Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crossing Paths

You know the simplest things amaze me like the idea that two people from anywhere on earth can plan to meet at a certain place and time and, if they both keep their respective ends of the bargain, their paths will converge. It totally belies that old Maine expression, "You can't get theah from heah."

Sometimes it takes a lot of planning and a lot of aiming to be "on the same page." Deanna and I knew that we needed to exchange cell phone numbers for sure. Cell phones. What did we ever do without them?

Late Afternoon at the Lake

So there John and I were at the appointed time and place when the phone call came. Exciting! They were about thirty minutes away. We both felt that we had time to head for the nearest apple orchard for a gallon of cider. Thirsty travelers would like a drink we were sure. We were back in twenty minutes with plenty of time to wait those final few moments.

Another call came where just some minor direction tweaks were required. I told them to aim for "Center Street." My accent being what it is, Deanna thought that I meant "Senta Street." ☺☺☺

(Listen, about this accent thing. There are two communities in Maine that have a pronounced Down East accent. John grew up in one of them. [The Rabes traveled through the other on their way to their Maine overnight stay — Turnah.] I had no accent when I married John. None. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Just as my attention span lapsed...

Oh Look at this Rock!

our paths converged!

John Leads the Way to Greet our Guests

Now I had forgotten all about Deanna's birthday, and here she stood with a gift in hand for me. Well, it did feel a little like my birthday, too, what with the excitement and all.

Tea towels and the book God Planted Five Seeds by Jean Dye Johnson. It is the story of missionaries to Bolivia who were slain in 1943. Obviously, Deanna has been paying close attention to my kitchen and my reading of late. Thanks so much for the gifts, Deanna. The tea towels now have a place of honor on my oven door. It's a spot reserved for the very best ones. The book is atop the new reading pile; we're on a roll now.

And here are the Creekside Cottage Kids...

Aren't they a great looking group? Let's see if I can remember their names, they'll correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure. In the bottom left photo, from left to right front row...Kyle, Sarah, Emily. Back row on either side of Emily are Lindsay and Rachel peeking out around. They were truly very patient. No one wants to have his or her picture taken over and over and my camera is just giving me fits.

Kyle is so cute and well behaved and sweet natured in every way. At one point, as Deanna and I were chatting away, I felt a tug, tug, tug on my sleeve. Kyle politely wanted to know where my family was. By that time, I think he was hoping that I had a kid in the trunk. I said that my family was all grown up and added that I was kind of old. "Yes," he replied thoughtfully, "I can tell." Oh the honesty of children! John and I have laughed and laughed over that. (Pssssst, Kyle, they're right over there in my sidebar.)

Now I left Deanna's beautiful mother and handsome dad out of the picture taking as well as a good friend who was along for the ride. I don't know how used to being blog fodder they are and would not have presumed to decide for them. It was a pleasure, however, to meet them as well. John and Deanna's father had a nice time chatting. You can see a lovely photo of Deanna and her mother on Deanna's post about her Maine visit. (Just ignore the whacky lady wearing green corduroy with her hair flying all around her head. off. The hair not the head.)

This is a sneaky, rotten trick to play on married folks when you aren't sure they are smiling their best or most naturally for you. I play it all the time and I'm going to prove that it works.

Here are Deanna and her husband Tim, a good looking couple if ever there was one...

Pleasant expressions and all. Still... so I said, "Say, you two might try to look as if you loved each other."

See? It never fails!

All too soon our visit was over. Who knows when our paths will converge again? Have a wonderful New England vacation, Creekside Cottagers!

Heading Out in Tandem (See the little red caboose?)

Are Those Two Still Grinning?

Keep Your Eyes Open, Tim!

♪ Happy Trails to you... ♫


  1. Vee,
    How nice for you to meet them. I had hoped that you and I could meet but time is running out. We should plan for next year! Looks like today will be lovely - finally.

  2. What a darling post. I enjoyed it sooooo much. You got some amazing photos! Love them.

  3. What a wonderful post Vee! I love that you got to meet a fellow blogger and family. I love your trick for getting a genuine smile too!

