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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Matching My Marches

Let's see, it's March 3, 2010 and I'm just getting around to changing the calendar. As much as I love my Laura Berry calendar this year, I did not like what I saw this morning. In fact, I uttered an audible "oh yuck." Perhaps this March picture would be better suited for New Yorkers or even Georgians, but not for me! ;>

After all, this is what I'm seeing beyond my windows — maple syrup season in full swing. Note the two means of collection: old-fashioned buckets and the new-fangled tubing.

My little problem was solved by going back through my stash of calendars (I'm especially fond of "Country Welcome" ones apparently, though I do have Sandy Clough tea themed ones and Americana ones, etc.) I found my answer with Fred Swan's 2002 Country Welcome calendar.

Ahh yes! That's a much better match. Wish that all of today's troubles would be so easily solved. Yours, too!

Have a lovely Wednesday...


  1. well your last calendar selection looks more like what I see outside my window! yearning for spring!

  2. Ah, yes, Vee, I like the last one, too, with the snow MELTING and a little warm glow emanating from the atmosphere. Maybe you could cut that picture out and tape it over the one in your 2010 calendar for March!

  3. We have serious MUD.
    Oh, the little neighbor boys have made quite the mess of it coming to and from their bus stop.

    Becky K.

  4. Yes, Vickie, That's exactly what I did. :D

  5. Bring back the calendar which works for you! Brilliant! I like the way you think. ,-)

    I read that maple syruping will be a little later this year. Or didn't I?

    Thank you for your joy at my news. See... When reading blogs, no one really knows all which is going on, in a blogger's life. Not always, any way. Each one does our blog, our own way. Etc. Etc.


  6. It's looking like the second calendar around here now.

  7. And here I sit totally bummed out that all our neighborhood is melted.

    I'm still hopeful that another storm will come. I want my full three months of winter, then the exact same amount of time for all the other seasons as well.

    Envy you your maple syrup production; you would probably envy me my ice castles visit!

  8. ...neighborhood SNOW that is...the neighborhood itself has not melted at all!

  9. How fun to have a front row seat for maple syrup time. I like how you solved your calendar problem.
    Very clever.

  10. much better! so glad you solved your
    "oh yuck" day!

    and thank you for the underlining lesson.
    everyone had a different approach. all the
    other ways just erased the book.

    will try yours next. if you had seen the other
    advice you might not have left yours, and i'm
    hopeful yours will work.

    anyway, thank you!

  11. YOU are my patron saint of blog world!

    it worked! you can't imagine how chagrined
    i was to not underline a book.

    which is probably hard to believe, since i never
    capitalize. :)

  12. I don't ever remember a year where spring was more in demand than this one! I love your attitude to just change the calendar...just make your own picture to reflect you rmood for the month. lol A thaw out would be great, and I am sure more so for you!

  13. Thankfully our snow from yesterday is mostly melted today. Our jonquils always bloom by March 9, so I have my fingers crossed. Come on spring.

  14. Yes! I like the last one too!
    I have just spent a few minutes catching up on what you have been doing, and always enjoy your posts.

    I am going to be a good sport and wish Packrat a very happy congratulations, even though I knew i was suppose to win lol.
    Thanks for directing me to Flea Market magazine, I will check it out.
    I learned the 23rd Psalm in the KJ version and it is hard for me to quote it in any other. Loved the picture you shared.

    Your new blog design is beautiful as is your new header.
    Thanks for all of your encouraging words.

  15. Well, I love the calendars..but I know what you mean abou wanting spring..

    The maple bucket-tubing-thingies are so neat! You live in a beautiful area..and I love your beautiful background..pretty pretty!

  16. Winter is almost over. There is hope now. We still have some snow on the ground but the temperatures are slowly rising. I hope you have a wonderful evening.


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