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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Little War

We're having one at my house ... every night at 6:30 when the evening news comes on. I don't want to watch; John does. So far, John is winning. Yup, let's see, we've been married nearly 28 months. That means the score is 365×2+120 give or take a few: 850 to zip? Does that seem fair to you?

To make it worse, he insists on watching a b c. Get that news anchor in mind. I'm not going to mention any names, but could she please select a more flattering fake eyelash or two? I've never seen anyone's eyelids droop more even after an all-night bender. (Okay, no, I have not really seen anyone after an all-night bender, but I have seen movies... )
Maybe things will improve after the election. I'd really rather listen to WLS Chicago from 6:00 to 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00. Any fine day.


We've still got some lovely color in spots. Yesterday, I took my mother to get her license renewed and there we saw these beautifully colored bushes and trees. I just love the color combinations.

Mother took me out for lunch to Tim Horton's. We got so excited to see Canadian Maple donuts offered again. Noooo, that's not all we had, but I did eat half of my donut first. Hey! Life is short. Mother had the chili; I had the BLT on wheat and a cup of coffee with the remaining half of my donut for dessert. She even brought two donuts home to John. He had a pumpkin spice and a Canadian Maple. He said that if he had eaten the Canadian Maple first, he would've been very disappointed with the pumpkin spice, which he thought was very good until...

Do you have a Tim Horton's in your corner? If not, what's your favorite stop for coffee and donuts?

Have a fun weekend and be safe out there...


  1. We don't have a Tim Horton's. This morning when we take Chelsea to work we are going to stop at the Cupola Cafe. It is a cafe that has had several reincarnations. We like this last one the best.

    The colors in that photo are stunning. So bright and contrast so well against each other and the building.

    Have a great day!

    Becky K.

  2. What gorgeous colors! No Tim Horton's around here. :(

    John should be watching Fox for news.

  3. Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple, we have two of them within a few minutes and they are always packed.

    And I agree Cdn maple's are yum :)

  4. Mmmmm, aren't those splashes of Autumn beauty, left around, a joy?

    Don't know of these donuts, but since we don't eat donuts, how would I know, hu? :-)

    Please come over and give a "Thumbs Up" to my Sat. post ,-) I know I'm a bit *frank,* but... Difficult times call for unique measures. ,-)

    Gentle hugs...

  5. We are sooooo (I think I need to add a few extra o's!) limited here. My favorite place is Dutton's which is the owners last name. Their establishment has wonderful sandwiches, donuts/rolls, hot or cold drinks, their photography studio, a frame shop, booths, tables, a comfy lounge area and a meeting room. Hey, up here you've got to diversify (they did!) and they pretty much have the corner on the market, too!

  6. We are both posting our pretty trees this morning! The leaves are falling from ours now....and we had frost this morning. My mother in law is sweet to pick up doughnuts for my hubby every week at McFarland's bakery, downtown. It's an old bakery that makes the BEST of everything! He likes powdered cake doughnuts! I don't eat any...poor me! lol Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  7. Beautiful Fall color!!
    No Tim Horton's around here. I don't go in coffee and donut shops because I don't like coffee and those few times I do eat donuts I like Krispy Creme.

  8. No Tim Hortons here.... We have Dunkin Donuts, but I been to one in years.

    Those trees are beautiful!

  9. We don't have Tim Horton's any where down south, I don't think. I love Starbucks but I do not eat the donuts.I would love to, but thank goodness I am able to turn them down, but carrot cake not way.The colors in your photos are beautiful. They won't last much longer. HH and I watch different TV's at our house.

  10. Vee,
    No, never heard of Tim Horton's. The donuts sound amazing. I can imagine...
    28 months? How wonderful. We are coming up to 9 years of wedded bliss.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your beloved!

  11. We don't have a Tom Horton's or much of anything in my small town. Hubby goes to a convenience store for his coffee instead of making it at home. We don't eat too many donuts, but I love Crispy Cremes when I do. I did buy some iced ones at WalMart yesterday and they are good...just ate one!

    Love the colors in your photo and I'm just really jealous! Haven't seen those kind of colors around here this year. Or last year either, come to think of it!

    About the news...not sure if you meant local or national news. Unless it's the local news, around my house it's Fox News all the way!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  12. No ma'am, we don't have a Tim Horton's, but it sounds DELISH! Those Maple donuts sound wonderful!

    Wow, those colors are beautiful, Vee. So vivid!

    And yes, sometimes, just sometimes I read sidebars. Most just have advertisements or favorite buttons of others' blogs. But I do glance at them. I knew you had another one!

    ABC? John! We usually watch NBC (our local station) or Fox... And I DID already go absentee vote yesterday as did my daughter. I'm excited to see what results come on Tuesday! And very prayerful...

  13. We have a 24 hour F O X in our home of a few breaks with Judge Judy so that's when I do all my blog visits....lol...We do have another TV in the Florida room but I got used to my chair so I usually just stay put.

    No Tim Horton's here...boo hoo....

  14. I was a little surprised to read about Tim Horton's in the USA. I thought they were just in Canada. There are Tim Horton's all over - even one in our little bitty town. It's a great gathering place for coffee drinkers.

