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Saturday, November 17, 2007



testing one two three

testing one two three

It worked! Oh, good, now let's see what else can be achieved.

OOps, that one didn't work as expected. When they say headlines, they mean headlines. I wanted "Tricks" to stay here, but it zipped up there.

OOps, again. Hmmm, changing text color is proving problematic.

Okay, patience is shot. LOL!

I am blaming thanking Lovella of What Matters Most for this morning of experiments.

All other frustrations tips can be found HERE.

P.S. Does anyone know how to change text color within the body of the post? (Not everywhere throughout the blog.) If you can rescue me from wallowing through blog helps, I will be grateful. :) Thanks! You're the best!! I mean it!!!


  1. I am hopelessly inept with all the tricks of posting! Thank you, though, for posting a few little tips!! Everything helps!!


  2. Vee, changing color withine the post can be done in compose mode. Just highlight the area you want to change the color to, and then click on the color button and select your color and then click again.
    This explanation is probably pretty unclear too. Oh boy.

  3. Yes...if you are typing in html mode...change to compose mode,,,highlight the area you want to change color...click on the color box and choose the color. Make sure you do it after you have typed your entire post so only the highlighted areas have changed color!!
    Good luck!!

  4. I'm back home & catching up with all my friends in blogland (that takes priority over all the tasks that await me!!!). I love your new banner...did you do that yourself? All this technical stuff about blogging takes so much time to figure out. Lovella's a good teacher! If I have her over to show us all her tricks, do you want to join us?


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