Monday, March 1, 2010

My "Flea Market Style" Story

By now, I'm quite certain that many of us have one — a Flea Market Style story that is. I've been waiting patiently through February for my golden opportunity to slip out of the house with money in pocket and head for the marketplace. Last Friday evening was the perfect time. Mother had come out to visit for the afternoon and stayed for supper; I took her back to "the city" to meet her ride home; I didn't turn right out of the parking lot to go home; I turned left instead and made a beeline (in a driving rain no less) for the bookstore.

The magazine was found on the shelves right off quick. And, though I almost made it outta there without spending another cent, wouldn't you know that I had to trail by the Christmas discount shelf so now I have a lovely Christmas box, too. Oh well! The hazards of shopping.

Although I was sorely tempted to sit under the parking lot street light and have at least one peek, I was well aware that I would be expected home at any moment. Sure enough. I was. Not only that, I was "overdue." (John had had a lot of calming to do to get a certain someone to call off the all-points bulletin.)

My neighbors' outside lights shine through the trees

So I didn't have much of an opportunity to look at Flea Market Style that evening, but Saturday morning I was out of bed at six a.m. It was still dark. No matter. What's more cozy than a snowy morning, a fresh cup of coffee, Blue Boy (my chair), my beat-up hassock, and a brand new, brand-new magazine?

Such a lovely cover and not pristinely staged — I noticed the unfluffed pillows immediately. (Of course, every aspect was thought out, just saying that it looks real.)

I discovered right off that my tastes lean more to Matthew's sense of decorating style. Why I even have a platter similar to his. It's just that he has so much more of a collection.

Matthew's collection of blue and white dishes in a magazine rack

My "collection"

Does one piece a collection make?

OOps! I see that my tiered table may be in a bit of trouble if I try this idea and it was a good one. I won't be doing enough entertaining or serving enough cupcakes to make it worth my while to chop it up, however. Who knows? Maybe next year.

Time for a second cup of coffee

One thing that I noticed about reading this magazine is that it took time. TIME. It was not a quick read. I was not done in half an hour. I am not done even now after reading for an hour and a half. The attractive and subtle advertising really helped, too. It was so tastefully done. I find it jarring to see an ad tossed into a magazine willy-nilly with no thought for context.

And lastly, it was great fun to read more about the women that I have come to know in Blogland and to see their pictures. I hope to find many more bloggers featured in the next issue, too. Oh yes! There is room for this magazine in the publishing world! Hearty congrats to all concerned and may we all get to see a fall issue and a winter issue and a spring issue and a...

Check back tomorrow for giveaway news!


  1. I'll have to check out this magazine. I keep seeing references to it.

    Sneak around a bit more, friend. It sounds like it did you good.

    Becky K.

  2. Oh I want this one! I may have to take s looong lunch hour just to go get it!! Thanks for the review..sometimes I get one and am dissapointed. Doesn't sound like that'll be the case here :-)

  3. We have to sneak sometimes...we're women! Oh and I have this magazine too. First I look thru the whole thing, then I go back and take time on each page. I book mark my spot when I need to put it down for a sec, that way I don't feel the rush to get thru it. Isn't that the way a magazine should be...especially at this price!

  4. Hi Vee! I'm so glad you like the magazine, I love it too!! It's definitely "meaty" and chock full of tips, tricks and inspiration ~ It's so nice to find a magazine that you enjoy, isn't it? Have a wonderful week, hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Now you made me want to go out and get an issue too! I hope you get to savor more solitary, peaceful moments in the future!

  6. Vee,

    I got my copy last week and I am still savoring it one delicious article at a time. I did flip through the whole thing and have a quick look see but I am using it as incentive to get things done so I can hurry off for a reading break.

    I am glad you had a little time away and that Nana did not put out an APB on you ;c)

    Have a sweet Monday.

  7. The magazine looks interesting, but I don't think I could concentrate enough to read it if I had those beautiful woods out my windows! You must have a vast array of birds to watch, too. So, since I'm longing for trees and don't have any, I'm going to look for this magazine - thank you for sharing your new find.

  8. Good Morning Vee, I had not heard of this but it surely sounds like a magazine to savor. So glad you had a little respite without Nana putting your picture on a milk carton!!!! Wishing you a very good week.

  9. Blog Look ... Pussy Willows and Yellow and Blue! Vee has hit the "Mother Load"! :-)

    So glad you *escaped* for a bit. And that you came home with a Treasure.

    Nope, not gonna' "touch" that part about you being "Over Due." Nope, not gonna'.

  10. "Check back tomorrow for giveaway news!"

    How sweet of you to plan a give away. But... Since I've never done one myself, I've stopped putting my name in any blog land give aways. I feel better this way. :-)

    So, no Comment tomorrow.


  11. I had seen that magazine cover on a lot of sidebars recently, but didn't take the time to see what all the fuss was about. I guess I should have as this looks like a magazine I would definitely enjoy. How refreshing to have beauty and substance (not to mention carefully placed ads).

  12. Never heard of the magazine but it looks like a good one.
    I've heard that 3 things make a collection.

  13. Wasn't it the most beautiful magazine! I loved it, too, and I have kept it handy to re-look at re-read certain articles. AND that my friend here in Tyler is MARGO makes it even more special to me. (sorry, a little name-dropping here) I can tell you that she is a lovely person inside and out - a very busy gal and I don't know where she gets all her energy. I have really enjoyed this magazine and I'm sure that it'll stay on the shelves for a long, long time!

    Vee - have another cup of coffee and look at it again!!!

  14. Love your spring background and that your "snuck" away. So glad your mother felt like coming for a visit. Nothing like opening a new magazine or book...

  15. Oh, I've been searching here, but can't find a copy.

    Drool Drool

  16. I just found out that the magazine was for sale last night, so after reading your review, Vee, I hope to buy a copy sometime soon. From what I've seen of Michael Mead's decorating style, I've liked.

    Your blue platter is very pretty and I especially love the ribbon around the antique books that you have displayed.

    I've been going through all my old Better Homes and Gardens magazines lately to declutter, and I've come to the conclusion, as I rip out pages that I want to save, that reading about food attracts me a lot more than decorating these days. It must be the diet I'm I'll never live long enough to try all the recipes I've collected ..sigh.

    I love the pussy willows in your new blog decor beautifully springlike!

  17. what lovely magazine review. will have
    to get one for myself.

    i think one beautiful platter qualifies
    as a collection. after all, you collected it!

    my heart is lifted everytime i visit you.


  18. Good evening Vee, I love your new background. It's very pretty indeed. I have not heard of this magazine but the next time I am in the book store I will have a look. Thank you. It looks interesting. I love to sit and read with my morning coffee in hand. To me it's so relaxing.

  19. What a lovely post. I have felt this way about certain magazines in the past... namely Victoria. Not so much that way for the newer incarnation of the magazine, however. Loved your description of getting up before dark to savor the pages. Hope your days are less stressful lately.


  20. I finally found a copy yesterday and give it a quick look at before falling asleep. I like to do that, look at all the pictures one time and then go back and read a article, scrutinize the photos, read another article. I can make a magazine last a week!

    Glad you enjoyed your copy so much!


  21. Oh, I hope I can find this one way out here in the boondocks. Looks and sounds great!!


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