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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Am So L.O.S.T.

L.O.S.T. Yes, I watch it and have since the first season. I am one of those nutty fans of one bizarre tv show. Sigh. I've given up trying to explain it, though I tried valiantly for the first few seasons. Namely, I was trying to explain it to my sister and now I'm trying to explain it to John who reads through the program just to keep me company. Reads? Yes! And how can one hope to understand a television program while reading through it?

All along I have described this program as a Christian allegory. This was a story along the lines of Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan in my thinking. The character Jacob was a type of Christ (a literary term) and the Man in Black was not Johnny Cash. Everyone else was along for the ride.

So last night the story behind Richard (the man who never ages) was revealed. At one point, the island is explained to him by Jacob. Jacob says that the island is like a cork on a wine bottle. The liquid within the bottle is hell and all its evils. The island is keeping hell contained. Hmmm... At the end of the show, the Man in Black smashes that very bottle, which I take to be a metaphor that all hell is going to break loose. We shall see. In the meantime, the show has veered off my pre-conceived path for it. Again, we shall see.

Now why can't I be enjoying the nice PBS series that Barbara shared with her readers yesterday? I know that I'd like it. I know that I'd probably not have disturbing dreams about it. The series? Lark Rise to Candleford based on three books by Flora Thompson: Lark Rise, Over to Candleford, and Candleford Green all published before 1945.

I watched the most delicious nine minutes of a Christmas special on You Tube, which I include here just so you can have a taste, too.


In other news: A fellow blogger and I have been sharing a discussion about comments and commenting. Her take is that comments can become like "having a daily pen-pal." She does not think that that is a good thing. I shared that I had read somewhere that daily comments were like being a stalker. I also shared that I didn't find that to be true. Nevertheless, I am going to try this experiment. I will most likely visit all of my blogging friends' blogs often, but I will be commenting less often. I am thinking that this will become a tit for tat experience. If I don't comment, you won't comment. On with the experiment, if I can keep my mouth shut!

Edited to add: Oh-oh! I can already see that I may need to clarify. Clarity not being my strong suit, I'll give it a shot anyway. What I am trying to say is that I comment, "I" being the operative word here, nearly a hundred times a day. I doubt that that is wise. In this cold, harsh light it seems pretty stupid, in fact. Hence the experiment. (I love comments, but to give out a hundred comments to receive a quarter of that is not worth the investment of my time. Am I being more clear or do I need to do better?)


  1. I love comments! Especially from blog friends like you.

    To me, if comments make you uncomfortable then you can choose the no comments option.

    I did have to go to moderating comments because of a few trolls here and there (who made it uncomfortable for all of us).

  2. I love comments but don't seem to feel compelled to comment back and forth just because. Usually the blogs that I comment on frequently just have a special connection. There aren't that many. I can't keep up with hundreds and hundreds of blogs...so some I just read for pleasure and rarely comment on, others I leave messages nearly daily...

    As for Lost. Warren and I are trying to "get" it. He, more than I. This year we are watching it on the computer at our convenience as we are not always home on Tuesday nights.

    As for my "cryptic" message today. Some neat things and some very hard things are happening in our lives and those of family. Boy do I wish I could blog them...but I would have to get way to many permissions first. Its not worth it. However, seeing God's Hand in the middle of everything is reassuring for those parts of it that are scary and sad.


    Becky K.

  3. Sorry, Vee - there are certain people that I'm going to visit anyway, whether or not they comment. Guess what? YOU are one of them. I've enjoyed reading your blog for over two years now. You were one of the very first to come and introduce yourself and I have found you to be a completely lovely person & friend inside and out! Why would I want to miss out on any of that???

    I try to visit people that visit me, but sometimes it's next to impossible with my busy schedule. Other days, I don't post, but just go round and visit, sometimes leaving a comment or two, sometimes meeting new people. I try not to get into the tit-for-tat mode. I can't keep up - my life is just too busy. And I have a few emails of my favorites and will keep up that way.

    How in the world did this comment get so long? So, dear friend - you do what you must and God bless!!! Til next time.......

  4. Sooo...should I comment? Or not? I think I am lost..heheh..oh well. I read a lot of blogs that I don't comment on - but when something strikes a chord, I do leave a message. And sometimes it's just to say hello..and sometimes it's just...well, it just IS.

    Onward- that series you wrote about sounds good - I need to watch the youtube thingy you included...

  5. I leave comments when I feel like saying something to the person. It doesn't matter to me whether they leave comments on my blog or not. I don't usually answer comments back though unless they leave a direct question.

    I've never watched LOST.

  6. In my foggy head right now, you make perfect sense! But, in any case, I do appreciate your stopping by my blog today and giving me some much needed advice! Being the grown-up babysister doesn't seem to go over well. Have a Happy rest of your day! Thanks again!

