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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Window Washing

Window Washing. I hate it. Most windows here are in need of washing and so I am not meeting my friend Katie's expectations. She once said, "You can't fool anyone into believing that your house is clean if your windows aren't." I don't always like Katie.

Now that weekdays are cold and rainy, but weekends are warm and fair, we find ourselves doing these spring tasks. Last weekend, John washed the car and some windows. Streaks galore. Oh my! Couldn't imagine what was wrong since I had given him a solution that included white vinegar and he was using my favorite cleaning cloths...microfiber.

Well, Leslie Land may have the answer to everything! (Though I must stop referring to Leslie all the time because I may actually be a stalker.)

We followed her excellent advice and impressed ourselves with the results. You can find that advice *here*; you will not be disappointed. And you can find my kvetching about windows there.

The point is that when washing a gazillion windows and when washing transoms — we have too many of those...what were we thinking...obviously planning on finding the fountain of youth somewhere out in those woods — it is a good thing to do it well and without streaks the.first.time. Leslie's tip helped us accomplish that.

Now does anyone have a remedy for blue haze between the panes of glass?

***My little Comment Experiment continues. If you've not voted in my unscientific poll, please feel free. There's no way for me to tie you to your vote so it's completely anonymous.

One thing I've noticed about not making so many comments, beyond the freedom from the computer, is that when I visit my blogroll buddies, I feel so at ease. There is "no pressure" to comment, unless compelled. Yes, I've been "compelled" a few times. Also, I am taking my time to read very carefully and to look around a bit more. You guys have created the most amazing places!


  1. After enduring years of streaked windows I finally discovered that vinegar and distilled water works best ... along with newsprint! I love sparkling windows. Thanks for the link to Leslie's blog.

    As you know my comments are hit and miss. I try to visit my favourite blogs regularly but computer time is always the first to go when life gets hectic. For almost a year now I've cut back on commenting ... and only doing so when I feel that I have something to say. Otherwise I spend way too much time trying to think of what to write! Blogging and commenting shouldn't be a chore.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Vee!


  2. That is interesting, Vee. That you are enjoying your blog time more.

    Now to take a peek at the window hints. I have some that need to be done...you know, like all of them!

    Becky K.

  3. Ahh, there's nothing quite as nice as clean windows. The actual cleaning is not so nice. I will have to check out Leslie's suggestions. It's so frustrating to go through all that work and end up with streaks.
    I just had a few windows replaced due to haziness. The reason for it was that the seals had cracked.

  4. Leslie sounds too much like my grandmothers. That is not necessarily a bad thing. LOL

    Blogging: This is how I look at it. If your blog is public and you write something, anyone can see it. That is the point.

    Whether or not people choose to comment is their choice. If one doesn't want just any ol' person to read or lurk or stalk or follow or be interested, one needs to make said blog private. JMHO

  5. From me, your Dense Friend... ,-) Good thing you said [in this post] that you have a poll, to vote in. 'Dense-I' didn't know that!

    But mmmmm.... "Do you consider commenters who continue to comment without your visiting them or returning a comment to be stalkers?" That's a whole other "take" on commenting! I was only considering blogs, which I have visited in. I try to leave a Comment, in all who Comment in mine. So.... Guess I'd not even considered your 'take' on this.

    And it opens up a whole diff 'bag of worms.' Have I ever found an interesting blog, and commented in it, and that person did not come see my blog? Yes. If this was one of those very, very, very popular blogs, which get 'ooodles' of daily comments, I'd probably keep commenting. But eventually, I'd get tired of the one-way-thing, probably. Might continue to read that popular blog, but would cease commenting.

    Did such a person consider me a Stalker, while I kept commenting? Have no way of knowing. But it's an interesting possibility.

  6. "(Though I must stop referring to Leslie all the time because I may actually be a stalker.)"

    -giggles- I do love you!!! 'Cause you are sometimes "nutty," like I am all the time. :-))))))))

    Ohhhhhhhhh! And that "love" is of the perfectly OK and not-weird variety. Being as we are both female and all that jazzzzzz. [Yikes! It's really getting hard to blog, isn't it?!? >,-))))]

    Must read window cleaning hints, for sure! One recent warm day, I tackled the back patio doors. And was *rewarded* with some streaks. -sighhhhhhh-

    Streaks were very rude, since I had been sooooooo verrrrrrrrrry virtuous, just tackling the cleaning job! -pout- Must go start *stalking* Leslie in Leslie Land, myself. ,-))))

    Oh Oh! 2 Comments in one day! Oh Oh! I'm probably already breaking my "New Rule" of not doing daily comments! ,-))))

  7. OHHH no! 3 Comments. But you asked about "blue haze."

    That "blue haze," I fear may be a broken seal between the outside protective glass and the inside glass. It happened on our patio doors and so that's what I'm familiar with. We had to replace ours.


