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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apple Orchard Day

Saturday was such a beautiful day. Sunny and with just enough chill in the air to let us know that it was October and not August. Nearly perfection. That's why John's grinning. Trust me, I'm wearing a grin, too. It's only that I haven't got the whole "he's a lot taller than I am" thing worked out for photo taking. It's okay. My hair was a fright.

John and I were picking apples in the orchard where I began my career as an apple picker. "Apple picker" is much too lofty a job description for I was a drop picker at first. After a while, I learned all about placing ladders, climbing them, picking the apples, which is more like rolling them, and then climbing down without bruising the apples in the heavy canvas bag at my middle with the straps worn over my shoulders. The bag had a folded-up bottom that allowed me to loosen two straps and gently release the apples into the bushel box. On a good day, a very good day, I could pick 20 bushels. My mother could pick 100 bushels plus on a very good day, forty bushels on an average day. John and I picked four apples. The rest we found on the ground. Tip: the best and ripest apples are on the ground just be careful they are not bruised.

I want the final bit, but the middle of the story is told in pictures.

It was so sunny and bright that I didn't always get the best pictures, but I still liked this one of John striding down the apple row.

Not the best picture, but it was a great apple!

Wonder if I always look this smug when I'm about to be kissed in an apple orchard...
True confessions: Though we were pretty sun-kissed already, this has been put through the diffuser about three times. Hahahaha, sometimes I crack myself up.

Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. As a result of seeing these photos, I have an appointment this afternoon for a much-needed haircut. Perhaps I'll tuck in a photo later or perhaps one shouldn't count on it for I am vain...very.

Edited to Add: I'm so proud of myself for keeping a half-hearted promise to you. Here's the haircut and the face sans makeup or even any lip gloss. Has a squirrel been chewing on my eyebrows again?! I can't blame squirrels for the bangs as I, in a fit of exasperation, started whacking on them last week. John is not a fan of short hair so I warned him before I left. When I arrived home he said that he'd forego judgment until I had washed and styled my hair. What?! What in the world did he think that I'd been having done for an hour? Men!


  1. Beautiful photos of your autumn outing...I love this time of year! :)


  2. Oh, you live in the best part of New England. I adore New Hampshire. I have a secret desire to live in a little cabin tucked in the woods of New Hampshire. I love your photographs of my favorite time of year. You and your husband make the sweetest couple. You look great to me!!!!

  3. Hi Karen~ I love New Hampshire, too, but I don't live there. ;>

  4. I'm such a wimp! Never picked apples! Guess it's one of those family things. Your family did it or didn't.

    Next door son's wife always went apple picking and so they go. Which provides them with lots of apples. Which they bring over bags of, and whine for me to make Apple Pies. ,-)

    Wow! You showed your whole face in that later picture!!!!!! I am amazed. You don't usually show more than your eyebrows, like in the earlier pic. -giggggles-

    Yes, Sat. and Sun. both, were beeeeeeautiful over here!!!!!! Lovely! And we both got out and took pics! When and while we could get pretty ones!!!! Cloudy and rain, today...

    Gentle hugs...

  5. Beautiful! The orchards, and the people.....

  6. How very lovely.
    I too have a Beloved, live in a small town in a small country and enjoy homemaking. All that happens in the UK, at the back of beyond.
    We also have family living in Maine, a long way from here, so your pictures will give me an idea of what their home country is like.

  7. One of my very favorite things to do in the fall is apple picking and kissing my sweety! Only I usually just walk through the orchard and go back to the little store in front and buy the apples they already picked....

    Your pictures tell a lovely story on how beautiful the day was.

  8. Oh how very fun! So very quintessential Fall. I didn't know you used to pick apples. My brother worked at an orchard for a few years and really enjoyed it.

    I love the pictures of the two of you together. So very sweet. You look so very happy!

    Becky K.

  9. What a glorious autumn day! I've always wanted to visit New England in the fall. Kissing in an apple orchard could be utterly romantic - or not. I've found that the place doesn't matter so much as my attitude. Sigh.

  10. I loved this post, Vee! Very "fallish"! We can't grow apples much down here in Texas, but we can grow peaches and plums and some citrus. We can pick those, too, only it's 95 degrees and not much fun kissing in those orchards in the heat! I'm so jealous of your fall color, too. We're not seeing much of it yet - YES MORE MUM PICTURES and PUMPKIN PICTURES! Loved your fall mosaics!
    Sweet pictures of a sweet couple!!!

  11. Dear Vee I keep losing you from my blog list, I don't understand this happens a lot. Ran across your name on another blog and wanted to say hello. So enjoyed your apple post. I will have to go back and see what I have missed. I have been in New England in the fall.Blessings

  12. What beautiful orchard pictures! My husband used to work in a peach orchard when he was very young, he would come home covered in sweat plastered fuzz! I love your orchard kiss picture best of all! And love the haircut, you are so pretty!

