Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing with Backgrounds

Day before yesterday, Aunt Amelia raised the question that some of us have no idea what we're talking about; we have no idea what our blog is about; we don't even know why we're here. We just like to talk.

In my own defense, I would like to say that most people find me very quiet, even tongue-tied. And I'd also like to say that A Haven for Vee used to have the description "an eclectic mix of fluff and stuff," which completely covers me in the "I have no idea what I'm talking about" department.

An eclectic mix of fluff and stuff has a certain ring, right?  What happened to it? I gave up the description when I started making my own headers because I didn't want to be bothered with the extra steps required to add the phrase. Some of you may have noticed that I don't want to be bothered to put my url on my commenting form either. Anything that requires an extra step in Blogdom annoys me. Right. I'm a rebel.


The warblers have returned to the bird sanctuary (that's what the townspeople call the thirty acres behind my home). Their song spirals around and around. I find it lovely, sometimes even haunting.

Background Sources:

Birds~Whimsical World of Fairies
Believe background~Kim Klassen Cafe
Swirling Music~my own stuff using Photoscape


Almost completely off-topic here, but last night a bird ventured up out of the ravine from the bird sanctuary. She was so confident and self-assured strutting right along until she heard a dog bark. (Molly may need a muzzle.) See that swift turn on her heel in photo three? I was trying to take one picture after another. Well, you can see what happened. Missed her entirely in the fourth shot and the very next one caught her running lickety-split for the ravine. I hope that we'll get some more chances to see her and the little brood she's raising. I may be dreaming, though I think I hear them out there.

I need some lickety-split moves today myself as some planting must be done and the deck needs  cleaning, the house, too. Hope to catch up with Blogdom in five and ten minute doses throughout the day. I can't go cold turkey and, oh all right, I do love to talk.


  1. I love your chitchat, Vee :)

    after all, isn't that what it's all about?

  2. Wild turkey? Phew, from the size and shape I thought it might be a pea hen. Omigosh, there's nothing louderor screechier than a peacock's cry and you'd have your air gun out pronto.

    Love love the new look of your blog.

  3. I so much enjoy reading about your life, the "fluff and stuff" and serious stuff too, and it sounds just perfect that you life beside a bird sanctuary! It makes me happy to read your blog because you so enjoy the blessings of your life.

  4. I love coming over here for a chat....I hope you have a wonderful weekend Vee.

  5. What a beautiful turkey and fun to see! Enjoy your day! I should probably follow your example today! ♥

  6. It is always like having spent time with a dear friend to visit here.

    My Chelsea is quiet in real life but words flow from her fingers so easily.

    I chatter in real life and with a keyboard.

    Have a great day. Enjoy those tasks.
    Glad for weather that allows you to do them.

  7. I'm not too chatty in real life. I'm losing more and more ability to come up with the word I'm looking for in communicating...sigh. I like your new header. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend...

  8. Have I ever told you I love your header? It's beautiful! Nice job on the photos, Lady!

    I'm not sure I'd want to lock myself into having one type of blog or another. I'm much too random of a person. Ha!

  9. I love to talk too. In fact I would hazard a guess that we all do. Maybe just on the screen at times, but there is plenty we want to say!

  10. Mmmmmmmmmmm, you kind-of make it sound as if I thought we HAD to know "what our blog is about." I didn't.

    My view... We each blog, as we feel like it. :-) No need for a theme, or a constant topic. In fact, I don't like to read blogs, with a constant topic. Like just quilting. Or just home-do-over's. Or just recipes.

    I need eclectic topics, in the blogs I love to read. A bit of this and a bit of that. Some crafting, some house-do-over, some recipes, some personal wonderings of the blogger, some peeks into the blogger's life, etc.

    Your "eclectic mix of fluff and stuff" says it quite perfectly. Says what I like to read. And what I like to blog.

    BUT! It all comes down to individual wants!!!<--My constant cry! -grin-

    To be surrounded by the song of warblers, must be lovely... -happy sigh-


  11. Hmmm...I do love to go on (according to Mr. OP). BTW - I love your new look - very clean and spiffy.

    Have fun with everything! See around sista!


