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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tiny Homes

O, to have a little house!
To own the hearth and stool and all!

~Padraic Colum

I'm dreaming of a little house about this size.

*** Just a reminder about the poll going on to the right and a thank you to all who have already voted!

Edited to Add: Ohhhhhh, so Blogger is the one responsible. No surprise! If my dear readers will follow the source, all will be revealed. ;>


  1. -Hee,hee- And as we are discovering, we'll have to wait to see the tiny home you are lusting after. ,-) Because of the problem Blogger is having with posting our pics. Even Header pics.

    Innnnnnteresting hu? This being without the ability to post pics! I even used it as inspiration for a 2nd post today. ,-) First post being about this Blogger pic issue.

    Just words! Eeeek! Imagine that?!? >,-)

  2. And btw, I'd LOVE a tiny house myself!!! Just enough rooms. All on one floor. Just big enough. Just!

  3. Blogger is giving me FITS today! No pictures!

    I saw your tiny little house - it's SO cute! - but I can see headers today and lots of sidebar pictures.

    I guess I must be a stalker, cuz I'm going 'round to visit all my favorites whether they visit me or not!

  4. Glad the pictures are back. Cute house!

    Becky K.

  5. I just voted! I'm afraid I don't always take the time to visit those that comment on my blog. I should try to do better! Love the little house but I've downsized all I can stand! lol ♥

  6. Oh...so cute! There's a local guy who is mass producing the teeniest little houses...called cube houses (12' x 12' x 12')...with two levels and a little wee porch. They are meant as carriage homes...but are the neatest concept.

  7. Love tiny houses. i have one picked out, three porches, one on the front and a screened in side and rear porch. Now need to get busy and see about making it a reality.

  8. your little cottage is adorable.
    isn't there a nursery rhyme
    about a wee little woman and
    her wee little house?

    thank you for the encouragement


  9. Interesting about the comments issue. I just comment when I can, or want to. I don't hold my blogging to any rules. Some folks just must have more etiquette than I. I just do what I want to do. If I have someone following me, I feel flattered, and try to comment back. But I feel no obligation what's so ever to do the tit for tat thing.

    To clarify, I come by here when I can. I love to read your blog. You are so adorable to me :) I love when you drop by and "visit". But I understand when you don't. I love blogging because it suits my free flowing mode. For others I notice their approach is a bit more routine, and that is great too. To each his own, and that is why this form of social networking works for me :>

    I think we all blog for different reason. That reason itself may influence the way they handle comments and such. Probably the biggest reason I blog is for journaling. It suits me as a record of the year. I notice for some it is the social aspect that reins supreme. Or others are sharing ideas and joint interests. I think it is all good. I love the freedom, the adventure, and the new found friends!

    Yes,it is Jenna's 21st!

  10. I love our tiny home. And just voted on the sidebar.

    I do remember calling myself a "lurker" visiting without commenting and thought might be creepy. Visiting without letting the person know I was there. But overcame my fear and here I am.

    Hope that you are enjoying your week!

  11. There is a site that has tiny homes - it's amazing what they do with such a little space - compact, organized and self-suficient..

    I'd like one like this for my crats! Mr. B likes open floor plans (not that we have on enow in our older home) but I know he'd never go for one like this :-(

  12. I am wondering why you are longing for this tiny footprint of a house - is it to run away from home here there is only room for you? Or, is it to run away from home with only room for John and you? Or, do you plan to stash Nana out there? Or do you wish to have a place so small that there is really no cleaning at all? I vote for that last one!

    P.S. Blogger almost did not let me upload photos today so you are not the only one with blogging woes.

  13. Darling house. . .just a wee bungalow for two.

  14. For years I wanted to downsize so with the move we made 1 1/2 years ago we sold our 3,000 sq ft home and moved into a 900+ sq ft townhouse. Both of us love it and realize that if we build a home in the future, it will be about this size. It forces you to select only those things you love. We gave things away and had the packers box everything that was a maybe. One and a half years later, we can't remember what's in most of those boxes - they're all in storage. So, if you're dreaming of a smaller house, it just might work. The things we miss most are the beautiful yard, trees, birds. . .so if you love nature, don't give up the beauty surrounding you.

  15. If you want a cottage house like this one, you'll find many of them in Denver, Colorado, Vee. There are many adorable little homes, just like this one, that date back to the 1880's. I love to take photos of them!

    Glad I was out all day and missed the Blospot trouble. I've been having issues with left justification of my post writings ..blogger won't let me do it for some reason. It keeps centering most of them for some reason.

  16. I love little anything - and I get my tiny house fix via my son's little playhouse!


  17. Oh I love that house. It is so cute. I prefer small to large any day.

  18. Hahaha, all the less to CLEAN! Folks tell us that we are not downsizing when they see our new home being built. But with 40% less square footage than our previous cottage, we certainly ARE! I hope we don't get clautrophobic!


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