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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keeping Hearth & Home in Old Massachusetts

My daughter-in-law's family originates from Cape Cod so perhaps that's why she picked up this primer for my birthday last week. That and she actually listens to what I enjoy.

Clicking on the title of this post will take you to Google Reader where you can take a peek or two, if you are interested. It really has been a fun read.

I want to tell you yet another story about the grands who are old enough now to enjoy the excitement of someone else's birthday. They were happy about sharing some time having cake and ice cream and visiting last Saturday. (Not my birthday, but close enough.)

When they arrived, they made a hasty advance on the picnic basket where the toys and books are kept. After opening my gifts, I offered to read a new book I'd found for them, but Sam wanted me to read them Keeping Hearth & Home in Old Massachusetts instead. Oh I'm sure that he thought he was in for a great adventure.

So I read from the front flyleaf in my best keep-their-attention voice.
Wise advice for husbands: Husband, counsel with your wife and be assured that light will flash upon your darkness. Woman is far more a seer and prophet than man if she is given a fair choice. If you are in any trouble or quandary tell your wife all about it at once. Ten to one her invention will solve your difficulty sooner than all your logic; what is wrong of your impulse or judgment, she will detect and set right with almost universally right instincts.
Sam sat very quietly throughout and when I finished he said, with the foggiest look imaginable on his cute little face, "Uh?"

We all cracked up laughing, even Sam. Finally, he asked through his giggles,"Nonni, what's so funny?"

I reenacted his "uh moment" and we all laughed again.

It wasn't two minutes later when I said something else and Sam responded with an "uh?" Again we laughed. Okay, his poor parents. Though laughing, I could see them begin to realize what they were in for. I can only imagine what the week has been like. I'm afraid that Sam has likely had his first lesson in "what is funny the first time, isn't so funny over and over again."


Went shopping for a month's supplies yesterday afternoon and wheeling that non-functioning cart around Wal*Mart (there's not a decent one in the entire store) nearly did me in. I'm seriously considering a chiroman.


It's someone else's birthday today. He's celebrating many anniversaries of his 26th birthday. I really did rob the cradle now, didn't I?!

He's asking for strawberry shortcake today so I will certainly oblige. He's an easy man to please.


Fioré in the Window=Automatic Win

By way of explanation concerning my little sidebar picture and caption...we used to play the "Animal Game" on car trips when the children were bored. Teams are divided by sides of the car and sides of the road. Right-seated passengers must look for animals on the right side of the highway while left-seated passengers obviously look for critters on the left side. Each time anyone sees an animal on his/her own side it's a point. Birds are the exception as they fly left and right and go all over. No birds! A cat in the window equals an automatic win. Anyone else ever play this game?


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

    A Today Happy Birthday to your Beloved!!!!

  2. -chuckle- I got the first comment in! Yes, I am such a *baby*! I know it. I know it.



  3. Didn't know that old time writers were so advanced, as to advise husbands to listen to their wives! Wonderful surprise, from this book!

    Oh Oh! Poor Sam's parents. Having to get across the lesson. [1st time funny. 35th time, not]

    What a fun time out! Wrangling with a broken WalMart cart! NOT!

    Enjoy the Birthday strawberry shortcake today. Have an extra piece, for me. -gigggggggggles-

    Oh and I gave some more background on my recent not-fun-time... On today's post, which is minus Comments. So seee, you won't have to wrangle with my Comment Verification thingy! >,-)))) Aren't I just the sweetest thing?!?



  4. Happy Birthday to John...and to Vee!

    How fun that your birthdays are so close together.

    Congrats to Aunt Amelia for her quickness...lol.

    Becky K.

  5. I received the very same book from my brother and SIL for my birthday a few years back! What a fun book it is!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I am happy you enjoyed my photos of the Cape. =)

  6. Happy Birthday for last week (or somewhere around there) Vee! And Happy Birthday to your beloved today! If I were closer, the idea of strawberry shortcake would have me around and banging on the door in minutes.
    I think Sam's parents may need medals in a week. Hilarous! The book sounds like a lot of fun though. I love the sentiment - women clearly have the answers to all dilemmas!

