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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just How Important is a Laugh?

Tuesday dawned bright and beautiful, but with temperatures that had dropped nearly thirty degrees...brrrr. It does make my header look cold as one commenter said. Funny, though, that on warm days, it looks warm to me. Oh well, this is my life in my corner.

Since my mother was receiving another treatment and was therefore fifteen miles closer than usual, I went in to pick her up following her therapy and brought her home with me. Well, not before we had made a little sidetrip to Joann's at her suggestion. I shared what that sidetrip would likely mean...accusations and glares when we arrived home. Yes, we have a mutual Attila the Little Hun. Mother said that she really didn't care as she needed something and she was a big girl now.

While there, Mother pointed out a little plaque that read "It's Difficult to Love a Person With Whom You've Never Laughed." I nodded. Seems about right these days. I thought of purchasing it, but opted instead for some pretty Easter eggs.

After a lovely lunch provided by my mom, John and I were off again for the afternoon giving the ladies a chance to catch up once again and us a chance for a breather.

We drove up to the lake and watched the brave ice fishermen either actually fishing or getting their gear off the lake. The ice is beginning to go out and there are large spots of deep, deep blue water. It looked very cold indeed. We rode along the ridge high above the lake looking at all the beautiful homes and the scene below. No camera! Never a camera for these trips of mine. I'm scatterbrained as I can be.

On our return home, we popped into the flea market to saunter around for a bit. I'd already decided on a simple tea with raspberry clafouti for supper since we'd had such a nice, but late lunch.

We used to walk through hand in hand, but now that we're old married folks, we've given up that habit. I was looking at linens in one booth and John was looking at furniture in another. I could watch him through the shelves and I saw that if he took too many steps backward he'd have an encounter with a mounted moose head. And so he did. He turned and said, "Bullwinkle! What are you doing here?!" Cracked me up.

I can never match quip for quip with him, but just then I saw an old photograph of a baby who qualifies for the "So homely he's kyoot" award. I said, "Winston! What are you doing here?! Winston came home with me, though we left Bullwinkle behind.

Yup, the words on that plaque are true, which is why, when putting Attila to bed last night, I tickled her feet. She laughed; I laughed. We laughed!

Edited to Add: It dawns on me that I could share my little Winston with anyone who needs a baby with some character for an art project. Here he (she?) is in a scanned format. Feel free to snag!


  1. It's true laughter is the best medicene! It was wonderful that you and your hubby got away for bit. I understand how difficult and at times frustrating it can be to be a caregiver. You and your hubby are a very special people Vee.God bless you ♥

  2. Tickling of the feet will be a memory forever! Laughter speaks volumes when shared with another! You have made a memory!

  3. what a sweet story! "so ugly only his mother
    could love him!"

    and then you tickling your grandmother's
    feet. precious!

    two of my girls came home to attend a funeral
    with me yesterday, and we got to tickled at the
    minister's continual reference to "new wife in

    i become intoxicated with their laughter, and
    one will always say, "mom's been drinking

  4. So glad you got out, twice. !!!

    As to Attila the Little Hun... You get, what you all allow.

    There! I think I am getting amazingly soft spoken, in comments. I'll never be as all-sweetness-and-light as other of your commenters, who don't really have a clue as to how difficult your life is. But I am trying to be more calm.

    Gimme' a break for trying, hu? ,-)

    Gentle hugs...

  5. I am so glad that you are getting out and about! Good idea on the foot tickle, LOL. You need some relief from the stress, that's for sure! Oh, I plan to hop on over to JoAnn's after my dental appointment. DH will be cooling his heels until I get back home, but I haven't been there is ages and ages!

  6. A cute story of your day - thank you for sharing!

    Laughter does the heart good!


  7. Throwing one's head back and howling is so stress relieving...as is looking into your loved one's eyes and sharing a quick smile of mutual amusement.

    Humor, it is simply the best!

    Loved this post, Vee.

    Becky K.

  8. It is remembering to laugh which is the hard part sometimes! Well done, my friend. Tickling toes... I must remember that.

  9. Howdy-do Vee! Glad you and John got out yesterday. He's so funny! Wish you did have your camera so you'd have a pic of him and Bullwinkle! I love your Attila reference. I have some Attilas in my life, too, and I'm glad you had a little laugh with her.

  10. Your story beautifully illustrates the importance of laughter, especially during the hard, stressful times in life. Whether it comes from Bullwinkle or tickling little Attila's feet, I hope you are able to continue laughing.

  11. What a sweet image and an interesting post. We all lead such different lives...but yet we have so much in common that we feel close. I love it! ♥

  12. Laughter is the best medicine and I am glad you had a hearty dose plus a little break in you Attila tending. Love those chubby cheeks on that baby!

  13. Sounds like you and John had a nice time out.
    I think laughter is very important. If you can find something to laugh at your, problems are put in perspective.

  14. You are so very right sweet Vee...laughing together is the glue that binds us!!! Dennis and I always laugh at one another and have our entire married life! And that chunky Winston just cracks me up!!!! What a wonderful name for the little bebe...I hope you are doing great sweet girl, hugs and love, Dawn

  15. I agree with Charli and me. Sounds like a very lovely day...smiles...m..

  16. I agree about laughter. I would rather be married to a man whom I laugh with than a rich man who never laughed. My DH and I laugh every day.

  17. Glad you were able to have that time with your Mother Vee. So easy to forget our camera when we have other things on our mind.

    See the Maple trees are producing their syrup.

    Your daughters painting is lovely too.

  18. Vee,
    What a great way for me to start my day, You always brings a smile, and a laugh or two. Just enjoyed this so much.

  19. Oh Vee. .you crack me up ..you are quite the trooper with your mutual Attila the Hun . .oh goodness. .you and John most definately deserved that break.
    For the record. .we don't hold hands either. . .stopped long time ago ..

  20. How wonderful that you got a little time away with your John. I can imagine that playing caregiver limits those moments, so I know you treasure them. I agree laughter does make life so much more pleasant, especially when it is dragging you down. I think you are a saint dear Vee for taking care of your mom and grandmother. I know it is not all roses, but the example you are setting for those of us who haven't reached that stage in life yet.

    The picture is so sweet. Old photos tell such a story.

    I hope you find so many other things at which to laugh!


  21. That baby doesn't look very happy. He needs his feet tickled!

    Sounds like you had a lovely day. Raspberry clafoutis sounds scrumptious.


  22. I have to laugh every day or I feel like I have wasted the day!

  23. That plaque spoke words of wisdom, Vee! Laughter really is good medicine and the best stress reliever and shopping is good therapy too! Winston looks about to cry, poor baby ...don'tyou wonderful what he or she grew up to be?

    I'm away this week in CO visiting my son and D-i-l and grandson. I will hopefully lose a few pounds running after the little one :-)

  24. Vee,
    I enjoyed picturing you two at that flea market. It hasn't been cold enough this year for our ice fisherman on the lake. I really enjoy watching them. I don't think I heard a snow mobile either. Such a mild winter.

    Your husband sounds adorable. Hey wait a minute that baby looks familiar.

  25. i am getting bit worried about you.

    can't remember you not being here
    every day.

    are you well? is you grandmother ok?

    psalm 138:8

  26. A perfect post. So glad you and John got time away together, even if you weren't holding hands. Truer words were never written. That is the secret of our happy marriage... we've been laughing together for 24 years. I think it keeps you young, too. "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." - Solomon (who was, after all, the wisest man.)

    Blessings and hugs for the journey,

  27. Very important...laughter is! Kids...a husband...and sometimes even myself...there are lots of reasons to laugh.


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