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Monday, October 4, 2010

Your Wish is My Command

A few asked for more mums photos and since I already had this mosaic done I can oblige with no difficulty whatsoever. Please enjoy. I do confess that those jewel colors make me smile. Oh did any guess that this mosaic was this Mosaic Monday's reject? Perhaps I should have had it the other way around.

1. Birdhouse Condominium
2. Looking through the greenhouse to my valley below...yup, Haven is down there somewhere
3. Bundles of Bittersweet
4. Closer look at those gorgeous mums
5. Furniture, baskets, mums, beams, etc.
6. Does the turban gourd look like a mushroom house to you?
7. That salmon-colored mum strikes my fancy
8. Loved the striations on this turban gourd


  1. Your mosaic is lovely. I haven't learned how to do these yet. It definitely represents Fall.

  2. I just love those colors. ..Autumn could last a bit longer for my liking. . .just put it all on a hold button.

  3. Just beautiful Vee! Those are my favorite colors... best time of the year! well, except for Christmas :)...)

  4. Love your header! And these pictures are wonderful, far better than my fall pictures. So that is a turban gourd? Yikes, at first I thought it was a pumpkin run amok!

  5. Your autumn pictures really make me smile. You capture the season so perfectly!

  6. Fall is my favorite! We're goin' leaf-peeping this week-end :-) Your mums are wonderful!

  7. Hi Vee!

    Wow I've missed a lot here! Welcome to adorable Molly... she reminds me of our Misty... maybe they're sisters! Sorry Molly we're at our pet limit so you'll just have to stay with your sister Vee since Misty can't have any more sisters. The turban squash reminds me of a psychedelic acorn from the 70's! (Not that I know what that really looks like.) I love your mosiacs! The plate hedge is great, perfect recycle with style. Thank your for your prayers for my knee, I can "feel" the prayers! And thanks for your prayers for dear Theresa, I know she appreciates them beyond words!!!

    Big huge hugs, Sherry

  8. This is a lovely mosaic! The colours are truly beautiful. We are heading into Summer here now but I wish it was Autumn all over again after seeing this post!

    Best wishes,

  9. Thank you for the additional pictures AND what a gorgeous mosaic! Everything is displayed so beautifully. Thank you for sharing it with us. How do you make the mosaics?

  10. "Your wish is my command"




    We can ask for anything, and you will deliver???


    You just knew I'd jump on that Subject Line, didn't you???? Of course you did!!!! And yet, you were brave enough to use it! Hooray!!! ,-)

    Mmmmmmm... Now..... Must put on my thinking cap. And come up with lots and lots of my-wish-questions for you.

    Stop running, ducking and hiding! I know where you are! ,-)))))))))

    Btw, I so love the jewel colors too! Love 'em, all year long it seems. To look around our home. Lots and lots of deep jewel colors, in the various shades of wine, rose, pink, etc. :-)

    Not sure when I got to really hone in on *MY* colors. The ones which make me feel good. But hone in I did and they seem "set in stone." Luckily, 'Uncle A.' agrees! -Wheeew- Can you imagine what over 50 years with someone who hated your own fav. colors, would be like??? Eeeeeek!

    Gentle hugs...

  11. Aahhhh fall. Your mosaic just speaks of it so beautifully!

  12. I can't get enough of those beautiful fall mums and colors right now since they are so fleeting. I wish it would last longer. Beautiful mosaic and I'm glad you didn't keep this one to yourself ;)

  13. Love those colours! I had to double-click to get a closer look at the 'bittersweet'...not familiar with that. So I did my research. It is called 'American bittersweet' and is native to the eastern and central US. Pretty...but can be invasive, according to my sources. Well, I'd like some to put in a vase!

  14. Fantastic fall colours Vee. I like the birdhouses, would love to paint something like that for here.
    Turban squashes are a fun vegetable for the kids.

  15. Beautiful...all the photos through your post, just brings the fall season into my home...love the kissing in the apple orchard.


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