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Monday, November 19, 2007


If one is wise here in the northern part of the country, one takes advantage of a mild day to string lights and decorate window boxes before snow arrives and complicates the issue.

I am neither wise nor willing to do a lot of decorating this year. Nevertheless, the window box needs help and it would seem the prudent thing to do to decorate it if for nothing other than curb appeal. The thought of adding tipping greenery and searching for winter berries on this already busy day has my head spinning. LOL!

My daughter called yesterday to ask if I could help her decide where to place her shining white stars. I arrived to find this ladder. Yes, she had been on it. I tried to remain calm as I told her that there was no way that that ladder was a safe choice. She promises me that she's going to call someone with an adequate ladder. I made her promise not to call her brother since he has two little boys who need him. See? One never stops worrying about the kids!

For all of you in the throes of Thanksgiving plans and doings, may your time be well spent on the things that really matter.


  1. I love your daughter's star! I have stars all around my house and a huge one over my mantle, much like that one in the picture.

    Decorate as little or as much as you want. It's not about the decorating anyway. And I'm sure you feel the same.


  2. What a beautiful home and star...may your Christmas decorating be fun...

    Have a blessed day!
    smiles, kari and kijsa

  3. Oh my...she was on THAT ladder?? UP THERE???

  4. Yikes!!what could the kid have been thinking!!

    hmmmm....but just a darn minute here Mom... maybe the apple did not fall far from the family tree...I seem to remember somebody wrestling a loveseat size chair through some tight squeezes ?? Being too independent to ask for help? ....

    Perhaps it is time for a sit down and pact making lunch or something --so you all are on the same page and everybody can relax in the knowledge that each is going to be clever and safe. Even if you have to barter (how about some baking?) or beg for help it is better than risking life and limb for a few lights...or moving a heavy piece of furniture.

    tx for adding my blog Vee...and, either one is fine.....

  5. Great star, scary ladder!

    Have fun and do whatever decorating makes you happy! And delegate what makes you happy to look at, but not happy to do!



  6. Yikes! How did she get the ladder up on the roof? I am reminded that it is time to get decorating...tomorrow. This is the only time of the year, when I am envious of all those folks who never bother to take down their lights!

  7. I love her star, but she was on that ladder? Did you give her a good swat on the behind? I hope so! But the house does look good...my neighbors, Joanne and Craig put their house lights up last week for the same reason...the cold...do it before it gets cold, that is...can't wait for them to turn them on!!!
    Have a little gift over at my place...hope you will enjoy it...

  8. What a gorgeous house!! I love the star, and I am glad you two didn't venture up on that ladder!!!

    Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. They mean the world to me and I so enjoy your blog, too!

    I just realized that your blog is not on my list of links!!!! I'm not sure how that escaped my notice, but consider it fixed!!!

    love, Linda

  9. Love the star. My very b est wishes for a stres free happy thanksgiving.

  10. Vee, your daughter is amazing and crazy all at once. THAT LADDER??? UP THERE??? Indeed! What a girl!

  11. Your daughter has a lovely house!! I'd love to see more of it.

    As to her being up there on that ladder... What I'd have said to her, is not printable in "Pretty Blog Land." You silently figure out my tirade. :-((((

    Best of luck to you with your Gathering Celebration preparations. Lucky me, I'm going to son's and all I have to do is teach my d-i-lay, how to make the homemade crust for Pumpkin Pie! Woot!!!!!

    'Course, my husband does his family favorite dressing, and the Newman's Creamed Potatoes, and the Turnips. Even when not at our house. So, *our* contribution is covered. :-)


  12. Daughter in LAW!!!

    Ding-it Mari-Nanci, will you PROOF READ?!?!?!


  13. Mari-Nanci, that gave me me a real, out-loud chuckle! Hahahaha...too cute! I'm glad that you didn't fix it.

    Oh, this house has quite a story, which I may share one day.

  14. Your daughter have given ME a heart attack and I don't even know her! Whew. She and my husband actually have a lot in common. You just don't know the times Randey has said to me "well, yes, honey but it's not THAT unsafe". Scary, scary man. And you have a scary, scary daughter. lol

  15. "me me"??? Good heavens! We're all just tired that's all.

    You'll all be happy to know that the lights went up today. My daughter hired my carpenter to do the climbing. I don't think that I was much happier about that since it was accomplished in freezing rain and snow. At least I didn't have to watch it.


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