  13. The trees where you live are turning much faster than here in Oklahoma. The weather here is cold in the early mornings and evenings with hot afternoons. Love it. It looks like you are having too much fun in the apple orchard.

  14. Beautiful, Vee! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Your haircut is adorable Vee, and you look so pretty! You have way less grey hair than I do ..I have to dye mine every 6 weeks.

    I love the autumn color popping up in your area! We are finally getting some cool nights so hopefully we will soon have some color in our trees.

    That was a very sweet kiss in the apple orchard! Glad to see you having such a nice time together.

  16. OH, and I wanted to tell you that I have begun humming the song "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else but Me..." and probably will have that tune in my head all night ..lol! :)

  17. Well that is an absolutely lovely way to spend a fall day!! :-)

    Love the photos of you guys. You are the sweetest. And I am not just saying that because you put my huge button in your sidebar. Although that always helps. :-)

  18. Making memories...that's what life is about! It was so nice to finally see your face and it's lovely. Your face shows happiness, laughter and contentment ~lovely. Somehow, after enjoying your blog for years, I knew that you must have all those attributes.

  19. How Sweet! My favorite pic is the 'about to kiss' photo....sweeter than any apple could be....
    I love fall!

  20. Aaawww, sweet pictures! Love your hair! Autumn, apples, and love. A PERFECT combination!

  21. I love your lovely autumn photos! Smooching in an apple orchard sounds really romantic!
    I like the new haircut--very attractive!

  22. What a lovely time you two had. We used to pick apples here in NC and that is really hard work. Sounds like your Mom is quite a picker. Glad you had a great day and shared it with us.

  23. you are too cute, i love you haircut!

    it made my heart ache to see the lovely
    foliage turning. such fond memories.

    i loved your apple picking story and
    could almost taste the apples.

  24. OH fun. . .these rare glimpses of you make popping by sooo worth it.
    Apple orchards and a blush on your cheek. ..very sweet.

  25. Vee,
    The pictures are beautiful! I am really enjoying the intense blueness of the autumn skies this year.
    I was happy to see your picture. Your hair looked great and so did you. I dislike seeing pictures of myself, so I rarely post them. What I think I look like, I guess I really don't, after all. sigh.

  26. You just crack me up. John's comment must be a male thing, I hear that to after coming home from the salon...hmmm.

    Love the diffused photo!

  27. Sure looks like Fall up your way. Beautiful photos.
    How romantic - getting kissed in an orchard!
    Very Nice picture of you. We don't get to see many pictures of you!

  28. Oh! Vee, How I have missed your posts, not intentionally, however I just have been so busy, that not much time has been allowed for computer other than my SS posts.
    Your day at the orchard looked like such fun, the picture of you and John smooching,PRICLESS!!
    What beautiful scenery all about you, but it looked like you both were enjoying each other more. lol.
    Love the hair cut too.
    I always leave here uplifted, even if you have had a bad day! Did I say that right? You know what I mean, you show all of us how to live life to the fullest, even if you are given lemons, you always make the best lemonade.


  29. You are looking so very lovely and happy...m..

  30. I whack my bangs, too--I'm going to the salon this morning to cover gray, havig whacked my bangs last week. I'll hear about this...C

  31. Hi Vee!
    What a great day at the apple orchard you had with your love! So warm feeling and bright! What are you going to do with all those apples now??
    Hope you're having a great week!
    PS Love the hair cut...and no make-up! Yu have fabulous skin and coloring!

  32. Love the photos...and I agree the one with John walking is a keeper! And the haircut? I think it looks great!

  33. Those photos are great!
    I LOL'd when I read that you had picked 4 apples. You're so funny Vee.

    Your hair looks great! It suits you very well. You're gorgeous and you have such a kind face. Seriously.


  34. Oh how pretty you are, sweet Vee! I have always known you were beautiful inside...and now I can see your beauty shining through! I love your hair...and you are wearing my favorite color! Can I borrow that blouse? Enjoy your day! ♥

  35. Ohmygoodness Vee!!!! You are so pretty sweet friend!!! I just LOVE your hair! You make me want to go pick apples too :) So many gorgeous photos ~ I love the ones of you and John....I hope you all are doing wonderful sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  36. Vee,

    You look fresh as a daisy! Seriously, you are very lovely and with a complexion like that you don't need any makeup, love the new hair too.

  37. Oh Vee, it looks like it was a fabulous day. What is the mountain in the background of the one photo? I remember when you and John ran away and eloped. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Your haircut is wonderful and you look so happy.

    And, yes....men!!!

  38. Suzanne, it's Mt. Washington. Yes, there are certain places in town where we are blessed with a view of the great mountain itself. I know that you know a lot about Mt. Washington from former posts I've done. I surprised you? Really? That much? Because you sounded as if you might have had a clue.

  39. I love the autumn. Thanks for the sweet photo journey. I really enjoyed it. Anne

  40. Look at those gorgeous bits of color hitting your New England trees...great picture Vee. It is so rare we get a peek at you=]