Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Good Reading for You

This wee little Dutch girl is a salt shaker that my mother gave me years ago. She has a few little problems. Her bangs are too short — way too short; her lipstick is covering only one side of her lips (must've been in a hurry to get out the door again); her eyes have that vacant, faraway look. She's thick-waisted and on the pudgy side. And her hands? They're way too big. Her eyebrows? Oh dear! Nevertheless, I feel a certain affinity for her and, just to prove it, she brightens my kitchen windowsill every year about this time.

(Edited to Add: Okay, there may be trouble in paradise. As I was composing this, John came along and said, "That little salt shaker reminds me of you except her cheeks aren't as pink as yours." You don't want to know what I told him!)


While I was away all that time last summer and autumn, I missed a lot of news. For starters, I haven't caught up with all my blogging buddies and every now and then one will mention something and I'll realize that I haven't a clue what's going on... Gosh, I hate that. So if I ask you a question will you promise to fill me in? Thanks! In fact, if you think that I've missed something important, would you tell me today? Double thanks!

Then there was the news, only recently learned, that David McMahon is no longer blogging. He's returned to work full time on his novel writing. Now David did the most remarkable thing for Blogdom for a long time. He supported and encouraged writers by having a "Post of the Day" feature on his blog. This was an incredible thing because many pieces were submitted daily and he committed to reading them all. You'll note if you visit that David's subtitle is "totally committed to encouraging excellence in others."

I submitted selections from time to time. One such piece was Suzanne's post about her step-father called Life and Death in a Cornfield. I later discovered that I wasn't the only one to submit that post. If you've not read this piece, bookmark it. You'll not regret it.

More recently, there are two posts that I've been thinking about a lot. They're the kind of posts that help one rethink a thing or see something more clearly than ever before.

The first is titled Trading "Oh no!" for "Yes...and" by Shari at The Big Yellow Farmhouse. Well, after my first paragraph, you can see why this one resonated with me.

The second is an insider's look (this gal is a lawyer) at the alarming rise in teen pregnancy in a post called Warning: This is a Soapbox I'm Standing On. C at Stick Horse Cowgirls warns that she is on a bit of a rant. Well, she can rant away because what she says makes the most profound good sense. I encourage you to read it.

If David's Post of the Day were still around, I'd be nominating these two for sure. Anyone know of any other blogger providing such a feature?


  1. I'm sorry to have missed this blog. There are so many wonderful places out there.

    I do read Suzanne's Blog and love her writing!

    I'll check out the last post you recommended.

    Becky K.

  2. I love the "post of the day" idea, thank you for including mine. I enjoy Suzanne but don't recall this post. Am going there now.

    As always, I enjoyed your blog this morning...LOVE the salt shaker. C

  3. Thanks for the reading ideas. I'm taking a long needed vacation starting today and this will come in handy. It's like getting a new magazine! Hope your husband is o.k.!

  4. while I find your little dutch girl to be quite percious I have to know just how hard did you smack your husband upside the head???

  5. Thank you, Vee, you made my day! Now I'm off to look at the archives of David McMahon's blog (somehow I missed that completely) and your other suggestions.

  6. Thanks for sharing these links. I will be checking them out. Thanks, too, for the good laugh this morning. I was getting a kick out of your description of the salt shaker, but John's comment had me in stitches.

    Happy Monday.

  7. I don't think I knew about David's blog sounds like he had a wonderful idea, Vee, and in a way you've done the same as he has by referring people to great blogs and good blog posts. I've found many good blogs through you.

    I always envy the ability of skillful writers. My writing is much more utilitarian..that is why I drop in large photos to try to make my blog interesting.

    I love the charming little salt shaker but I agree that John needed the tongue lashing for comparing her with you! lol

    Off to read your recommendations!

  8. dear vee,

    thank you for your funny post and your
    encouraging one of the other writers.

    i loved each one and had a resounding
    "yes" in my heart after shari's and suzanne's.
    stickhorsecowgirls were unfortunately very
    true. my girls have had several friends
    have babies out of wedlock.

    you are, by far, the most exhortative
    blogger! i only have two blogs that i
    jump to each day, and yours is one.


  9. Oh dear!!!!! Poor John!!!! I do hope there was a convenient closet for him to duck into. After his...... what he probably thought was a sweet remark. -giggles-

    And of course, I had to read it to "Uncle A." ,-)


  10. 'Mornin' Vee - I did read Stick Horse's article - very good article. I haven't read the other one, but I will now.

    How is dear John this morning? >;o)

    We don't care if you ask questions - we're just glad to have you back, dear friend!

  11. Doubt you missed anything I blogged about, because I kept pestering you with snail-mail, while you were away. >,-)

    But I do hope others help you out with this. It is weird when one comes on something that makes you think; "Yikes, when did THAT happen?"

    And I remember David although I didn't follow him as regularly as you did. And I have seen a blogger who is sort of doing this "Pointing To Blogs They Enjoy."

    Thank you for doing it, in this post.

  12. Now, I didn't know any of these blogs and I am going to head over to all of them after I visit with you.

    I love your little dutch girl....dispite her short bangs-lol

  13. i stumbled upon someone who does a blog of
    the week, but it is a decorating blog....

  14. Your little Dutch girl is charming - I'm sure your husband was being sweet in his own way LOL!

    I did read that last post you linked to about the unwed mothers.


  15. Thanks for sharing these wonderful bloggers with us..Be safe, warm and happy this week. And remember, there are a LOT of us that enjoy YOUR writings, too!

  16. Thanks for the links, I'll have to check them out.

  17. I remember David's blog, I don't know of any other similar post of the day thing, perhaps you could take it on?

  18. Thanks for the tips on the links. I remember David well. He was listed as one of my favorite bloggers. He seemed to always have something interesting to say. I love your little Dutch girl. She is so sweet and cheeful. I bet she looks cute in your kitchen.

  19. I love having the links to check out, too! Love your little dutch girl and your fun post! Life is always interesting! lol ♥

  20. I will check these out. Have an amazing week...m..

  21. Hi Vee, thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving you lovely comments. I still have no computer so borrowing time at tea break and lunch break in work. I hope you enjoyed International Women's Day. Hugs, Margie.


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