy your day Vee!

  9. Happy Monday to you, Vee! I enjoyed seeing all your pics, especially the roses.


  10. You are so right about how photography changes how to look at things! You soak in the details of life and savor them. And sometimes, there is that bonus - like the child's chair on the porch - that will give you an unexpected surprise later when you enlarge the photos on your computer.

    Your photos are lovely today, by the way. I always enjoy the little snippets of views in your charming area. Ah, and the big house-little house-back house-barn style of architecture of Maine never fails to delight me.

    Ramble away, Miz Vee. We love you when you get in your groove!

  11. I now what you mean about how photography makes you look at thing differently. There's a whole other world that doesn't get noticed by most people.

    Love the house/barn drive by photo and look forward to seeing your other photos.

  12. Vee, your pictures are beautiful!
    That is what we usually do on Sundays after church go for a drive, but lately its been to hot. I wish I could jump in that nice lake looks refreshing. :)

  13. Pretty drive-by shots. I love taking drives any day of the week, but Sunday is the best because the traffic is usually a wee bit slower.

  14. Oh I love your drift roses - so beautiful.
    And yes, drive by shots are fun and interesting to see the results.
    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog today - I hope you get a chance to try quinces.

  15. We love chatty posts.
    We love Sunday afternoon drives.
    We love seeing what you've been looking at...lovely views!


  16. I love the drive by shot. That porch is sweet as can be. We also get out and ride on Sunday afternoons.
    Your roses are so pretty. I would love to have fresh bouquets in the house but the cats won't leave them alone.
    Wishing you a nice Monday!

  17. This is the kind of drive-by I enjoy. It is true that you see things differently when you start photographing/blogging.
    We are back to a sunshine pattern here and I'm happy it's suppose to last through the week as the carpet people will be cutting the carpet out on our deck for the install on Wednesday. Rain would be catastrophic for the project! Nice shot for the water challenge!

  18. Happy Monday to you Vee. Your roses are beautiful, they look hearty and healthy. What lake is that? Thanks for sharing your day, love the old farmhouse. ~ Abby

  19. I'm glad you're feeling chatty, since your chatter is always so interesting. I noticed the shed/house connects when I was visiting Maine 3 years ago now. I can't believe so much time has passed, but our kids have been in Okinawa for 2 years already. I enjoyed seeing those farms in Maine. I did wonder though if the convenience for such an arrangement would outweigh the obvious disadvantage of smell and noise. I'm not a farmer.
    By the way, I mentioned you in my blog today. You'll have to look and see why! :0

  20. Your drift roses are very pretty! I miss seeing roses and hydrangeas here. Everyone here grows perennials that tolerate the heat and dry climate.

    I'd also LOVE to sit on that porch swing and watch the world go by, Vee! I had hoped to find a home in Colorado that had a front porch like this, but none were for sale in the community we looked in. The outside of my house is so not my style, but I love the inside as it suits our needs so well.

    We finally had rain this weekend and i was so relieved to see the foothills around us get a good soaking as the threat of fire went down again.

  21. Tea cup exchange? I've definitely missed some posts along the way. But catching up is almost impossible.
    I love your drive by photos - they show me a part of the continent that I've never visited. Sitting on a porch would be lovely, but the garden exploded while we were gone. Monster zucchinis, and the green beans are just beginning, along with the tomatoes. Such bounty.

  22. I remember as a child going on a camping trip through New England and was so surprised to see the houses attached to the barns. Clever idea!

  23. What a beautiful garden you have and the roses look stunning. Have a nice week Vee.

  24. Just the sort of post I like the most. You have Tim Horton's too?!

  25. I have never heard of this kind of drive by shooting before.....I may have to give it a try. Love the roses...been an unusual summer hasn't it?

  26. Our flowers have been less than normal this year too. Some have bloomed profusely and others, like my iris, never did bloom.

  27. Well..I for one am glad your feeling chatty again. I know I sound like a repeat parrot, but I look forward to your photos. Blessings

  28. I think there are many of us with flower problems this year....myself included...we too took a drive through some beautiful countryside and snapped some photos this past weekend. Love your photos! Can't wait to see the rest of yours...come on over and sneak a peek of mine.

  29. Love the farmhouse and red barn and connecting passageway. A very practical concept! I'll be looking forward to more glimpses of the Maine countryside.

    Great capture of the dragonflies wings!

  30. What a restful, wonderful, leisurely day. It seems that our Sundays lack that lately. We've been victims of church "scheduling" in the form of one activity after another, and honestly, I would rather just take a ride for a sandwich, some coffee, and some photo touring.

    Love the farmhouse picture. It reminds me of where I grew up.

    Also: Just in case I forget to email you: I AGREE with what you suggested about my fixture!! That's exactly what it lacks, I am actually thinking about replacing the little round thingie at the bottom with a lamp topper that has a crystal if I can find one. It just screws out.

    Great and much appreciated advice. Thanks.


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