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Friday, November 23, 2007

Collapsing, Relaxing, Relapsing

The last guest left last night around 11. Phew! Long day! For all of you women (men, too) who have ever prepared a Thanksgiving feast...kudos! Anyone who can pull off the shopping, planning, baking, cooking, cleaning, decorating, inviting, etc., well you could run the country!

It was also a very busy day right here at my haven because Alison of Brocante Home (see sidebar) was sending tons of traffic my way. Today, she has posted her five finalists so if you have a chance to check on any of them, vote for your choice. No, I was not a finalist, but man that was fun. If there's ever another Puttery Challenge, I'll be certain to let you know.

Anyone planning to hit the stores today? One of my young friends was going to hang out at Best Buy in the wee hours of the morning hoping to be early enough to snag the laptop for a little more than $200. When he drove by last evening at 9, he found the queue extending all the way around the building. He was actually quite grateful.

Off to work...should be a wild and crazy day. You have a good one, but I hope that you have the opportunity to just relax.


  1. It sounds like you lived through Thanksgiving! LOL Your comfy chair looks wonderful -- I am enjoying a morning on the sofa before everyone wakes up and wants breakfast. OK, take a deep breath because the mad Christmas rush begins...now!

  2. Well it definitely sounds like you could run the world then! I'm glad you had a good time though, and obviously everyone else did if they didn't leave your place till late :) Now, $200 is a good deal on a laptop, I will admit, but BestBuy is a place I would be careful of... beware the underage staff who know absolutely nothing about their products/availability/etc. I have enough BestBuy stories to write an angry letter :(

  3. So what's this about work? I would think you need a day off today! TGIF

  4. I just changed my pic too... to test mine.

    were u highlighting from the top of the page in photobucket? if you were ...try this instead; ..... right click on the pic and in the box ... if it gives this choice... choose "copy image location", then put that address in the URL location in edit profile. Don't forget to save changes at the bottom too..lol...I forgot that of course, got no changes.... silly me.

    if no luck... perhaps email me


    I could put your pic on my Picturetrail for you and you could try again.?

  5. You have such a way with composing Subject Lines! {"Collapsing, Relaxing, Relapsing"} Will you please come write Subject Lines in my blogs?????????

    Anyway, it is a great line, and I hope you got a wee bit of relaxing done. But since you went to work, mmmmmmmmm...

    Nope did not spend *one red cent*! Just went to a local store and picked up a book of zillions of paint color samples. No cash or plastic involved! ,-)

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Although bussssssssssssssy. We did also.


  6. I'll jump in here too, on the "can't grab the picture" thread. When I get similar problems, I just pull the picture out of iPhoto, and put it on my desktop, as an icon. Then put it back into iPhoto and thus, made a *new* pic. Maybe that will work for you.

    {who loves a challenge, but not one that lingers on and on and on...} ,-)

  7. Too bad you weren't a finalist, but it is always fun to try!

    Take care, enjoy some relaxation and get ready for round two! Christmas!


  8. Thanks, everyone! It appears that I am stumped. Perhaps I'll try a different photo storage location. I have several...shutterfly is next. LOL!

  9. We hit the stores yesterday....WOW!!! What a challenge...we left soon...too many people for us...

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  10. But I see a new photo, in your Sidebar. So you did get it uploaded. Or not?

    Hey, are you tryin' to confuzzzzzze the ol' lady here?!? -giggggles- No fair. I confuzzzzzzzzzze way too easily, as is. :-))))


  11. I'll bet he was grateful...tell him to take a page from my book...stay away from shops on Black Friday...it's a killer!


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