  12. Wait a minute! Your subject line is "Playing With Backgrounds." How did you play with Backgrounds?

    Sorry, but I don't remember the look of each blog, from day to day. Oh I notice a new Header pic.

    But your Backgrounds are shades of Blue. Aren't they ALWAYS shades of blue? What playing did you do?

    Seeeeeee, you have to explain things, for the Dense Among Us, like ME! -chuckle-


  13. Oh someday I'll learn to be clear, Aunt Amelia. Probably not in this lifetime, but some fine day. I see that folks thing I'm talking about blogging backgrounds. I'm not. I'm talking about the picture where I used created backgrounds to make another completely different picture — the birds in swirled song and the word "believe."

  14. I blog to write about my family, my thoughts, my home...eclectic is a great way to put it!

  15. I haven't seen any wild turkeys around here lately. I used to see them at the old house.
    I'll be home running back and forth to the computer and cleaning too.
    Enjoy your day my friend.

  16. I always enjoy visiting you Vee, I know that I will get straight questions and answers. from where I sit you are gifted in many ways, and being able to write your thoughts is one of them. I always leave inspired and so blessed.
    What a treat to see a wild turkey.
    I am trying to catchup on visiting today and have enjoyed you previous posts so much, the photos of your Day Away were beautiful, I know it was a great ride seeing this scenery, so breath taking.
    I enjoy Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog, and getting this cook book has been on my list. So I will now go and comment.
    Enjoy your day.

  17. Life happens. We talk about it. That's blogging!

    Eclectic? Maybe. Fluffy? No way. You have much more 'meat' to your posts than 'fluff'.

    Whatever the reason we's a fun journey. Always nice to find you over here in your haven...and chat awhile.

  18. While I love a good conversation, and can talk up a storm with my family, I tend to be rather quiet otherwise. I enjoy visiting with you - reading about what's happening in your corner of the world.

    Birds are on many minds these days, aren't they? Love the collage.

    Enjoy popping in and out of blogland as you go about your day. I do that, too. Study a little, go change the laundry, read a blog or two, study some more, etc.

  19. Considering I live in the midst of so many people in this city, and I can practically reach out my window and touch my neighbors, my day is pretty solitary. Having so many internet friends like yourself is very enjoyable and I enjoy your daily "chats," very much, Vee!

  20. Don't ever change! As Mr. Rogers used to say, "I like you just the way you are".

    I don't have much time to read a lot of blogs right now since we are in lawn and garden mode but I always check my rss feed "Friends" list... of which you are one. :)

    Sigh, I have found when I think too much about my own blog and start taking it too seriously then that is when it isn't doing as well.

    I do just about everything wrong that the Blog experts tell you will bring in people... especially not having one purpose for your blog. I'm all over the place but I love the friends who stay through the years.

  21. O, so do my olden heart good. You are so cute and I enjoy being having you for my bloggy friend. I am about to email you two photos..both regarding this cute post. :))
    xoxo bj

  22. Hi sweet person....I love blogs that are "stuff n' bluff". A little bit of this n' that suits me fine.

    have a wonderful weekend,


  23. O and wanted to say I am so glad your biscuits worked out for you. I learned that little tip years ago and it has never failed me yet. :))

  24. I love your backgrounds, and your fluff and stuff. It is all a part of you. You are the creative one. Yes, I'm a chatter too. We all are, why else are we here? Quiet? - Ha! Watching the bird/turkey is beautiful, too close, no thanks (yay, Molly!).

  25. Oh, I love what you did with your design. I enjoy your fluff in stuff, but most of all I love your quiet wisdom and you always make me laugh. I love the way you see life, and I always feel that wonderful feeling, like when you enter the kitchen of a favorite friend's house, and she has the coffee pot on and there's always something sweet to eat.


  26. Dear Vee, I just realized that I never mentioned your giveaway on my (too seldom updated) blog, so I think you should take me out of the giveaway! I believe in doing what I say I will, and I am sorry I didn't here, and I'm leaving for several days and won't have a computer...I love your blog because I think it is authentic, and reflects you.


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