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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pink Paper Peppermints

Tuesday's Project
First things first — Happy St. Patrick's Day to the Irish and to all those who want to be! My own Irish roots go back to Tipperary and my great-great-great-grandfather who emigrated from Ireland to Canada in the last half of the 19th century. Now that hardly makes me Irish enough to even wish anyone a Happy Saint Patty's Day, but I do all the same. Yup, I'm a three times junior Junior Mint.


Because I'm struggling with a pinched back, I haven't been blogging or visiting as I want to do. Never let it be said that our physical circumstances don't perfectly mimic what's going on in the rest of our lives. Test it out for yourself, but pinched nearly perfectly describes it for me.

It is because my pocket is also pinched that I was looking for a banner tutorial to use in a problem spot. No new curtains for me, no new drapes, not even homemade painter's cloth ones.

I found this tutorial at Pink Paper Peppermints and a lot more. This gal and I both struggle with perfectionism and we all know what perfectionism does... (Wonder if it pinches?) So do read her wonderful post written in 2008 and be encouraged. She also includes the link back to a former post so you can see the project from beginning to end. (I'm not sure why, but she stopped posting quite some time ago. Sugar! And I just found her!)

Anyway, I'm just going to drop in the photos and allow them to speak for themselves since my back...oh...ow...ie...

Once Upon a Window Dreary...

Figuring Out a Template for My Banner

Cutting the Pieces from Scraps

Another View

Hmmm, now if I just tighten up that string, I can hide those inner blinds... See? I just can't quit!

Project Mosaic
John got tossed in there for good measure. I was trying to capture his reaction, but he was too tired to have one for several minutes. Yes, he does like it or he says that he does.

I'm hoping to visit as many blogs today as I can because I'm nosy and must find out what you're up to, too!


  1. I am so sorry that you have pinched your back! I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are and hope you are feeling 100% again soon!

    Your banner is fabulous! I love the colors you have used and how it fits just perfect into your space. Are those beads that you have put in-between each little panel?

    Take it easy today and enjoy catching up.


  2. Sorry about the back pain. That is no fun.

    I love your header. It is so very pretty. Just the right blend of Spring and Country. The teacups tied with ribbons onto the frame are so very pretty.

    You talented ladies and your banners.
    What a great way to "treat" your window.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. I love it Vee! Perfect solution. I will add you to my prayer list. Back problems are no fun - I had back surgery several yrs ago because of nerves being pinched.

    Thanks for you good wishes! We're excited about a new chapter of our lives God has opened for us.

    Blessings & hugs, Sherry

  4. Pinched back... Ice pack... At least it works on my recurring lower back problems... Mine being the result of too much time in computer chair... No, can't find new chair... Have tried and gave up.

    Thank you for ♣♣♣! I can not find any to use. Nor can I make those cute little things, on my Mac. Meaning, I can't figure out how to, but anyway... Thank you. I can use them today. :-)

    So glad you told us of the health issues. [Your reason for going missing a bit, on your blog] Because like I said, we tend to get worried. Not fair of us but............

    Back to your back, can you take anti-inflimatory meds? One of those over-the-counter ones? I can't, with my stents. Only Tylenol for me now.

    More fabulous crafting work. But I know I can't truly appreciate it, as much as your readers who can DO it. -sigh- But I still applaud all of you, who do "do it."

    Ahemmmmmmm... Rest that back. You know the rest of my speeeeeeeeel... How much care-giving will you be able to do, if you can't stand up?

    Gentle hugs,

  5. Ohhhhhh, the blarney that's being spewed in Washington, DC! Email and call your Representatives! Let 'em know to... Vote No on Obama-Care and get to work on jobs, jobs, jobs. Real jobs!

    ♣♣♣Happy St. Patrick's Day♣♣♣

  6. oh.....a bad back is the absolute worst thing to have happen. Take care. I love your banners...such talent. I don't actually like curtains or fancy frills so that cute banner is super!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your pinched back. You are so right about our physical circumstances mimicking what's going on in our lives. I struggled with a back problem just about a year ago which was right about the time my mom was having many problems. I hope that you are able to find time to rest until you are feeling better. I know that can be difficult when you are a caretaker.

    On a different note, I love how your banner turned out.

  8. Your banner turned out great...a piece of art to enjoy for a time.

    So sorry about the pinched back that is cramping your style! The thing is...back issues don't usually resolve themselves overnight. May you find sweet relief...soon.

