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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bookshelves and Bears

I was reading one of the many newsletters that I receive. In one, from Dan Miller, a story is told of a golfer who always lobbed his golfball directly into the water instead of over to the green beyond. He determined that his problem was focusing too much on the obstacle instead of on his real goal...the green. It has made me think of how many times I do that, too.

For example, the bookshelves have been finished for a week. They have been sitting there empty because I have been thinking what's the point. Here's a pic. As you can see, I've decided to put something on my side. I don't know if sis will do something on hers, but that's not my deal. My side is my deal. It looks a lot better and makes me smile.

This morning, I received a call at six from a hunter wanting to know how early my parents would be up. Sigh. "Not now!" was my reply. Seems he has a license to shoot bear and is quite eager to find the one wreaking havoc on my parents' back lawn. Somehow, though, I think my parents will decline. I'll keep you posted.


  1. OH my...I would go ahead and dress the other side of the bookshelf too...LOL...but that's just ME. WOW about the BEAR!!! That is not a guest I would like to have on my back porch!!

  2. I love bookshelves, what fun you can have with those! I hope your sister does her side too so you won't feel lopsided!

  3. Beautiful! Very neat room. And of course, your side looks great!

    And a bear hu? Yes, the are being spotted in lots of places. Not here, thankfully. But we don't have pets, or bird feeders or crab apples trees. :-)

    Used to have bird feeders but...the only way to get to it, was via back patio step. And a few years ago, I figured I was gonna' break a hip, on ice which simply has to accumulate there, at times in winter. So, it was me/us, or feed the birds. I felt bad but... we won out.

    And btw, I agree with Mom.. about not having only a screen door between her and a bear. I have heard of them coming in. So I'd not totally go along with the-they won't hurt you thing.



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