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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Put the Poor Man Through

Everything around here, just as Suzanne once told me it would be, is blog fodder. And, when we don't have any blog fodder, we make some up. I had been taking photos of the ravine when I realized that a large chunk of birch bark had fallen and I wanted it. So I suggested to John that he might love to go fetch it for me and that we'd turn it into blog fodder.

Now I'm telling you the truth. Nothing is staged around here. No, really, nothing.


1 Hon, please put your pant leg down over your boot.
2 Could you roll up both sleeves?
3 Oh be careful!
4 Those leaves are slippery!
5 Oh watch out!
6 Don't get your boots wet!
7 Listen a minute...Don't walk across on that slippery log!
8 Are you serious? Would you prefer me to walk through the stream?

Let's take a closer look at #8 shall we?

9 The log is slippery!
10 You reached for the birch bark too fast!
11 Put it back!
12 Put it back? Okayyyyy...
13 Got it!

The prize on the left and the real prize on the right and I don't mean the corn cob!

So which kind of gal are you? The one who asks someone to do it for her or the one who does it for herself? Would your hubby do this for you?

(I know! I'm here, but this was already in the can. Now I'm really going to play one, two, skip a few, three, four, skip some more...)


  1. Definitely the prize is the one on the right! I have a prize like that, too. How did we get so lucky?!! From that post so long ago, "this is the man", you've (we've) known John is truly a treasure.

  2. Oh my goodness...thanks for the laugh!

    You are a pair. How blessed you are to have recognized the treasure that was doing all of that work on your house!

    Becky K.

  3. Do it myself, or ask him? Are you kidding. Of course I ask him to do it!!!


    Do we appreciate how lucky we are? You do 'cause you're kind of newly weds. I know I don't. And I should. A couple of years married or 52. Gotta' appreciate.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Yea for the man. That was a very creative post Vee. Pretty clever. You are so right anything can become blog fodder. Love ya both.

  5. Vee...love it :) - hmmm...answering your question, let's see...I'm a "do-it-myself" kind of gal but would enjoy the watching in the asking. My hubby would have probably done it for me, not without grumbling, though :)

  6. And what a prize you have! - your dear husband. I laughed so hard my hubby came into my office just now. He can identify because I put him through such excapades as well with my "great ideas" and he is so faithful to oblige, never thinking of his awkward state, just to please me. What great men we have! Love it! Love it!!!!

  7. He IS the prize!!!

    I would do it myself, simply because the Farmer just isn't.... isn't handy, isn't willing, isn't available. He just ISN'T.

    And yes, everything is blog fodder (except the kids, I leave them in the no-blog zone).

  8. Vee, You posts keep getting better and better, If that is possible!, I am still smiling, no laughing, Loved all of the photos, for a moment, I thought i was looking at my dh, or he was looking up at me. We have almost the same conversation, as you and John did. Today dear one is doing fall clean up around here, and I am like you everything has to be documented for the blog. So guess who has the camera, and who is supervising. By now you probably know I am the one who asks. lol
    Thanks for the up lift, You are too much!!!

  9. Ok, that comment disappeared...
    Yes, Vee, you picked a winner! What a wonderful husband!
    Me? I'd ask Mister to do it. And he would, and gladly! I am truly blessed.
    But..if he wasn't home, and I really wanted it, I'd do it, or get it or fix it or whatever it took myself...

  10. I'm a do it yourself gal and then Ken says, why didn't you let me do that!

  11. You crack me up, Vee. So does John's face as he so patiently tries to do your bidding so as to get the perfect photos! haha!

    Yes, you have a jewel of a man there. I'm proud to say that I have one, too, that will move mountains for me if I but ask. I am blessed! And so are YOU!

  12. Too funny! I don't think there's a mountain too high or a valley too low when it comes to where he would go on yor behalf. Keep him!

    Oh...keep the birch bark too.

  13. I smiled my way through this clever post. I would agree that the prize is definitely the one on the right. I try to do things for myself, but my husband is the type to always be doing for others. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining :).
    Vee, I always enjoy receiving your comments. I especially thank you for the one you left yesterday. You have such a wonderful way with words.

  14. Smiling here. Yep, you've got a treasure all right - birch bark PLUS a keeper of a husband.

    Me, I'd be scrambling down there myself, but my husband would probably be right beside me, helping me back up the hill.

  15. LOL! That # 8 photo of John is priceless!

    When a man will go to all ends of the earth (and into a ravine for birch bark) for us then we know how much they love us :)

    I am half a "do-er" and half an "ask-er" and it's a good balance.

    Now...go out and play and have a good time!

  16. Cute post, Vee. I think the subject of your photo is indeed a treasure, and the birch bark ain't bad, either.

    I used to be a do-it-yourselfer, but the older I get, the more I call upon hubby to help me out. He'll always come to my rescue. He's definitely been a keeper!


  17. I would probably do it myself but my hubby would offer to do it and probably would do it if I ask him. I'm lucky that way. Love the expression on your hubby's face. Cute.

  18. Hello Vee - I'm following up from your comment on my shepherd's pie on the MG Can Cook blog today. I haven't visited your blog for awhile and am enjoying reading about your "adventures". Do it myself or ask DH? Ask DH ! I'm always counting on his expertise! sounds like you have yourself a wonderful companion.

  19. LOL!!!! Well Vee, all I have to say is thank goodness for blog husbands! This was the best post and really hit close to home.

  20. LOL, what you won't put your poor husband through for a blog post topic... LOL!

  21. I am a do it yourselfer because my hubby isn't as tolerant as John...or maybe I'm not as patient!

  22. What a dear sweet man. I feel Blessed to have a man like that in my life....hugs...m..

  23. That sweet John is SUCH a keeper Vee!!!!! You crack me up giving him all the directions during this simple task, my mom does the exact same thing to my dad...and he does what she says too!!! Me? I go get the thing myself! I hope you are doing wonderful Vee...and BTW I love the gorgeous clutch of trees :) hugs and love, Dawn

  24. Those tree colours in the following post are divine Vee.

    Poor John!

  25. Totally laughing out loud - Vee, THAT MAN LOVES YOU!!! Love that he put the bark back for the photo! What a guy, certainly deserves one of those fantastic desserts you whip up!

  26. Oh goodness Vee, this was so funny. I laughed out loud. I would do the same thing to TG, with the same response. *chucklesnort*

  27. Vee, you precious thing! And that precious (and priceless) man of yours... birch bark is a definite priority. LOL. I have enjoyed catching up here, and I hope that your computer woes will be gone soon. Your photography is really beautiful. Loved the photo of the children playing hide and seek around the tree...and the fall colors... just beautiful. Thanks for your comment today!


  28. You two just crack me up! He's wonderful - a knight in shining armour Vee.

    I'm a do it yourself-er myself:)


  29. loving your photos full of the colors of the season

  30. This was hilarious! I laughed and laughed. I remember getting looks like that!! : )) GREAT mosaic.