  9. Love your banner Vee! So bright and spring-y.

    Hope your back feels better soon! xo

  10. Oh Vee, I hate to hear about your back! Hope it heals up quickly and un-pinches. My husband's back flares up from time to time and I know it can be very painful! Since I hadn't seen you in a few days, I was wondering if your area had flooded, too along with Jersey. That was a mess, and still is! I feel so sorry for those folks there! I hope that water recedes soon...

    I think you did a fabulous job on your banner! I like it - not your ordinary curtains. Something like that is a nice change. As for husbands liking all our foo-foo stuff, well I think you got from John about as much as you're going to get. If he's like my husband, he never goes ga-ga over anything, just says, "hmmmm? oh yeah, that's nice, dear..." (back to TV or newspaper...) Just get US to look at it! We LOVE it!!!

    Feel better soon! Vickie

  11. Hi Vee,
    I am so sorry that you are being pinched, ouch! I will be praying for quick healing.
    Your banner is lovely, great job as always.
    Take care and rest.

  12. The banner is lovely, Vee, and makes a huge difference - well done! as for the back ....ow. I really hope you get rid of the pain soon. How about getting that man of yours to do a massage?

  13. Oh I really love the banner! Darling :-) and Happy St. Paddy's to you as well..not hurry up and get well, OK?

  14. Sorry to hear about your back!! Hope you're better soon.
    What a good idea the banner is. Looks nice and keeps things nice and bright.
    Happy St Patrick's Day to you too.

  15. I LOVE IT! The banner, silly, NOT your pinched nerve. LOL. I hope your back gets better soon. I get those about twice a year and it takes me several days to get it all worked out. Sigh.

    I want to do banners! WAH! I've been wanting to do them for some time, but can't certainly do them now. No room at this "camping" rental to set up my sewing stuff. So I'll check out the directions on that other site and perhaps bookmark it for later. Thank you!

  16. Whups, forgot to say Happy Paddy's Day! My mom is 100% Irish. Nutty too... 'nuf said!

  17. Happy St. Patrick's Day Vee!

    Your banner is lovely - sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, hope you feel better soon!


  18. see your JR Mints in the first photo...love them :) LOVE the banner.

    We haven't gotten the decision yet from the arbitrator....soon I hope. I hope your back gets better soon.
    Happy St Pat's!

  19. Oh Vee. .so sorry you have pinched parts. . do unpinch soon.

    I love your banner. . and it gives me the desire to make one. It seems like many things I desire to make are found first here.

  20. Hi Vee,

    So sorry you have a pinched back! Ouch! I hope it goes away soon!

    LOVE the fabric banner you made! I've been wanting to make one too but can't see to decide on my fabric choices. You did a fabulous job with yours!


  21. Vee, I just love this banner. I am so sorry that you hurt your back. I will say a prayer that the pain goes away.


  22. Love your banner
    and your bread pictures make me want to bake bread
    then I get over it
    thinking I would probably eat the whole thing while it was warm (o:

  23. oh, a pinched back! the agony, so

    i really don't know how you do all
    that you do. can understand the
    pinched reprisal.

    one of my favorite scriptures: "He
    hems me in behind and before . . ."

    a nice alternative to pinching.

    may He remove the one and replace
    it with the other,

  24. Oh boy...don't I know about back problems. Having had a ruptured disc, back surgery & degenerative disc disease...I know exactly what you are going through. Get better soon!

    Vee, your banner is PERFECT! I love it! Great colors, too.

    I always say, "If you are lucky enough to be Irish - then you are lucky enough." My family immigrated here, too. We have a UK mix - fair skin and red heads!

    love ya,

  25. I hope you feel better soon ♥ I just love your banner! It's really pretty and something I would like to do. Thanks for the information.
    p.s. I have problems sometimes with my scones too. I have a tricky oven. As long as you can inset a tooth pick and it comes out clean it's done. My applescones take about 15 minutes longer than the recipe says. I hope you have a great weekend.

  26. Your banner turned out so beautiful! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who struggles with the evil "P" word...;O

    Just wanted to say thank you for the link and let you know I'm back to posting again.

    Glad to have found your pretty blog!

    ♥ Melissa~
    @ Pink Paper Peppermints

  27. Oh no---sore backs really hurt! I hope rest and painkillers will relax the muscle that is swollen and pinching the nerve in your back.

    This banner is really pretty and a perfect way to jazz up a window --it also makes it look like a celebration of some sort is about to happen--like an old fashioned birthday banner would! I like its blue and yellow colors.

    Feel better soon Vee!

    I've been so busy since coming back from Colorado so I haven't been blog visiting as usual --I'm glad I was able to catch up with you tonight!

  28. Sorry to read of your back Vee. Do hope that by now it is easier. Sendinglove and prayers.

    What lovely candles you received and congrats. on your tassle.


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