  15. I rarely get home in time to see the national network news, and I have not seen ABC since she took over. I was surprised that the job went to her because of her age - in December, she'll be the age Cronkite was when he was forced to retire.

    At the very least, it's time for her to retire the false eyelashes. ;-)

  16. Lorrie, as I understand it, Tim Hortons' can be found in Michigan, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. Cool for all those who love a great cup of coffee and an excellent donut. The lunch items are exceptional, too.

  17. I detest election years! It canoot end to soon for me:(

  18. I never eat donuts. Thank goodness I don't because I eat to much of everything else.I like to drink coffee at home and rarely drink it any where else. we always make Maxwell House Columbian. I really like Starbucks so I try to make a point of never going there. If I got to Target I almost always stop. Tim Horton's chili is good. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween!!!! Love the photos on your blog!

  19. Oh that makes me laugh. No more struggle with the remote for me...grin. Only sometimes Radar doesn't like the sound of some of the channel's offerings and he barks!

    Yep, got my share of Timmies when on the mainland! Yum! But no coffee shops here except an expresso machine in each tourist shop for those mainlanders! Starbucks or local Island coffee is brewed

  20. Hmmm...haven't heard of Tim Horton's. The only thing close is Dunkin Donuts and I'm not too thrilled with their donuts, but their coffee is decent.


  21. i will eat any donut anywhere at any time!

    your photo is so beautiful. i can't believe
    that gorgeous red bush!

    sorry about the news, but i just watched
    the notre dame game, so don't have all
    that much sympathy. :)

  22. Of course we have a Tim's at every corner...so there is always a coffee for the road. Can you believe I have never yet tried the Canadian Maple donut? The grands have though.

    We watch news without wars...he watches and my mind is usually elsewhere. We both like the same news...which is Global BC.

  23. Ohhhh my. I need a Tim Horton's. I love donuts. Addicted to donuts. I loved the photo of the fall color. We kinda got ripped off of fall color this year so you are helping me make up for it.

  24. No Tim Horton in Utah,but I do find maple bar donuts here and there. Next visit up north I will do a taste test compare. Gorgeous fall color pictures! Oh I wish the colors would hang on until the very LAST day of Autumn...Dec.23. Secretly I think all that early Christmas decorating makes the fall colors run away!

  25. Good Morning Vee!

    Same news thing at my house! I either try to go do something else or take a kitty nap... after 32yrs I think it's hopeless.

    MMMMmmm coffee & donuts! LOVE them but haven't had a donut in a long time. I call them "circles of death",LOL,sorry. My family has lots of diabetes and I'm fighting not to go there so I really have started to limit myself. But I will have to have ONE donut with some cider this fall. We always had that as kids and it wouldn't be fall without a taste of it!

    Glad you had such a nice lunch with your Mom! Sounds so wonderful Vee!! Enjoy her while you have her. I know you do!

    Big fall hugs! Sherry

  26. Around here we have Krispy Creme and Dunkin' Donuts. We had a Tim Horton's very close to home when we lived in Michigan. Probably a little too close to home ;).
    The trees in your photo are gorgeous. So glad you shared it.

  27. Sadly there are no Tim Horton's in NYC. I've had their delicious coffee and donuts in Canada.

    What we have here is "Dunkin Donuts." Very sweet donuts and pretty good coffee. They are a franchises so they are everywhere ...my local supermarket even has a mini one in their lobby.

    What I like ids that they sell donut holes ...little round donuts in all their flavors. It's a nice treat for little ones and less calories to eat a couple of them instead of a whole donut.

  28. Hi Vee, I am a little late but enjoyed the write so funny, ,we don't have a Tim Horton. I 'm enjoying your pretty fall photos, because ours are just falling off the trees before reaching their full color. Not a pretty fall yet.

    I also was blessed by your thoughts for Sunday.

  29. OOHHHH I miss Tim Horton's! When we lived in Ohio and I worked in Columbus, there was one right across the street from my building (it was the original Wendy's, by the way) .... and I loved to go over there on cold days and have coffee and a bagel with cream cheese! Your colors are stupendous! We see nothing like that in Columbia, but if we venture up to higher elevations in the Appalachian chain, it is quite beautiful.

    And I understand why you close comments on your wonderful Sunday posts, but I just wanted to say that I completely one hundred percent agree with you re: Halloween. I despise it and for the most part ignore it, except, I do like gothic-type stuff, and cemeteries, so there's the only conflict. Our kids didn't dress up and go trick-or-treating either except for maybe one or two years in the very beginning, before the light dawned on us that it wasn't a good thing. We always provided fun alternatives too, and I'm happy to say the two grands I have so far will not be participating either.

    God bless you, dear Vee!

  30. Tim Horton's...makes me remember living in Canada. I love Tim Horton's, except Mc Donald's does put more cream in the Boston Creme's I also loved a hamburger place in Canada called Lick's. Don't get me started.

    The more I read your point of view, the more I know I love you more. Yes, I don't like watching the news, unless it is the BBC, which reports the news without a point of view.

    Now what you could do, is get an Ipod and plug into a lovely bit of music or spiritual podcast while he watches the news.

    Happy weekend.



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