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Monday, June 30, 2008

I Remember Laura Week 5

This will wind up the blog-a-thon with one last link up featuring your cherished family heirlooms. Ma Ingalls most prized possession was her little china shepherdess which rested upon a hand carved bracket made by Pa Ingalls as a gift. Show us something or more than one thing that has been handed down to you that you cherish and plan to hand down to the next generation. Tell us the story of how it came to be in your family, why it is special, and who you plan to gift it to. Anyone is welcome to join in, linking instructions are as listed below.

Oops! And I thought last week was the final entry. I know that I have discussed family treasures over the past eleven months. One of my favorites is the cocoa pot that my great-grandmother gave me when I was a teenager. That story along with a picture of her and the pot is located right *here* on October 5, 2007.

However, I do have an old violin that I cherish as well...a gift from my grandfather who was a self-taught fiddler. I am able to play simple pieces by ear. Discovering that, my grandfather hoped that, if I just had a violin, I would be able to duplicate what I was doing on the piano and the harmonica with it. It never worked out that way. These days I display the violin even though its strings are long gone and the horse hairs of the bow are few. I display it and remember the music and the love of my grandfather. Here's a reenactment...use your imagination as I must now, though I have added some music to the top right for a bit of help with imagining fiddle music, if you'd like to click there.

Treasures of former days fill my home from photographs to old high-top boots. Tea cups, an odd assortment of dishes, old linens — all the things that most women have in their homes. I hope to visit all of you to see your treasures before week's end. Please join the tour by clicking on the description of this week's event above.

Also, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Miss Sandy so much for all of her hard work and all the enjoyment and education that this blog-a-thon has provided us.


  1. I think we all have those treasures. Mine is a hand painted china punch bowl and cups left to me by my grandmother.

    Can you imagine living out on the prairie, deprived of any vestige of "civilization", with few other women to connect with? Those women clung to their small possessions...a chair or a china cup.

    Love the violin.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  2. A violin...how lovely...you know I loved the Little House books from the first one I read at age five....Little House in the Big Woods...such a simple little book, I remember how Pa went into the woods and killed a bear for the family to eat...ummm...wonderful books...lovely post...I'm going to check out your cocoa pot now

  3. That was a fun event! I too have a violin, handed down from my great grandpa. Such a treasure!

    I loved the Little House books and now I am getting all inspired to read them again.

    Happy day!


  4. Vee,
    As always you are a delight and a treasure! And, you play the harmonica, so cool! Thank you for sharing and for your participation in the blog-a-thon. Bad blog host that I am I don't have a post up for today! Today is Hannah day and my little gentleman caller will be here soon so posting can wait! Have a great day dear friend.
    Miss Sandy

  5. Isn't it so wonderful that you have a fiddle so similar to "Pa's".

  6. It's so nice that you have so many things to treasure that were in your family.
    I really don't have much from my family but I have lots of old things that I love that I've collected over the years.
    Your violin is lovely!!

  7. Nice post, Vee. It ius so nice you have those treasures.

    I feel sad, because I have nothing from either a grandmother or an aunt. My family never put much thought into sentimentality and my parents lived far from their families so when relatives passed nothing was saved for them.

    I hope to pass on some things I love to my daughter and daughter-in-law and future grandchildren someday. I tell them now that I want them to have this or that, and they roll their eyes, but I do hope they will take some of those things in the future and cherish them.

    Hugs, Pat

  8. Once again, a lovely post. I've really enjoyed reading all of the I Remember Laura posts everyone has written.

  9. Your Great-Grandmother was very beautiful, her cocoa pot is stunning! Can you imagine the only entertainment people had was each other, singing and dancing to entertain one another. To have your Grandfather's violin as well as the memories that go along with it is priceless...Vee, I don't think there's anything you can't do!

    I hope you're healing well :).

  10. I never knew the title of that piece of music. And once I found the original musicians, Spiritwood Music, I had to buy a couple of their CDs. Thank you so much for the introduction to the music today.

  11. I always enjoyed seein Pa on Little House play his fiddle. How special that was passed down to you.
    Our 8 yr. old granddaughter is playing the violin. She has for more than 2 yrs. It's amazing that even 4 yr. olds can play a song.

  12. Vee...the violin is a grand thing to keep in the family and pass on...perhaps someone down the line will have the same talent as your grandfather....

  13. What a neat post! I don't have many things that were passed down. I do have some precious pictures that I will post someday when I get a scanner. Just thinking about Little House in the Big Woods puts me in a 'happy' place. Thanks.

  14. Thank you for sharing the story of your violin, and I think its a very good theme for a post. Your home sounds like a beautiful, welcoming place, the place one is happy to enter and reluctant to leave.

  15. I am just getting to visit the other blogathon participants.

    Those are treasures indeed! I loved the picture of the cocoa pot (looks like a lovely vase!) and picture of your great-grandmother. And how sweet to have the violin to remember your grandfather by.


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