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Friday, November 9, 2007

Better Late Than Never

It was so much fun looking for books yesterday. It's the last of the autumn birthdays so I had shopping to do. I found Jan Karon's new book Home to Holly Springs where Father Tim learns whether one really can ever go home again. I hope so!

I found a little book for my grandsons based on "Over the River and Through the Woods." How timely, eh?

And, at last, I found Victoria and Paula Deen's Christmas! I am so excited about those. I was a titch disappointed with the Victoria magazine just because it's kinda skimpy; perhaps it'll be more full the next time.

As I chatted with the clerk, I mentioned that so many bloggers are excited about Victoria. She said that she was in charge of magazines and that knowing that was very helpful since she'd place it more prominently.

Hope that you all have an amazing weekend! I'm going to find some time to chill with two magazines.


  1. Sounds a wonderful weekend, chilling out with favourite books and mags.
    Hope you find time to enjoy my enchanted forest.

  2. Wait....we didn't know about Paula Deen's Christmas...thanks for the heads up....she is our hero!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  3. Oh, I'm a big Paul Dean fan!!! You did good - I need to get shopping! Thanks for visiting my site - nice to meet you. Have a great weekend.

  4. I have the Paula Deen Christmas one too, as well as the Victoria. Good weekend reading!

    Have fun!

  5. I just bought the Victoria magazine while we were on the road...I too thought it was a little skimpy. I will check out the Paula Dean Christmas!

  6. What great finds! Love them... especially Victoria. I've heard folks say they're disappointed with the first issue. Were you?

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. If any of you haven't visited Barbara and taken a walk through her enchanted forest, you MUST today. I'm going to do it again myself!

    Kari and Kijsa, hi! You'll really like Paula Deen's Christmas. Run out and get it!

    Kellan, I'm going to be perusing your blog today, too. I enjoyed it there so much.

    Judy, glad to know that I was not the "only" one.

    Brin, lovely to welcome you here to my little blog corner. Your question has made me really think about Victoria. Let's see, maybe it's because I purchased the two magazines together and I was comparing them too much. Anyway, some of it has to do with the "feel" of the pages. I'm sure that has a real name, but I'm not in publishing so am ignorant of the correct term. The difference in quality between the two is so obvious...Paula's pages are equisite. Guess that the other thing would be the quality of the articles. I was not as impressed by the writing or the subject material. Paula provided (what's with the alliteration?!!) lots of information, lots of recipes, lots of beauty. I'm running for my sales slip now to see the difference in price... Aha! That's it! Victoria is trying to keep its costs down. Paula's magazine is several dollars more. I don't know about other folks, but I would pay more for the quality. I really would and I'm nearly broke. :)


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