Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank you

A big thank you to all nine who have commented since Monday. :D

I do appreciate each and every comment that I've received. This blogging issue has annoyed me so much that it was time to just let it go and be done with it so I deleted all posts since Monday. Phew. Like water off a duck... Quack.


  1. You qwak me up! I created a tutorial you might like on my post today. I have decided to create tutorials more often on all the things I have learned these last years blogging about photos. I really don't take good ones, but I am good at editing.

    Hope you have a great evening. It's so lovely today, wish I could keep it till tomorrow.

  2. hi vee!

    i am completely befuddled. did something
    terrible happen? did you lose some photos?

    i loved your comment about never wanting
    to visit brazil. me either! i can't believe the
    things i've done, that i DIDN"T want to do!

    i can't believe the things you have done and
    admire them greatly.


  3. Where have I been? I think I missed out on your 'blogging woes' these last few days. Oh well...Monday's post was lovely!

  4. This is a great place to vent so quack away! The last I knew your hubby was risking life and limb for birch bark ;)

  5. Hope you don't have any more trouble!!
    I've toned down the pink a bit on my blog! :-)

  6. I think I am behind the times too! Sorry you had troubles. If it was due to blogger pictures I am sick of it too!

    Take care and best wishes for a lovely weekend,

  7. Vee,

    I'm out of it too. Did I comment? Did I see it? My brain cells are scattered..oh, so scattered.

    Oh well, if you are happy now then all is just "ducky"!

    Love ya!

    Becky K

  8. Sometimes clearing the air "blog" can be the best thing - hope your week ends well.

  9. quack - quack! And that's all I'm gonna say today!

  10. Yup. .you qwack me up too. .ha ha.
    Your new header is just so pretty.
    I'm a tad confused too. .I did come by to visit and I was going to leave a comment but that was all I noticed.

  11. But... Another reason for you to use Google Reader...

    All your posts continue to be able to be read, on Google Reader.

    Even when you get rid of them, on Blogger.

    If you don't use Google Reader, you are unaware of this. But it's happening.

    Lots of people don't know this. I try to tell them, when I think they care. And obviously, a lot of people use Google Reader, to follow blogs.

    Just saying..............

  12. Why don't I repeat that, and maybe more Commenters here, will notice.

    All your posts continue to be able to be read, on Google Reader. Even when you delete them, on Blogger.

  13. Hmmm, they're not showing up on my Google Reader. Also, I can't read any blogs on my Reading List because it says I'm not following any blogs. Crazy talk!

  14. Not a bad idea! I have to delete a blog post myself...the one where I announced I was expecting a granddaughter. A second sonogram was done yesterday and in this one it was quite apparent grandchild was a BOY after all!

    Everyone was surprised, but happy, non-the-less. Little L will have a brother to be friends with and that Thomas the Train set I bought him for Christmas will get a lot of use in the future! :)

  15. Oh that is too funny, Pat! I can tell you that two grandsons are nothing to sneeze at.


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