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Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Changes Coming

It's been *a long time coming.*  (Clicking on that link will take you nearly back to the beginning of time in this blog's years.) Reading it again found me smiling to think that John is still along on this journey. And so many of you are, too. How kind you were, how encouraging. I you!

Know how you look forward to a day and wonder if it'll arrive or what it'll be like? Well it was just an ordinary day, an ordinary rainy day, though there was just a little something special in it after all.

the truck arrives

delivery ensues

into the hatch

We've just learned that it's going to be a rainy summer. Not such good news for all the work that will be going on. Have you figured it out yet?

New siding! At last! Oh joy unspeakable! There're the colors...a silver moss, a sand, and the existing roof, which I hasten to add is already a new roof and not going to be replaced. (It's four years old.) The photo of it was included so that you could see colors...the roof has flecks of green in it. I am thinking about door colors. It'll be the only real pop of color. Perhaps I'll go neutral to match the rest of the house. What think you?

I'll be so happy not to worry about showing you the ugly. I won't have to take pictures disguising typar anymore. ☺

Mother's Day Clematis with Typar Background

Sure I'll keep you updated. Of course! Gotta have something to blog about.

Have a great day...


  1. Yea for you! The rain will be good but difficult trying to accomplish remodeling projects. I like color because I do like to see that pop but then the neutral is always so classic. Touch decision. Keep us posted. Happy weekend to you both! Anne

  2. How wonderful! We need new siding so badly (still have aluminum) but there's just more sq. footage than we can handle right now$$$. You will enjoy this so much when the work is done. I'm always stressed till it's over! Congrats!

  3. How exciting!! I am looking forward to the transformation. I always love a pop of color in a front door. My is red. Called Stolen Kiss by Sherwin Williams. I also love tangerine, eggplant and lemon yellow!!

    Black and white are always very classy too...

  4. Happy, Happy day!!! I love a project like this that makes such a huge change.

    Becky K.

  5. New siding, new roof, what excitement at your place! Don't worry about the rainy summer, they're never right anyway. Thanks for the words of encouragement, it truly helps me take a different perspective. Be patient with your projects, there will be some bumps in the road, always are. Have a nice (sunny?) weekend.

  6. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! You went for the siding!!! Hooooray!!!

    As to present weather, you asked me to tell you when our rains stopped, because our weather usually comes over your way, the next day. :-) West to East is the pattern, of course.

    Well, yesterday we actually saw SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On and off, but SUN!!!! Saw it again this morning, but it was just the sun-which-comes-under-clouds, at day break and at day's end. 'Cause it's cloudy again. But NOT RAINING! -happy dance-

    So hope you see the breaks of sun, today. And I have to get my butt out of this computer chair and go out and Do-Battle-On-Binder-Weed! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  7. Sounds like a great project. Best of luck with it all, looking forward to the updates. Hugs, Margie.

  8. You will be needing an umbrella...to keep the camera dry...while John works.

    I like the colours...it all looks great together. Enjoy your project...and we'll cheer from the sidelines.

  9. After much thought and procastination we finally painted our hunter green front door red. We love it. Definitely adds pop to our gray/brown brick. I don't think you would be disappointed with red.

  10. It should be getting dry pretty soon! This will be wonderful, and how lucky that John has the skill to do this work....Blessings on you both.

  11. O BOY...new siding. I love ANYthing new!! :))
    Hoping you will send rain OUR way, thank you very much.

    O, and what's your take on the wetter biscuit dough???

  12. Forgot to say that I think some contrast in the front door would be pleasing. There are great shades of green to consider........;->

  13. Oh how nice - new siding.
    Ken and I sided our Savage house. It was fun and pretty easy to do.

  14. Love your colors! I'm a neutral kind of gal myself...who ended up painting a neutral kitchen red! I love it. So I'm all for a pop of color. But again, a neutral door to go with siding would be classy too. It also depends on the trim color. What will be the color around the windows, etc? Can't wait to see your photos, I know it will be very nice. Have a great weekend!

