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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

While I was having a meltdown, my country honored its veterans. I may be a day late to join in, but I do so with respect for all the men and women who have ever served. One can not live in a free country without recognizing the ones who made that possible and those who continue to make that possible.

We have all known a veteran. Some of us have been children, grandchildren, and even spouses of veterans. Today, many are moms and dads of military members and that is most certainly the toughest place to be in since so many servicemen and women are in harm's way. Let us continue to pray for our military and to pray that they will prevail.

*If I Die Before You Wake


  1. 'morning Vee...... well, ...that was a tough way to begin the day...a painful lump in my throat and weeping as I watched the video.

    I am sure the soldiers don't care one bit that you are a day late... they are happy somebody takes the time to care no matter what day it is. Kind of like Christmas or Mother's Day..why only talk about it or celebrate the meanings only one day of the year?

    hope you have a better day today....

  2. A lovely tribute, day late, day early...we should be honoring our Vets every day of every week of every year...who deserves it more?

  3. It was perfectly ok for you to have a meltdown yesterday. No need for you to fret over this too. :-)

    Yes, we must never forget. All Veterans... Yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's.



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