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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Piano Topper, etc.

Well now, you are so sweet to say such nice things about the hair. My mother was away yesterday so she saw it for the first time this morning. She said that it looked too messy for her tastes (yes, I had combed and coiffed) and something about how cute my niece's haircut is. Perhaps there's something in the water here that is making us testy.

It's a rainy, chilly day. I'm planning to bake later this afternoon. John's been promised an apple pie for weeks. But first, my mother and I have one of those assessment meetings about Nan. I am praying that something will be resolved once and for all. Monday, my mother and I found a home that would be okay even though it is over thirty miles up the road. We'll just have to wait and see. This waiting is so difficult; being in limbo is so difficult; always wondering is difficult. Have you been wondering about anything lately?

Obviously, I've been hanging out at *Aunt Amelia's* a lot because when my daughter gave me this mantel topper that I promptly slapped on the piano, I felt right at home with it.

My daughter is so funny sometimes. She arrived on Sunday with a bag of things given to her through the years by various members of the family saying, "This is so you and so not me." Needless to say, I loved it!

Just popping in one of our favorite piano players around here. He's been staying with me one morning a week while his big brother plays soccer. It is too challenging for him to sit on the sidelines and watch so he darts out onto the field to play, too. His parents were getting quite exasperated as were the coaches.

Now he stays home with me playing the piano and talking on the phone. He always answers this way, "Hello, Yes, I understand, Goodbye."

And, on that note, yes, I understand, goodbye...


  1. That is a perfect use for that lovely scarf! So pretty.

    Your grandson is precious!!! I hope I get one that cute one day....

    My husband would love an apple pie. Maybe Chelsea will make one for him soon.

    Becky K.

  2. Mmmm apple pie! One of my fav's too!
    It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend and I'm "doing it" so, I'm going to make one.
    *Confession time*... I've never made an apple pie before! Is this the right time to "start"??? ;p

    Your grandson is a doll! I know all about the darting onto the soccer field too. I had 4 kids and they all did that at one time or another! LOL
    This was actually the first summer I was able to SIT and watch the kids play. It was.... beautiful. :)


  3. I LOVE your piano!! I'm very partial to old ones. I have one and I've taken such good care of it. Then one of those snowball globes got put up there and I didn't know the water had leaked out. I could still cry.

  4. I wish I had called him yesterday! I was 'under the weather' and it would have been nice to know someone understood! heehee! Still don't feel good...I'll be lazy today! lol ♥

  5. With all your uncertainty, how could you all, not be testy? But still... -le sigh-

    Hey, hair is like anything else! We have it, the way we want it! So there! "Auntie" sezzzzzzz! Mmmmm, to your Mom, she says. 'Cause "Auntie" is *older than the hills*, and she can! -gigggles-

    -chuckle- Still must bake that Apple Pie, hu? It felt so good, to have the first one done! But of course! That was now *long ago.* According to the sighiiiiiiiiiig going on around here. -giggggles-

    Yeaaaaaaaa, you made immediate use of your daughter's mantle topper! Lucky you, to have one just fall into your lap. :-)

    Mmmm, does this mean that I have had ONE GOOD influence on you, my Dear?!? -Ducking, running and hiding-

    Waiting is horrid!!! Truly horrid. Especially for me, because I'm be-deviled with the compulsion to have everything-settled- yesterday. Luck! Courage! Etc.!

    Oh isn't it spectacular, to be able to take care of *little bro*, once in a while?!? You couldn't for a long time, 'cause it bothered someone.

    Gentle hugs...

  6. The piano topper...and the piano player...oh, and the piano...are all perfect! And I like the telephone as well...and the telephone answerer. Wish I had kept a phone or two from that era.

    Enjoy the pie!

  7. The mantel topper is beautiful! And I love to bake on a rainy day. We have relentless sunshine here. I am not complaining but I do love me a rainy day!

  8. oh I smiled at today's post. ..I could relate. . .to it all. So very fun.
    PS .. .we just finished an Apple Bar. .which is apple pie in a cookie sheet. .. so I understand. . .goodbye! :)

  9. Adorable pianist you've got there, they are so cute at that age with the things they say. Your piano vignette is beautiful. Hope your day is a happy one!

  10. that is too cute! "yes, i understand, good bye!"
    what a darling.

    i love your piano topper and am going to be
    on the look out for one.

    so sorry about the waiting period for nan.

    would love a piece of your apple pie. :)

  11. Very pretty!

    My daughter does the same thing. We both love vintage items but different styles and colors.

    She even says, "This is SO you"... and I wonder if it is a compliment or... ummm... not.

  12. Love the comments from your mom! I've gotten a few of them before, too.
    Your daughter sounds like Chickie too. If I get something new, I might say to her, "look, isn't this pretty?" She'll reply, "It looks like something you might wear." (or like or something along those lines)
    Your grandson is darling. Love his phone routine!

  13. The piano topper looks just perfect there.
    What a cutie your grandson is. Love his phone routine!!

  14. The pumpkin squares are gone so I need to bake something for the husband to take in his lunches. He does like his dessert. Apple would be just thing. He'd be so impressed. Thanks for the great idea!

  15. I love the topper and your beautiful piano top! So sorry about the problems with your grandmother, I had to go through the same things, the waiting is very hard, and the decisions that precede it. Your grandson is adorable!!!! I post pictures of my granddaughter a lot, she is four. I'm just cracking up about your telephone story!! Don't the kids just give us so mnay laughs with the funny things they say? He must have heard his mom say "I understand"! What a wonderful little time during the week for just the two of you to do things together and have fun! Will he be going to a pumpkin patch?

  16. Having your grandson there one morning a week must be fun! I love his telephone chatter.. very to the point! :)

    The scarf looks lovely on your piano. I often hear the same words from my children about something being "so me"...and feel a little "old" when I hear them...hmmm.

    Hope the assessment meeting goes well!

  17. I love that oak leaf and acorn pattern on the piano topper. So fitting for the fall. I'm sad to say there's not a bit of fall decor around this house.

    That grandbaby is cute too. I bet he can't wait until he's old enough to be on his own team.

  18. Vee, you always have such sweet down to earth posts. Hope things work out soon for Nan.

    The little one looks like one smart little boy. He is darling.

    Looking forward to apple pie pictures.

  19. Thank you much, for enjoying my [Simplicity] links!

    Yes, I keep those 2 electric candles up in the eating area window, all year long. :-) Somehow, I love candles in windows.

    Actually I love candles! But with the progression of our allergies, we can't hardly stand any candles burning. -sighhhhhh- And of course, scented candles are a total thing of the past. -moan-

    And needless to say, my present Header picture is from a past year.

    How weird is that, for someone [me] who didn't grow up with allergies? -pout- I still tell 'Uncle A.' that it's living with him, all these years, which did it. I am the only known case of someone *catching* allergy issues, from someone else!!!!!!!!!!!

    He doesn't accept it but it sure sounds good to me. lol.

  20. That lace scarf is lovely! I wish I had one! WAAAAHHH...

  21. Hi I saw the sweet giveaway Pat won at your blog. I am trying to find a way to make a fabric covered journal special for a little girl with cancer. So I see fabric journals and I have to come visit. Thank you for these delightful posts. I am so glad I came over. Come see me soon. Anne

  22. Hi Vee - look at that cute little grandson on the phone - I'm wondering just who is he copying saying such grown-up things on the phone? His mom or dad? or maybe YOU? So cute!

    Now that scarf on the piano looks absolutely perfect to me. It's beautiful. It belongs there. What other goodies did your daughter bring you in her sack? We wanna see!


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