  15. Cheryl, the trim color is sand. So it's all neutral, neutral, neutral. I think I really do need a bit of color for the doors and the garage doors. Say, you're looking pretty cute behind that camera of yours. :D

  16. Oh what fun! I'm glad you'll be keeping us up to date on the progress. I'd choose a pop of color for the front door - a deep red or blue would be my choice, or charcoal, for a more subtle look.

    Isn't it funny how we make such efforts to exclude from our photos those features which we don't like? I do the same thing.

    Tim thought it hilarious that I would explain to anyone walking into the house that "the green carpet is going to be replaced - we just bought the house," - as if to say, "I'm not responsible for this design decision."

  17. Hey Vee - Congrats on the new siding! I know you'll love it! We have it on our little farmhouse and it's just the best thing! We used a brick looking siding on the bottom of the house and our roof was the same color so I liked that. I definitely think you should use a pop of color on that door. Could be a subtle, but just something to set it off. I'm thinking a darker color instead of lighter to tie in with the roof color - charcoal, a dark blue-grey gunmetal color maybe? Altho red would be smashing! Just not an orange-y red - a deep red. OK, there you go - now get busy!

    I went back and read your first link - who knew that that carpenter who did so much to please you then would still be doing the same thing now! As your "beloved"! I think you picked a good one!

  18. What fun! Hope that it goes smoothly - makeovers can be a little unpredictable. Love the new color scheme.

    I'm off to click on the link - let's see if I was around back them too...


  19. Have a wonderful time on your new project..you know those projects just keep us going don't they?
    Now rain, we need some of that and then maybe I can find some tadpoles...my daughter is laughing over my post, so she might go with us next time.

    Blessings on your endeavor.

  20. Hi sweet Vee!! Such gorgeous colors for the new siding!!!! I love them ~ and it will feel like a new home to you too :) We're in the nineties today and being so cold the first of the week. I think Spring is finally here to stay. Hopefully your weather will ease up so your project will go quickly, I know you can't wait to see it all up! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  21. How exciting to have your new siding delivered after waiting all this time. I went back to read your post as it was written before I even knew what a blog was.
    I think your color choices are lovely. I think a pop of color on the front door would be very nice and welcoming. Perhaps a nice shade of green would tie into the green in the roof and also be a nice backdrop for wreaths, etc. that you might want to hang throughout the year. Just my 2 cents.
    I laughed at Judy's comment, but hope she's right that you will capture this transformation on camera.
    Wishing you a nice weekend.

  22. My first guess was that materials were being delivered for a huge deck with a hot tub. Oh, I love the Silver Moss. How exciting for you. Is your in-house handyman going to be doing the installation? How terrific that you have a man that can swing a hammer.

  23. Yes, it's always good to marry the carpenter, Suzanne. Usually, even though he tells me that the carpenter's wife gets her stairs last. I've been waiting since late last autumn when he started a new job and just finished a couple of weeks ago. As for the rest of the story, I've been waiting for four years. With oil prices what they are, it's time to get the job done.

  24. Congratulations on getting the new siding, Vee, and John does look excited too. Having dh excited about a new remodeling project is half the battle.
    I am looking forward to seeing the progress, beautiful color you have chosen.

  25. Oh Vee, the finished project is going to look great! I love the neutral colors and adding a bright colored front door.

    A big project.... but it will be well worth it...

  26. Oh by all means Vee, go for the pop!!
    How very exciting for you. We just decided that we could budget new paint for the house and I'm bursting!

    Blessings, Debbie

  27. I so can relate to your excitement about your new siding. When we got a new roof a few years ago I was so happy the job was over and I didn't have to worry about that old roof anymore. Can't wait to see what's next! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Happy weekend! ~Ann

  28. Gonna be looking forward to all those changes. What fun. I would like a roof on my back deck. Gotta see what I can get done.

  29. Don't you love it when you do something to your home that gives you such a good feeling? That's a huge project and it will be fun for us to share in the progress.

  30. Wow --it was fun going back in time to 2007 and reading some of your early posts. I detect there was a sprakle of ♥ between you and John right from the start, Vee!

    The new siding will look pretty! I regret that I put aluminum siding on my house when we first moved in 35 years ago, but it was all the rage then!

  31. Hey, that's exciting! it will look great!


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