  4. Wonderful post, Vee! :)

    You don't have much of an accent, and I am sure the problem was my cell phone - I keep telling Tim I need to upgrade my phone!

    You and John we so kind a gracious to us - I am so glad you and John laughing about Kyle's comment! We have been giggling over the fact that he said that, yet mortified at the same time! Ahhhh, little ones!


  5. What a fantastic time!!! This was so much fun!

  6. What fun! It's so exciting to meet a friend and get those HUGS we always talk about! Great photos! They DO look like they are in love! ♥♥♥

  7. Awwwwwwwww, that must have been a lovely meeting. Sweet.

    "Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
    ~~ Elizabeth Lawrence

  8. Awww, what a neat family! Both your families! I'm so glad you two got to meet. That's one of the most "funnest" things in blogland! And you got some really nice gifts there. I'll have to pop over to Deanna's blog and see what she got! ;)

    Hope you're getting some sunshine today! Lovely place there at the lake. You should have sat in that rock and had your picture made - looked like it might be a great recliner!

  9. I love this post Vee! Meeting one another looked a treat! Glad you had the chance!

    Have a wonderful day, Chris

  10. What fun! Meeting a blogger is like meeting an old friend.

  11. What fun! I'm still smiling about your conversation with Kyle.

    And now...I'm off to check out that lady wearing green corduroy.

  12. They have such beautiful, kind faces. How blessed we are to meet such people during this earthly journey. Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

  13. I just love to read about these meetings between bloggers. Your day looks like wonderful fun and such a pretty spot for your get together.

  14. What a fun get together with such a lovely family!

    Vee, I peeked at Deanna's blog and I can say we are twin sisters in both the hair and accent! One day I hope to meet you so we can compare your John influenced "down east" accent and my "born in Brooklyn accent"! I'm not sure what we can do about our "mind of its own hair" .. a constant struggle for me.
    I met a blogger yesterday and hope to get my post about it up today.

  15. Oh what fun..and the day looked beautiful! The rock and the scenery are second only to the happy faces of proud parents and a group of lovely kiddos :-)

    How sweet and thoughtful of you all to meet day, my friend, you and I will meet in person! Can't wait...

  16. Another fun meeting or convergence. It's great to take the effort for these little get togethers. You brought back some great memories with your send off "Happy Trails to You"...

  17. So great to meet blogging friends.
    I'll always remember our meeting with a smile. : )

  18. What a fun outing! Those accents - they can creep up unawares.

    Lakes and rocks and trees are so beautiful. A meeting beside a lake is better - just because.

  19. Hi Vee!

    It looks like you had such a fun time! Isn't it fun to meet new people? I have thought a lot about meeting some of the people I blog with - I think it would be like seeing an old friend! That's what your pictures looked like . . . meeting a wonderful old friend! Really loved your post!


  20. Love it! What a fun post and I'm so glad you made them smile. .proper like.

  21. Vee
    What a super post. I bet it's so much fun to meet someone you only know from blogging. They sure look like a wholesome group of kids. And that Kyle-what a jewel.
    I've go to run so I can pop over to Creekside Cottage and see that wild-haired lady in the green corduroy coat!

  22. This is why blogging is so much fun and rewarding. Looks and sounds like you guys had a great visit.

  23. what a wonderful chance to meet with
    friends! i loved your accent rabbit
    trail . . .

    it reminded me of my first venture
    into our new hampshire k mart over
    30 years ago. i asked the men in the
    electronics dept. of they had any
    television wire.

    as i walked away, i heard them say,
    "tayuhluhveeuszhun wahyuh." they
    were enjoying my oklahoma accent.

  24. Blogging is such a blessing, whether it be typing our messages, talking on the phone or meeting in person....what a blessing! You captured this beautifully...

  25. Beautiful pictures of places and people. Glad you had a lovely visit. As always, you make me laugh out loud.

  26. It is such a pleasure to meet a blogging friend! I'm so glad that you and Deanna had a great visit!


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