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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Do You Do?

I have another question for you. How do you decide what to blog about? For example, do you show up at your blog with a clear goal in mind for the day or are you more likely to wait for inspiration to strike? Do you or have you ever considered dividing your days into specific categories? For example: Brin's Monday Moment or Melissa's Sweet Escape? I'm going to sit back and wait for the comments to roll in.

Leaving you with a picture of Blue Boy. He's massive. Yesterday, he was stationed in my tiny living room. Today, he's shoved into the southeast corner of the addition. Wrangling him down the hallway meant removing his feet and the doorknobs of the doors to the cellar and the linen closet. At one point, he was so firmly stuck in the bathroom door that I was worried that I'd be leaving the house to find a restroom. But grit and determination won out. Today? Well today I am feeling kinda sore and I daresay that I deserve it for being so independent. I hate asking for help.

However, I did ask for help today so I hope that you'll fill me in. Thanking you in advance!


  1. Welllllll, my answer to your question, isn't going to be very unique. I don't have a theme for days. I just type whatever comes into my head, when it comes into my head. ,-)

    Yeaah! See? Big help I am, hu? ,-)

    I just get an idea and type it. I may not do it fully, right then. For instance, I have the bare-bones of a new entry, being 'saved' now. For time to find pics to go with it. {I have *stuck myself* with the *duty* of putting pretty pics in every entry. So often, finding the ding-dang pics and downloading them into my iPhoto and cropping them and making them ready to put into my blog, and making the Credit Link on my blog.... can take a lot longer than writing down my *mahhhhhvelous ideas*!} Tee, hee, hee.

    Plus, I don't have a particular time of day, when I blog in my {4} blogs. I like to put my Daily City Photo blog in early, most days. My readers are from all over the world, so I figure, early is good, with all those time zones. Speaking of which, I've not done that yet! Eeeeek!

    Better get going, but not until I scold you for moving that humongeous chair all by yourself. Don't you know we can hurt our backs, doing such things? And when that happens, the pain does not go away with some quick meds. :-((( So, consider yourself scolded. ,-)


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  3. I know, Mari-Nanci. My goal around here is to serve as a bad example since the times when I can serve as a good one are so rare. I am no stranger to back pain having spent the month of July flat out with a bout of sciatica. Yes, I do qualify as an numbnut.

  4. Well...I just have so much going on some days and others there in nuthin' LOL!! I take advantage of the fun games if I'm tagged and able and I really don't blog every single day if I'm not inspired....I use my blog to stay in touch with my sisters who are on the opposite Coast as well so sometimes they are more personal and reminiscent but I like to keep them light...unless I'm going through something heavy at the time...then you all get to read about that too!! Do the book cover tag...it's fun!

  5. OMGosh... cut it out! Couldn't the Carpenter Guy help you haul Big Boy, oh, sorry, Blue Boy, around? Well, he IS big!

    Hating to ask for help is sometimes our undoing isn't it? I know how it goes believe me... and the end results are often not pretty. LOL ....

    once, in a fit of anger, I moved a huge stereo/TV unit out onto a patio.. the weird thing was that there was an 8 inch high lip to lift it over to get it out. When a day or two had passed and I simmered down.... I decided it better come back inside... I absolutely could not budge it ... let alone lift it over that lip! Two guys had to come to lift it back inside the apartment. I am sure they did not believe me when I said how it got there...and with no damage.... hahahahhah

    anyway.... cut it out. You will hurt your back again and I know how painful a bad back can be.... our bathtub incident was several weeks ago now and I can still hardly walk properly.

  6. I have lots of ideas that I think of when riding the train (usually), but I never write most of them. And since I don't post as regularly as some, I usually don't have a problem with topics. I like the random posts as much as the highly orchestrated ones. Sometimes it is nice to just BE without needing to BE MORE.

    I just wish I had more time as I'd like to do and share more photos, especially and take more time putting together better posts. But it is nice being loved with all my ugly bits showing. ;)


    Wow, your Mom and Grandma were Canadians! How cool! We have the opposite - several uncles who went to New England to work as young men and all got brides. Two remain in Meredith, NH and their kids are now all over - Boston, and some in California and Pennsylvania! I used to visit NH and Vermont when I was a girl and teen when they lived in various spots. I love that part of the world more than anywhere!!

  7. Well, in spite of my sweet escapes, I am a blogger that goes more with my inspiration that a plan! Sometimes my Sweet Escapes are limiting because I have to fit into that category every weekend when maybe I was really inspired by something else. But usually I can stretch something to fit into an escape!

    But all in all it has worked out fine. I seem to have a combination of inspiration and planning and just work around the two as my whims come over me!

  8. I have to say that I always know what I am going to post. I do actually have a book where I have written down ideas for posts, the downside is I want to do them all NOW and sometimes I get to composing them in my head and then I can't get to sleep. The more ideas you write down the more come I think as you get into that frame of mind. I personally don't like
    ????Fridays or????Thursdays. I like to be spontaneous. Even when Ihave planned something, that might be a day when an event comes up or a beautiful flower or a sunset so the thing planned gets put on the back boiler. I have too much stuff in my head that is my problem.

  9. I had someone ask me how I write my newspaper column, does it come from life...well of course it does, everything I write about usually happened in my front room or back porch or in the truck the day before. Blogging about life, what could be more fun?

  10. This has been so interesting to me. Thank you, everybody, for sharing. I am surprised to find that all are working from inspiration. I love the idea about jotting down ideas. I'll tell you this, I can not imagine having multiple blogs and tip my cap to those who do. ;>

    Thanks again!

  11. I try to write about something others might be interested in or maybe about something that has been on my heart or something seasonally realated or something I want to share a recipe or decorating idea or a great new site I've discovered or.... the list could go on and on, I guess you could say I am a random blogger! I would love to blog everyday but it seems life gets in my way so I try to post two to three times a week at least or when blogger is in a cooperating mood to upload pictures, so I guess I am still a random blogger!
    Miss Sandy


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