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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mexico Meets Narnia Tree

And so it was that little sister decided to leave a day early. Not a problem. She left me a note on the table and off she went with nary a word. Fine. Really Fine. It gave me an entire extra day to get started on Christmas decorating. I can read the writing on the wall and it said, "Ha ha, you're it!"

Good thing that I have been paying some attention to all the decorating blogs such as Linda's at Restyled Home and Melissa's at The Inspired Room and Terri's at Windlost (though I know that Windlost is not entirely about decorating.) What I have learned there, I have been able to apply, which is a diggedy dog good thing as I have precious little natural talent.

So without further ado, I'll share what I was doing yesterday. Please forgive the quality of the pictures...Santa Baby already knows what I want for Christmas. ;>

Here's how things looked in the morning. Yes, I moved the sofa down through that same narrow hallway, but I had help this time! The tree is in the high corner of the room so I hoped that the idea that Linda had shared of a tree on an antique trunk would look good so let's see...

I'm happy with the look. Now what is that "stuff" all over it? That is my "buying time" look where instead of getting out all the ornaments right now, I toss on all the silk poinsettias that I can round up and call it good. I have never been able to pass on actually getting out the ornaments at some point, but this may be the year. (Well, shoot! I'll take a daytime photo...hang on.)

There! That's a titch better. You can see the riot of poinsettias and the crocheted angel tree topper that my mother made me. The crystal icicles are quite difficult to see. I think that I need another string of lights...white, thank you. And the garland in the center may not be quite enough. Gee whizkers, it's amazing what the cruel, hard light of day has done to my beautiful tree. However, the trunk idea did save me a small fortune since I was able to use my regular tree without having to purchase a new taller one. (Thanks, Linda!)

Yesterday, I also went tipping...evergreen tipping that is. My carpenter allowed me to use his property and he even went along and dragged out the bags for me. Nooooo, I am not being charged. :) Anyway, just to prove that I was a very busy gal...here is the window box awaiting winterberries. I'm hoping that I'll find some red today!

When I got home after tipping (Yes, I did wear blaze orange and I looked simply fetching...trust me), the quality of the light was so delicious that I had to run for the camera, even if it isn't the best camera, and grab this photo before the light faded. Leaving you with this and a wish for a golden day for us all!


  1. Vee,
    I'm stealing your trunk idea, I have been trying to figure out how to keep our little dog from drinking the tree water and my little grandson's hands from snatching ornaments, I think this may be the trick, thanks! That last photo you posted of the sunset was breath taking. I love the contrast between the dark foreground and the brilliant background, beautiful, and your neighborhood is charming, lucky duck!
    Miss Sandy

  2. I love the transformation!! How beautiful....and that trunk idea is great!!! See...it pays off when we visit each other...we get to glean little ideas for our spaces!

  3. We built a large box one year to put our tree on to save it from the 3 cats I had. Still they managed to drop it...so then we strung dental floss to a couple of corners to stabilize it... they tipped in the right direction..down it went again. Then we bought a stand that we could nail to the box...hahah fooled them. ...finally!@ But, they still managed to launch themselves into in on occasion..pick off balls and play with them... strangle the tree with its own tinsel ropes..etc....some days it looked as throttled as I wanted to make them.... sigh... cats...gotta love 'em or don't have one.

    and hey! all Christmas trees look like nothing at all in the harsh light of day with no soft lights.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Yes do keep coming back there lots more.
    The light fading photograph is brilliant. I like it.
    I see you are getting on really well with the house and my youhave your tree up already.
    Now the children are grown I usually wait until mid- December.
    Blessings to you.

  5. Hi Vee! Your decorating is looking fabulous! I love the tree on the trunk ... great idea! That last photo is just perfect. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog about my snowglobe. I hope you will visit NYC sometime during the holidays ... you'll absolutely LOVE it! Have a great week! ~ Lynda (Hedgerow Hollow)♥

  6. Oh Vee, the tree looks so pretty. But any ideas on how to keep my Siamese's big fanny out of the tree?

  7. The tree looks lovely...the trunk worked well! Now I know what evergreen 'tipping' means. I guess I need to go tipping also...I have window boxes with pansies in them (not too Christmassy).

  8. What a perfect way to quickly decorate! It looks great just the way it is!

    I LOVE the final picture of the sunset. It is amazing!

  9. I love the tree! The poinsettias look great! Wonderful idea!


  10. Thanks, everyone!

    Now that my experience with a live tree in the house is over...never again...too big of a mess for my preferences...I enjoy decorating early. Decorating is so labor intensive that I want to enjoy everything for the entire holiday season, including Epiphany, too!


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