  7. What a great book!
    Happy Birthday to you & John!


  8. A late happy birthday to you and a happy birthday to John too. It is my brother in laws birthday today too!
    Great old book.
    No, never played the animal game in the car.
    I used to make up scavenger hunts for the kids. Wrote down all kinds of things for them to see along the way and we would then check them off the list when we saw them.

  9. Happy birthday to you and John. How many anniversaries of 26 - now that is the real question. lol

    That book sounds delightful. Must look.

    We didn't play that animal game, so thanks for giving us a new one for the next time I have little ones in the car. (Oh, my dear children, please listen up!)

    Hope you recover quickly from your shopping trip. The cement floors are a killer, too.

  10. What a wonderful little book! Birthday greetings to you and John. Mmmmm, love strawberry shortcake.

  11. Well, Happy Birthday to both of you dear Vee! Sounds like the grands made it oh so much fun!

    Good advice from that primer ~ do you think that is still timely advice? I do, but I don't know about the rest of our day and time!

  12. Happy birthday to your dear one --- and a belated one to you as well. I know someone else who has a birthday --- tomorrow --- and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her children for the celebration.

    I know you are eagerly awaiting spring. May it arrive soon!

  13. Happy birthday to you and your hubby. I love the story about your little grand. He sounds adorable. I know what you mean about those grocery carts and they are not limited to any particular store. Opps, there goes my phone. I have to go :>)

  14. Belated birthday greetings to you and Happy Birthday to John.
    I can just picture the bewildered look your grandson must have had after you read that. Too cute.
    I can't relate to the game as I never played it, although it does sound fun. I can relate to shopping carts with a mind of their own. Oh, and I can also relate to strawberry shortcake. Yum Yum!! Enjoy that wonderful treat.

  15. Happy (late?) Birthday to you both, did I read that right? Hope it was a HAPPY one!!

    I have not heard of that book, it sounds fun!

    Thanks for your comment today sweet Vee!!

  16. Happy belated birthday to you Vee!

    Happy birthday to john!''Tell him that my favorite birthday cake from childhood till now is strawberry shortcake. :-) I just love whipped cream.

    I also have to admit I'm with Sam with an "UH?" when I read that passage from "Keeping Hearth and Home in Old Massachusetts." lol

    We used to play a car game with license plates. Whoever saw the most from different states won!

  17. Happy Birthday to everyone at your home in the woods!! The story about your little one is adorable - they're so fun aren't they??

    I have some old Flea Market Mags that I keep holding on to - I love them. The pages are about worn out but I still find inspiration in them sometimes just reinventing something in the "attic" I already have LOL

    Hugs, Sherry

  18. I'm *voting* again. Love, Love, Love, Love the present look of your blog!!! [Present being Mar. 5th at 6:00pm ET]

    A lovely right-now-photo by you, in your Header. Gentle green blog name and post subject lines, etc. Palest of pale Gray background. White borders. No "Free Background."
    No "Free Background."
    No "Free Background."
    No "Free Background."

    -giggles- Yes, I know I can't vote and I know we each do our own blog look, and I know that multitudes love all the Free Backgrounds. But. There is something to be said for not using them. :-) Something to be said for not having them scrolling down and down and down and messing with our concentration on the words of the post.

    Yes, I'll stop *voting* now! >,-)

    And hope you went for a lovely walk!

    Gentle hugs...

  19. uh? darling grand-story!

    happy late birthday!

  20. Loved this post and your subsequent posts, too. Especially your one from today. We are studying the "I Am" statements of Jesus in church and today's was "I am the Light of the world." There's just no getting around it, either it's the truth or He was a liar. I choose to believe and am so thankful He is the Way!! He has made all the difference in my life.



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