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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tea Cozy Winner

The names are gathered in...

Honey, I need you! (He's not nearly as excited about playing the role of "the hand" as he used to be.)

But he's still a pretty good sport...

Just announcing the winner of the tea cozy. It may be that I buried that giveaway too deep as few there were who found it. So it's as it should be and as I like it. One who reads here regularly and comments often has won — Packrat @ Swatting at Flies!

Packrat, please email me your information and tell me a little more about yellow, white, and blue. The Tetley black tea I understand completely.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Wish that I could make you all a tea cozy!


  1. WhooHoo for her and BooHoo for the rest of us..

    Great fun here you know..and I HAD to stop on the way to work yesterday to get the Flea Market magazine..glad I did :-)

    Hvae a great Tuesday and stay warm & cozy..

  2. Congratulations to your winner!

    How special that it will be in her favorite colors!

    Have a great day...

    Becky K.

  3. Congrats to the winner! I hope you enjoy a cozy day!

  4. What a great treat for your winner! It seems that I missed all kinds of goodies in blogland while out of town! haha

    I was reading your Flea Market Style post. I haven't bought it yet, but have been greatly tempted. Now I think it is a must see!

    Enjoy your week!

  5. Congrats to the lucky winner!

  6. congratulations, packrat! couldn't happen
    to a nicer girl. love her blog.

    have a wonderful day!

  7. Congratulations to the winner and her choice of colors sound beautiful. Can you believe it was nearly 60* in GA yesterday but is snowing like crazy this morning! Very unusual for us! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. Oh, My! Thank You. I feel bad for those who didn't win, but thank you again! Will send email.

  9. Congratulations to Packrat! We wish you could do all of us a tea cozy, too, Vee!!! Boy would that keep you busy or what!

    Have a wonderful day and hope you're getting some sunshine up there!

  10. Congratulations to your lucky winner. I look forward to seeing what you come up with as she and I share favorite color schemes.

    Enjoy your Tuesday. The snow is flying here today. Yikes!

  11. Congratulations to Packrat!!! I know her too. :-)

    Another New Blog Look! I actually thought that the pussywillow one would stick. But you keep right on having fun.

    Even though I *can't* vote, I like this over all look. The sides are simple enough to not confuse my old eyes. And the Header picture thing I like a lot.

    But I do remember that I am not *allowed* to vote.




  12. I love the name of Packrat's blog! Congrats to her on winning a Vee original tea cozy. :-)

  13. Well I am glad for her and sorry for me. That is very pretty. I have been planning on making one. Of course, haven't done it yet. Maybe I will find one at the Flea Market.

  14. My heart is broken, but congrats to the lucky winner!

  15. Congratulations! It's beautiful, but even more special because it's made by you. I am sure she will treasure it!


  16. Peeking in...congrats to the winner of your giveaway! I hope all is well with you Vee and that your snow is melting....we have blossoms and blooms here and it's been pretty warm here. I am housebound with the yuckies. My poor Hubby gets to come home from work and see me with a swollen face, runny eyes and yesterday's hair-do...lol. My meds are working for my throat..now if I could just get rid of all this congestion. Sorry I've been away so long.
    ~Big Hugs,

  17. Congratulations to the winner! Another new background. This one is lovely too :>)


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