Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Poem for a Gardener and a Web Site Too

To My American Gardener, With Love

Before the seed there comes the thought of bloom,
The seedbed is the restless mind itself.
Not sun, not soil alone can bring to border
This rush of beauty and this sense of order.
Flowers respond to something in the gardener's face—
Some secret in the heart, some special grace.
Yours were the rains that made the roses grow,
And that is why I love your garden so.

~E.B. White for his wife Katharine on her birthday

Gardens feature often in E.B. White's work along with dogs, weather, ducks, chickens, and, yes, spring pigs, too. If you've never read his essays or his poetry, treat yourself. I'm rereading my collection now. I know that I've spoken of E.B. White's admiration for his wife's gardening *before,* but thought this poem perfect for the first day of spring.

Stumbled upon Leslie Land's web site again this morning...such a good one! She wrote The 3000 Mile Garden along with Roger Phillips. This book was also made into a PBS special that you may remember seeing. I enjoyed the premise immensely, which was about a gardener in Maine — Leslie Land and a gardener in Great Britain — Phillips who correspond and share tips and techniques for growing their respective gardens. Wonder if they still do???

So, if you're interested in gardening tips (and a whole lot more) you can't go wrong to read those included in Leslie's corner. Her recipe section is marvelous, too!

Happy spring to you, Dear One...

Edited to Add: Leslie tried to leave a comment here answering some of my questions and yours. Because of my new settings and trying to weed out spammers, I've weeded out Leslie. Wah! You can find her comments, along with a wonderful crisp crust walnut pie recipe, *here.* She also provided Roger Phillips's web site: Roger's Roses. Thanks, Leslie!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Won a Tassel!

Manuela had a tassel giveaway at The Pleasures of Homemaking and I won! It arrived yesterday! I hung it right above the open box on the lamp above the table. (Yes, I do love a prepositional phrase.) Maybe I'll find a better spot as soon as my painkiller fog lets up. Thank you so much, Manuela! And thanks, too, to the talented tassel creator herself — Heather of Butterfly Genes.

Isn't it cute?! I just love it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pink Paper Peppermints

Tuesday's Project
First things first — Happy St. Patrick's Day to the Irish and to all those who want to be! My own Irish roots go back to Tipperary and my great-great-great-grandfather who emigrated from Ireland to Canada in the last half of the 19th century. Now that hardly makes me Irish enough to even wish anyone a Happy Saint Patty's Day, but I do all the same. Yup, I'm a three times junior Junior Mint.


Because I'm struggling with a pinched back, I haven't been blogging or visiting as I want to do. Never let it be said that our physical circumstances don't perfectly mimic what's going on in the rest of our lives. Test it out for yourself, but pinched nearly perfectly describes it for me.

It is because my pocket is also pinched that I was looking for a banner tutorial to use in a problem spot. No new curtains for me, no new drapes, not even homemade painter's cloth ones.

I found this tutorial at Pink Paper Peppermints and a lot more. This gal and I both struggle with perfectionism and we all know what perfectionism does... (Wonder if it pinches?) So do read her wonderful post written in 2008 and be encouraged. She also includes the link back to a former post so you can see the project from beginning to end. (I'm not sure why, but she stopped posting quite some time ago. Sugar! And I just found her!)

Anyway, I'm just going to drop in the photos and allow them to speak for themselves since my

Once Upon a Window Dreary...

Figuring Out a Template for My Banner

Cutting the Pieces from Scraps

Another View

Hmmm, now if I just tighten up that string, I can hide those inner blinds... See? I just can't quit!

Project Mosaic
John got tossed in there for good measure. I was trying to capture his reaction, but he was too tired to have one for several minutes. Yes, he does like it or he says that he does.

I'm hoping to visit as many blogs today as I can because I'm nosy and must find out what you're up to, too!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spirit Wings

images used by permission

Spirit Wings

Some birds live in cages
They sing a quiet song
And like them I could sing for only You
But, Lord, Your love released me
To sing a different song
And soar above the captive life I knew

Spirit Wings, You lift me over all the earthbound things
And like a bird my heart is flying free
I'm soaring on the song Your spirit brings
O Lord of all You let me see
A vision of Your majesty
You lift me up, You carry me on Your spirit wings

When my life confines me, I just look to You
And soon my heart is soaring high above
Troubles look much smaller from Your point of view
Lifted up on spirit wings of love

~Words and Music by Claire Cloninger and Michael Foster

Today, I'm delighted to point you to a dear friend's blog — Quill Cottage and specifically to a post that Miss Sandy did last Wednesday titled *Using Personal Symbolism in Art.* Without a doubt, this very post is the reason I've been humming Spirit Wings for the past several days. Scoot along now because you're in for a blessing. Be sure to look for the music!