  8. I guess I'm not fooling anyone into thinking my house is clean...since I have not yet done the spring-cleaning of windows!

  9. hi vee!

    well i'm with you about katie and
    about you. honestly, window

    are you trying to ruin my weekend?

    i visited leslie's blog and found a
    treasure chest of wonderful info.

    i also found a COMMENT. :)

    blessings and hosannah!!!!

  10. I'm not that crazy about washing windows either. The one thing I don't like about my new townhouse is that you CANNOT open the tops of windows. Makes it very hard to clean. You have to be outside and there is no way I can clean the outside of the loft windows. When we moved in I thought there must be some way that these windows can open inward for cleaning. I looked on the window instructions and it actually said, A good rain will wash the outside of the windows!!!! Is that crazy or what!!?

  11. I loathe window washing too. And if the sun shines, I am reminded daily that I can't put it off much longer. Groan.

    PS I have never thought of any of the people who come to read my blog as stalkers. Not for a second. It simply intrigues me that they come at all. And comments are lovely, but optional. However, I do love getting to know people and making new friends too!A stalker implies (to me) something bad. I tend to regard the world as a friendly place, and assume we are all nice people!

  12. Hi Vee, It is so hard to come and visit you without making a comment, I am finding this comment thing so interesting, as I have had some questions about commenting myself. Have even thought about writing a post on comments and blogging, but chickened out . If you keep this going I might even get the courage to do it.

    By the way I did vote, and I am with the majority, lol. As I have visited and left comments on blogs who never come to visit me. Goodness knows I don't want to be known as a stalker. I now leave comments when it warrants one on these particular blogs,

    Now back to window washing,I try and wash mine on a cloudy day, so as to not see the streaks. lol, Our pastor gave me some hints about washing windows, as he washed windows while in Bible College to help with the finances.It works!!
    I will visit Leslie's blog, and see how she is doing it.
    As always you bring sunshine to us all.

    A little note here... at least you had a small bag of M&Ms, I ate one of those eggs, all by myself, and it was filled with peanut butter and coconut, now who do you think will have the biggest hips? lol

  13. Thanks for the link! My comments and hit and miss too, but just like my favorite friends here in town, I make a special effort to say hey now and then to my favorite bloggers.


  14. Windows are from the devil. I am sure of it as I have washed my front glass door no less than five times this week. Between Basset Hound paw prints on the bottom and fingerprints of a 10, 11, and 12 year old smack in the middle, I cringe everytime the sun shines through the door and go wash it.

    I am having fun following your comment experiment. Somedays, I visit Blogs and read, I may visit and comment. And yes, I feel like a stalker sometimes, but there are times I just don't know what to say (shhh don't tell Audley), or I am afraid my opinion really is stupid and should just leave it to myself.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. My husband is currently washing windows for a living.

    Which means all my windows are dirty.

  16. Can you stop by here and look at my windows? What the weather does outside, braxie & Lulu do to the inside on their window seat..LOL

  17. Living here in the city I could window wash everyday -- they get so dirty. I have lots venetian blinds and lace curtains so I don't notice, but I do have a big bay window in front that I was pretty regularly as it is my window on the world. I use windex, which works fine. I never wash it on a sunny day or there will be streaks ...a cloudy day is better.

    I always thought leaving comments was a friendly thing to do? I never thought about leaving commenst or receiving comments as "stalking" I'm so confused by the thought of that!

    I found many wonderful blogs by clicking through a comment made on someone else's blog ..in fact that is how I found you, Vee, almost two years ago! If you had not left comments on the now defunct "Love White Linen" blog I might not have found you.
    So to me leaving comments and reading others comments is a good thing! :-)

  18. It would be so much easier to leave a comment on all the blogs I visit if it were as easy as Facebook. But with Internet connections sometimes slow, and codes that need typed in, and logging in some blog servers --- it slows things down so much. I really like blogs where the blog writer moderates comments instead of having the reader type in a code (which is one extra step). Alright --- more than you really wanted to know --- right? LOL!

    Happy day to you!

    PS: Sometimes it is simply nice to just surf from here to there without having to place a comment. We all have times where we want to be quiet and just absorb.

  19. that is so sweet of you to link to

    hans said, "oh, she is the nicest
    lady!" how cute is that?

    he enjoys this almost as much as


  20. Acckkk! That's what blue haze means? Oh dear. The thing is that we've been complaining to the company for some time and they repeatedly say that it will "disappear over time." What a crock! Well thank you, I think, to Kim and Aunt Amelia.

  21. I love clean windows. I want them to sparkle and shine all of the time. The thing that works for me and never streaks or smuges is lemon amonia water. It's cheap and it's easy. You just add some lemon amonia to a small bucket of very hot water. Let it cool a little so you don't burn yourself. Apply to windows with an old washcloth and whipe clean with a cloth diaper. I get perfect results each and every time. I also use it for inside mirrors and counter tops.


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