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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Whine

This little sign has been hanging over my bedroom bookcase for a few years now. I first purchased it as a reminder to my high school students that I didn't want to hear any fussing. As I looked at it last night, I decided that I should move it to a more prominent place so that perhaps I might avoid committing the grievous sin of whining. And, yes, I would like a little cheese with my whine. :) As I was trying to decide where to place it, the carpenter said, "Is it whining if you're just stating the facts?" Interesting question. I don't know the answer.

While having coffee with my mom yesterday afternoon, I suddenly announced, without any forethought whatsoever, that I would be hosting Thanksgiving dinner right here. She was very relieved because these huge dinners for twelve adults and two great-grandchildren are getting to be too much for her anymore. This way, she can enjoy doing some baking without worrying about all the cleaning and preparation involved. Who knows where we'll all be next year, but this year, the time we have right now, is where we shall place our focus.

It's good to have something to plan. Very good.

P.S. Just as I suspected, my parents are quite attached to their bear and they don't want him (or her) to be shot. S/he's been happily munching apples on the side lawn for a few nights now. I hope that they don't mind not having evening visitors of the human variety any more. :)


  1. I hope the hunter doesn't get the bear. If he's not bothering anyone, I say leave him alone!
    I've enjoyed my visit to your blog.
    God bless.
    P.S. I need a copy of that sign in every room in the house! LOL Good reminder for all of us!

  2. I love that sign. My mother-in-law is a school teacher, so I will have to be on the lookout for one for her. I need one myself. I try not to whine, but I think sometimes I do.

    I liked your snake comment on Melissa's blog. Too funny "looking intently at his numbers". Poor little guy.

    Good for you for alleviating the Thanksgiving workload!

  3. Ahhhh, a visit from Terri one and Terri two! It's my blessed day! :)

  4. and I will be Vee II .... or two, or, even too ...hahhahah

    anyway... my take on whining..

    Some of us just "make things more interesting in the telling" or in the showing. Or, as Peter Newman said to Conrad Black when accused of lying and complaining...we "make the facts dance". It is all in the way others perceive what and how we say it I guess.

    Some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard is comedic whining ... it gets a point across in a humorous way and sometimes even gets results.

  5. Yep - I need that sign as well. And ... BEAR?! I'm Kellan - nice to meet you.

  6. As long as the Bear stays OUTSIDE then thats fine with me!

  7. Still nervous about the bear, hope he is friendly! And you had a snake in your basement (your comment on my blog?)? Yikes, I think that would be almost as scary as the rodent!

    Love your sign, my son needs that one in his room!


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