  7. I have never gotten into LOST! I don't know why, but I never got it. When we were in Hawaii for my brother's wedding three years ago, EVERYONE (I mean that...all 16 people) in the large cottage we were sharing stopped to watch the show and were amazed that Audley & I didn't watch it. Of course I couldn't imagine being in Hawaii and sitting and watching TV so we went out! ha

    I do have to say, I love comments. I don't blog to get them, but it is fun to connect with other people out in blogland. I also have my favorite places to visit and love to say hello. I don't know, when you have moved 11 times in 14 years, living in 6 states through that process, It's kind of nice to have somewhere that stays the same.

    Happy Wednesday to you and enjoy LOST tonight!


  8. I love comments and love to leave comments. I have not watched Lost but my whole entire family does and they just love it. I should really give it a try. Right now it's all about American Idol.

  9. oh dear! i think of comments as
    talking over the back fence. i will
    dearly miss your comments.

    as pooh said, "oh bother!"

    so, if i continue to come over to
    say, "hello!" that's stalking?

    stalking is when you continue to
    comment without any response.
    i realized i was practically saying
    to some people, "why don't you
    like me?"


  10. Yes, Lea! Bingo! You've got it right on the head. Now why can't I be so clear? That's exactly what I've been doing. Commenting when there's never, ever a response. I can still visit a blog that I enjoy, but no response means that I am off the hook for commenting. I think.

  11. I have never watched Lost, but my husband and son watch it faithfully.
    I watched and enjoyed your YouTube clip. That looks like something I would love to watch at Christmastime in it's entirety.
    As far as comments, I love to read them and try to give them as often as I can. I will admit to reading many blogs where I don't take the time to comment, but if the post really speaks to me I will comment. MyLettersToEmily makes a good point about stalking. I hope you decide to resume commenting after your experiment :)

  12. I've never seen Lost but absolutely LOVE "Larkrise to Candleford".

    I know what you mean about leaving comments Vee! I hope you'll post an update to your experiment ... I'd love to know how this turns out! ♥

  13. What...no comments from Vee? I don't care if I miss every episode of LOST...but I will miss your comments, for sure! (I've never watched LOST...so haven't a clue about it.) How long is this experiment going to last? Hmmm.

  14. I had to give myself permission long ago -- being the mother of 3, teacher, pastor's wife, taxi service, artist, etc. -- that there was no possible way to make it to my favorite blogs everyday. Nor would I expect all my favorite bloggers to make it to my blog everyday to comment. And on top of that, now Blogger won't even update my feeds properly so that I can even know when my favorite blogs are updated.

    Yes, you definitely have too much on your plate to be doing all that! And believe me, I love comments too. But I do have to maintain some sort of sanity. :) I never have been much for the "tit for tat" thing, anyway. And I'll still visit whether you comment or not, just because I love your blog and feel you're a kindred soul.


  15. For me, the decider is how much time I have, really. And yes, if I don't take time to leave a comment, my comments drop, but I have stopped worrying re numbers of any sort. That includes the scales, by the way! I have never commented on every post - it depends on what I want to say! Then there are a few bloggy friends with very few readers, so I try to comment to encourage them. So essentially, no hard and fast rule. I am just relaxing and enjoying what I manage to get to, and spending time with blogging friends. The reading, as I have said, never stops!
    And you, Miss Vee, are one I never ever miss!

  16. I'm such a goober Vee, I don't put too much thought into things ~ my brain just can't handle it :) I comment when I feel the "urge" to, I can always tell it too...when what is posted makes me WANT to comment. But of course, I now have 690 blogs that I pop in on...but only if they've posted something new ~ Do what makes you feel lovely...don't worry about the rest sweet Vee ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  17. I don't think of my readers and those who comment as stalkers at all! I do frequent those blogs who respond to me more often than others.

    I couldn't do hundreds a day, either.

  18. Daily comments are stalking? That doesn't sound right. I don't blog daily, so that doesn't happen to me but if I did and I got daily comments by the same people I'd be thrilled by their friendship.

    As it is I have to write less blog posts to keep up with comments, and visiting blogs I like, and I always feel guilty if I miss a few in a busy week. I do like to keep blogging fun and not have it feel like work.

    I never watched LOST but my daughter LOVES it and is quite sad this is the final season.

  19. After being gone a week, I'm just catching up. Comments are special, aren't they? It helps us know that the effort we're making to share with others is working. When I lost your blog address, I missed it all year long and was so glad to find you again. Visiting your blog is a very special time in my day.

  20. My Aunt sent me over, and since she is so wise, I will do as she says.

    As far as comments, I find that I am addicted to them and they interrupt my day. I have turned them off. Sadly, I still seem to expect comments and check my email about every 3 to four hours.

  21. I have been WAY behind on visiting because we were out of town and then I've been digging out of the time hole ever since. I see that you are trying to correlate visitors and commentors! LOL! I am a bit befuddled that I do not get more comments because I know that I have dozens of visitors on any single day. And I usually have the same friends that leave comments. I look forward to your analysis and thoughts on the subject!


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