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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Don't Want to be a Humbug

But in this season it is well to reassert that the hope of mankind rests in faith. As a woman thinketh so she is. Nothing much happens unless you believe in it, and believing there is hope for the world is a way to move toward it. ~ Gladys Taber

So I found one of my favorite little Christmas books yesterday... Christmas Joy by Susan Branch. The quote above is from the opening pages and the following snippets are from page 43.

For some, Christmas is a time of high anxiety. It has always been my opinion that people, including myself, create an unnecessary stressful atmosphere by their own lack of planning. Susan has this to say about what happens to those who wait until the last minute to pull things together: they...hurry instead of bustle, they buy the first thing that they see, they spend too much money, and it's no wonder that so many are not sleeping and not celebrating. Her remedy is to shop all year long. (Mine is to stop by at FlyLady's.)

Forcing myself to sit down with a notebook and pen, I finally created a plan. It's late for said plan, but most of it will include online shopping. I already feel the anxiety level dropping a notch. How about you? How're the planning and shopping coming along at your house?

This year, I'd like to do more meaningful things and try some new things...no time for that if I am still wrapping gifts at midnight on Christmas eve, which has happened more than once. To avoid all that, I am getting all planning done before December 1 the FlyLady way.

One of the new things that I'd like to try is sugaring fruit for a fruit bowl. Susan says that one just stirs up an egg white, rolls the fruit in it, then rolls the fruit in white sugar. It looks just heavenly, don't you think?

Hmmmmm...wonder if there'd be any trouble with critters.

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  1. Vee,
    I agree with Susan, we do create a lot of our own stress by lack of planning or trying to be unrealistic and create what we preceive the "perfect" holiday will look like but rarely is. I applaud you for taking measures to destress and simplify so that you can do what is meanigful to you! The sugared fruit is so pretty.
    Miss Sandy

  2. You'll have to come by next Monday, I have some girls doing a wonderful gift wrapping tutorial on my blog! No need to be wrapping at midnight Christmas eve, you can get started early with the great ideas they will share!

    Good for you on keeping things simple and trying new things that you really want to try!


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  4. Michael's and other shops that carry silk flowers have the greatest "sugared" look fruits. Half price coupons.. a drive there ..et voila!..done! find a nice container..add a few sprigs of your real greenery...a bow or sprig of berries and stand back and enjoy your cleverness.

    You should only do the things you really want to do...especially this year. There will be other Christmases when you feel more like participating in more "doing".

    I like to make or choose little gifts during the whole of a year in order to minimize busy-ness in December. To late for that this yer ..but you can perhaps think on it during 2008.

    I like to save December for just enjoying sights and sounds of the season. Love to go to the local nursery to see all the decorated trees and Christmas stuff. It is eye boggling to say the least. Usually treat myself to one or a few little things for new ornies.

    ...go for a horse drawn sleigh ride at the Heritage centre if there is snow..(there is not always snow even for us). or though one of the shopping districts ..some offer it nightly the last few weeks before the big day.
    Check out all the craft fairs and shows.... go to little shops that I never go in during the rest of the year... oh, the decorations!!

    The mall is always fun too... sitting in a protected spot.. sipping my coffee...just people watching. Oh, the things you hear and see! Bad me..bad me...I am terrible. Hahahhaha ..... but, honestly, sometimes, how can you not laugh at the lunacy of human beings?

    Yep... next year Vee... make a few changes if you don't want to shock the family with them this year. And... simpler is so much better. Always has been. Easier to organize, fun to do, etc...

  5. Phooie! I left a comment, but "Blogger" seems to be having a "Bad Hair Day" and it's giving me troubles. I can't leave a click-able link to my entry of today.

    Which entry happens to be on the subject of leaving stress.

    So I *wondered* if today is a Net Day, devoted to leaving stress? ,-)

    Anyway, may we all do well with our plans for stress-busting.


  6. Thanks for reminding me not to bite off more than I can handle. I had to laugh when I opened my Christmas decoration boxes and found last year's unfinished projects inside (I had totally forgotten about them!) Maybe they will happen this year..and maybe not. Today I am not baking, wrapping or shopping...I'm just going to play with the grandkids. That's more important than getting all those things crossed off the list anyhow!

  7. I like keeping things simple too. My husband and I just exchange a couple of gifts. I knit and do a few other needlework crafts, so I make a lot of my gifts. I also like to bake so I give a lot of baked goods away to neighbors and friends. I can bake ahead and freeze most things. It is so much nicer not to be rushing around and you can actually enjoy the holidays.

  8. Oh Vee, now that is a lovely thing, it would make a simply wonderful centerpiece for Sandy's contest at the Whistlestop cooking blogspot...for anyone not familiar with the site it's www.whistlestopcooking.blogspot.com
    I think you have a great chance of winning!

  9. I might have to borrow your plan! I wonder how long that sugar covered fruit lasts?

  10. Such a meanful post and very good advice. Thank you Mary


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