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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quote Collecting

Some of us are collectors. Genuine, bona fide collectors. Others of us dabble in collecting...something appeals to us for a season or a lifetime and we can't help but gather all we find, if we can afford it.

I gather quotes. (I can afford it.) Many of you gather them as well. I keep them in books and have a number of them filled with gathered written-in-my-own hand quotes. They sure come in handy for this blog.

Some of your quotes have been collected. Before anyone gets antsy, I always ask for permission to gather a quote. Always. Bloggers say the most profound things. Things that I've not heard before or thought of in that way before or there's.just.something.that.rings.true.in.a.special.way. I think of a quote as a word picture or a way of expressing a thought in a single zap of light straight to the mind or heart.

Want to know some quotes I've gathered from bloggers? Oh good! Because I came prepared to share.

Sometimes what appears to be our failure is actually God's planning.

Don't you just love that one? I do. I'm glad that I read it often because there's been a whole lot of "failing" going on around here.

There is a reverence in children for delicate things. ~Abbie

Now does that not perfectly express that look of wonder and those chubby fingers so carefully holding a caterpillar for the first time?

It requires daily effort to remain interested, interesting, and connected to others. Without that connection, life is a lonely and closed place. ~Suzanne

After reading Abbie's insightful post on bananas and apples, I'm going to keep working on this thought. No, I am not mixed up. I may be mixing apples and oranges, but not bananas and apples. Come to think of it, I may feel a bit dizzy. Anyway, Suzanne has wonderful posts full of insights and so does Abbie!

Never underestimate the importance of a domestic missionary with an apron around her waist, love in her heart, and wisdom in her words. ~Brenda

I think I sat up straighter after reading Brenda's words and the post it came from. You'll note that each name takes you to the proper blog. Because Brenda's was the most recently gathered, I know which post it is from and have linked there.

Create yourself a blessed Tuesday...

P.S. I collect John's quotes, too. Here's the latest as I was working on this post.

Me: Don't be kissing me goodnight when I'm taking a picture.

He: Don't be taking a picture when I'm kissing you goodnight.

Me: Hmmmm, point well taken!

(Yes, I'm well aware of the incorrect use of pronoun case. It should be me/him or I/he, but I like rhymes, too. I collect them. ;> )


  1. the quotes you shared are filled with wisdom! I collect quotes myself, although I must say they are usually from some historical figure. I even keep a notebook to jot them down by my computer, you never know when something meaningful will show up!

  2. Thank you for those clever quotes! I collect them too. Carefully chosen words can be quite magical.

  3. I love quotes, too and you have found some treasures! I'll get my journal and copy some of these! Happy Tuesday sweet friend! The birds are tweeting up a storm this morning...feels like Spring! ♥

  4. Love quotes..love that fact they are free..and love that you collect them too! And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did to the photo to make it look old! LOVE it!

  5. What a great idea to record those wonderful quotes. . .I've read so many here in blogland but haven't taken the time to keep them tucked away.
    There is so much wisdom if only I pay attention.
    John's was very dear. . thanks for sharing. . it made me smile.

  6. Ditto Lovella's comment.

    Besides quotes and bits of wisdom, I love people's (often yours) clever way of stating something.

  7. I love quotes, too, Vee. I don't collect them per se, but the ones I love I have taped inside cabinet doors, on my desk at work, stuck in a favorite book, and even a couple that I've written in my Bible that I've heard at church. I'm not much at "quoting" but I like a good one when I hear it!

    Oh, and by the way, we understand perfectly what you say without correct grammar! Heck, look at mine!

  8. I'm a quote collector too, Vee! I have too books where I write them down. Love the ones that you shared here! xo

  9. I am fairly new to your wonderful haven and find it delightful and insightful. Thank you.

    I have kept a book of quotes for many years now. I find that if it is good enough to take the time to write down on a page, it is good enough to tell folks about. For 11 years I was in a position where I needed to make speeches, and I always found an appropriate quote to cite with my book.

    Now, you have given me a new addition - blog quotes.

  10. How special...to have a collection of quotes...handwritten! I collect quotes as well...somewhere...marked in books...or hidden in files on the computer...but they are elusive when I need them. I like your idea!

  11. I love this.

    Words are so special. It saddens me to see the art of language disregarded in our society.

    You and John must enjoy each others company. Loved that too.

    Your comment on my post today cracked me up!!!


    Becky K.

  12. Like many of your commenters, I'm a quote collector, too. But it's hard to know where to corral them all. I have some on the computer, others in notebooks, most are in my journals, sprinkled throughout the writings wherever I've found them.

    Your John is a sweetie and very astute about what's most important!

  13. what a darling man you're married to!

    i collect quotes, because i ALWAYS
    mess them up. have to write them
    down to get them right.

    there are so many wise women here,
    it is such fun to know a few more.

    and yippee about my blog feeding

    sounds like you are feeling better. ?

  14. ps. i visited all your inspirations
    and loved each and every apple!


  15. I too collect quotes.
    You've written down some good ones here!

  16. What a nice thing to collect. I always enjoy reading good quotes, but so far haven't started a collection. Hmmm...

  17. Thank you Vee for your kind words. Sometimes I surprise myself with the things that 'pop' out once I start to type a blog post. The images I spend hours on, but the words just come once the images are there on the screen.
    Thank you!
    (take the apple image for example, the image probably 3 hours of work.. the idea of apples and bananas didn't occur to me until I was staring at the apple photo trying to figure out what it write. My eyes kept getting drawn to that point of tension and so the words came.)

  18. Interesting. Think I like the first one!!!!

  19. I also collect quotes but never have I written down a quote that a blogger said themselves, although I have been inspired by many.

    I will have to read more carefully from now on and take note to write those inspirations down in a blogger's quote book!

    John has wonderful insight! Grab all those kisses first!

  20. Enjoyed all of the quotes Vee, and like the idea of writing them in a journal.
    Thanks for sharing the links too, now I must do some visiting.

  21. LOVE it! I write quotes for my staff on a white board in the break room. Sometimes I get eye rolls. The one up there right is is from (of all folks) Jon Bon Jovi: "Map out your life, but do it in pencil."

    Boy, is it a lesson I've learned over the past few years! C

  22. I LOVE quote-collecting too! One of my favourite hobbies! I've got books of them, and a wee bulletin board spilling over with them for me to catch glimpses of their wise thoughts every so often.

    Thanks for sharing... loved your quote exchange with John the Kisser! Or was that the Kissee!

  23. I really like your header. Have a happy day...m.

  24. Vee,
    These are wonderful quotes. I collect them too. I make journals of them and give the journals as gifts. Words are so important, especially when they encourage, or make you giggle. You should see the journal I have of my kids quotes when they were little.


  25. Vee,

    I love the quotes, and found Brenda's to be especially heart touching. I hope you have a delightful day!


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