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Friday, November 16, 2007

What's In a Name?

After visiting with Robin at BittersweetPunkin, I learned about another tag; this time we're all tagged. It looked like so much fun that I decided to participate. (If you visit Robin, you can listen to cheerful Christmas music, which is what I am doing. BittersweetPunkin is sitting down in the tray while I work on this post. Very relaxing! Thanks, Robin!!)

Okay, back to the tag. These are the directions: 1. Go to www.Amazon.com 2. Click on Books 3. Click on Advanced Search 4. Type your first name in Title 5. Select a cute or meaningful book cover 6. POST it!

I am sooo excited by what I found. Once again, sometimes things are just meant to be.

Here goes...

Book Description
Veronica May ("Big Vee") is a bubbly, gorgeous, confident, eighteen-year-old theater actress from Chester, Arizona. She is also two hundred pounds. She puts off college, her life, and her questions about her mother's death twelve years earlier to care for her widowed father.
Then Daddy announces that he's going to remarry and Veronica feels replaced. She decides, then and there, it's time for Big Vee to shine! She escapes Arizona and follows in the footsteps of her mother, who was an aspiring actress, to Hollywood.

Between shifts with a cute co-worker at the local coffee bar, Vee auditions, falls in love, dumps a toxic friend, learns to deal with love and loss, and finally, finds her place in the spotlight.

Some of this sounds all so familiar...hahahaha!

And I'm including this one because I really do want to read it. This description had me nodding my head in total agreement.

Book Description
Chile Pleaze Who said church folks don't have ISSUES- Chile Pleaze! The Friends cultivate the essence and strength of Spirit. But is Spirit enough to hide the brash of reality? Does being a Christian band-aid REAL ISSUES of REAL LIFE involving REAL PEOPLE? Loving the Lord is one thing, but what about the men, the women, the sex, temptation- THE LIFE! The friends have ISSUES that are major players in living. As they war with these ISSUES, they find themselves face to face with SUBSCRIPTIONS that they didn't sign up for along with MEMBERSHIPS to controversy of faith and feeling. Compromising for temporal fixes, they each find that a fix is not the Perfect mix! Cyon, the corporate executive, is opposed to being the diva in distress. With the relationship rule book under her wing, she refuses to be foolish enough to get caught up in the love game! Play or get Played is her rule, but what if Jesus was on the other team? What then! Justice the preacher and spiritual standard finds herself in caught between a Genesis and a Revelation that can compromise her Psalms. Who said preachers were excluded from REAL LIFE! While Micah's sexual preference is challenged, he discovers power in closet secrets. Tevin and Sasha, aren't as happy, as they seem to the good church folks. In a clash of Titans, they find themselves sticking like fly paper to a trap that-- just doesn't stick anymore! Val is seeking GOLD in stardom, but at the end of the rainbow it isn't always a pot of gold. "Nobody is perfect," especially when it comes to church folks! If you think people are perfect- Chile Pleaze! The standard of this book is real. How do we live saved in a real world reality, when evil is always present?

Thanks again, Robin, for the encouragement! Hope you'll all give this a try. Who knows what you'll find in your name!

Leaving singing "Grandma got run over by a reindeer...la la la la la la la la la"

P.S. Just one more word...

People! With just seven entries to the Puttery Treats Challenge at close of play I am possessed by the urge to extend the deadline to next Tuesday the 20th of November and to throw in Mrs Beetons Board Game and some to die for Rose Creams to an already scumptious box of Brocante treats...

Get writing!
~Alison of BrocanteHome

If you get a spare moment over the weekend, toss your cap in!


  1. Woot! I'm the first commenter here!

    I found "Mari Sandoz: Story Catcher of the Plains," and I'll be making an entry in my blog, in a bit. {When I have time to make it all-pretty-and-all. -giggles- You know me!!!!} There are other books with 'Mari' in the title, but when you see this woman's face, on the cover, you'll see why this one was *no contest winner* to me. :-)


  2. Wow, both books sound good...I'm gonna do this one this weekend, hope I can come up with a couple of good "Sandi" books, lol!

  3. This is a really fun game, not sure if I will get to it or not, but I did do a quick search on my name and found some rather unsavory titles I would rather not claim! LOL!


  4. So did I, Melissa, but don't let that stop you!

    I'll be checking in on you, Sandi. I am sure that yours are going to be great.

    M-N, yours was great. Hope that everyone will peek in on these gals and see what they came up with.

    (Don't forget the BrocanteHome Challenge either.)

  5. How did I miss your book cover tag? I am so glad you played...it was fun!
    I'm glad you like my music! LOL

  6. Vee,
    I have been sick for a couple of days and decided to visit and saw your "tag". I did it and found a delightful book (I ordered it), it is called Taking Care of Sandy by Margaret Turnbull (1914) This delightful book was made into a black and white movie that I had actually seen but it was retitled. It is about a little orphaned girl who helps people by pointing them Scripture. I am looking forward reading the book.
    Miss Sandy


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