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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Books

What fun to bring in new books that are fun to look at and fun to read. I've been treated to both. One is a book that my sister thought I'd like from her stash of books heading to a book sale. Yay! Glad that she rescued it for me. The other is the most amazing stroke of serendipity. I gathered it from the free "cast-off" pile at the local flea market some time ago, but had no idea what I had. Well, wait until I show you.

The title is Yankee New England Cookbook by none other than Leslie Land. You can go back to last Saturday's post to find my discussion about another book I own that she had written. Did I realize this? No! Did I know it last Saturday? No! I rediscovered the book in my stash on Monday and could scarcely believe it. It's a fun book to read because Leslie is a wordsmith with a great wit. She makes me laugh out loud. Yes, a good mood lifter this one. Do I recommend the recipes? Haven't made one yet and, truth to tell, the recipes don't sound like "typical New England." I believe that she points that out herself. Why anyone would give this one away and then toss it on the "free heap" is beyond me, but I am the blessed one.

Better Homes and Gardens America's Best Cross-Stitch, though copyrighted in 1988 making it officially ancient, has such lovely pictures, colors, and projects that I'm sharing some below.

Love both the color of the pressed back chair and the wicker chair

A closer look at the yellow (my favorite color)

This is some tea cozy and you know why I'm intrigued. No! Not because I hope to make one. Goodness, no!

Another creation that strikes me as way too precious by half, but I love the "peace" and "plenty" signs. What a wonderful blessing for any cottage.

If you are not following along with my little "Comment Experiment," enjoy this wonderful day!


If you are following along, here we go. The first thing I'd like to say is that my former statistics professor would give me a lecture on the problem with my so-called experiment. He would tell me that there are way too many variables. Undaunted, however, I will carry on just for snickers.

The first thing is that I will attempt to post the same number of times that I did last week, which means that I won't be posting for the next two days until Saturday. I will also post at the very same time when I do post. This experiment will run through March 31. (ETA: Right! I was trying to post at 2:51 PM and it went in as 2:51 AM. What was I saying about too many variables?)

What have I discovered so far? A noticeable drop in comments, but no drop in visitors. In fact, visiting has increased. This could get interesting, folks, or not. ;>

Edited to Add: Once again, Leslie has tried to comment and instead has written a response to this post at her web site *here.* It's very interesting!


  1. Am I first? We'll see in a minute!
    The results of your little experiment will be interesting, Vee!

    I, too, love those colors of the chairs. I have all different colors in my little farmhouse. Just whatever strikes my fancy. I didn't know what "pressed" back chair was until you said that. I've seen lots of them and now when I see one, I'll know what it is! Cute tea cozy, too!

  2. How fun that you rediscovered such a treasure. Enjoy!

    I wrote about comments today after I made a bad mistake in the comment department.

    Becky K.

  3. I am a confirmed cross-stitch-a-holic. I could be entertained for hours looking at all those lovely photo's and dreaming of the stitches I wish I was talented enough to make!
    And cookbooks, oh sister, I just LOVE cookbooks, so this post was just chock-full of eye-candy for me!! :)
    Have a most delightful spring day!!

  4. More treasures! Lovely pictures, too.

  5. I'd love the counted cross stitch book. I have quite a collection of cross stitch projects to be done and I'm in the middle of doing one now. :-)

  6. How fun to have new books to look at and read. Last night I sat down to read and decided I would rather look at gardening books instead.
    I have not heard of Leslie Land, but I love when happy coincidences like that happen.

  7. I just came back from the bookstore...with Ryder. Though we came home empty handed...we enjoyed a fine time there. I decided I should finish all the books at home that are calling to me...before bringing home more.

  8. Books are treasures... I can almost feel your glee at finding yours (and at such 'prices'... hee hee).

    Interesting thoughts about the comments. I haven't been around lately, as I've been trying to keep my focus on getting my house in order.

    My comments numbers tend to stay around the same, but they do drop off when I don't post every day or every other. I like posting every day, but it doesn't always work out to do so. Interesting......

  9. I love discovering old books and making them my new friends. Needless to say, in that category at least, I have many friends and have been known to take a cookbook to bed for a bedtime story as easily as a novel.

    It will be fun to see where your great comment experiment goes. I tend to comment to posts that move me in one way or another. Some days have me tapping on the keys with great zeal and others are much more quiet. Enjoyed this post.

  10. I remember those little cross stitched houses...wait a stink'n minute. I think I still have that book! you know what they say. If you keep it long enough... I see that is so true now with everything 70's inspired coming back.

  11. What a great find! Love them - lucky YOU :-)

  12. Hi Vee,
    So glad I found your blog via Brin. Lovely place to visit. Hope you don't mind me following along.

  13. Whenever I see a cookbook for sale at a yard sale or library sale I have to rescue it :-) I have an old Yankee Magazine Great New England Recipes" cookbook that I love. I subscribe to Yankee Magazine and their recipes are always top notch -- check out their web site.

    I used to do crewel work and cross stitch years ago when my eyes were stronger but I don't seem to have the patience anymore. Maybe someday I'll show them on my blog?

    I love that little embroidered house! You would love the English blogger Melanie of Jellybeanangel 2blog, as she is a prolific crafter...mostly quilting and embroidery.

  14. Hmmm...an experiment? Well, I've been reading through Google Reader lately and haven't been around to comment as much as I'd like. I've been reading during breaks at the office.

    Love the cross-stitch book, I have so many projects from the 80's that are sitting in a basket unfinished. This gives me the urge to finish them.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. how fun to receive another book by
    the author you already love and
    posted about.

    i think you will find in your little
    experiment that some may fall
    to the wayside, but others will be
    like a bad dog. you won't be able
    to shake us off!

    it should be interesting.

    but, aren't you just dying to tell
    vickie how much you love her
    painting???? :)

  16. Hi Vee,
    I got so caught up in reading about your experiment, I almost forgot what i was going to say about your book finds. I Love finding books like these that others don't want or need anymore, that would do so nicely with my reads.
    I am still thinking about your posts on the commenting thing.lol

    I am very interested in how your experiment works out, as for me I find that when I visit you i always enjoy commenting.I like to visit my favorites even when I don't post, but find this time of year I don't get to visit everyday but when I do I try and catchup.


  17. Well, I love books, and I have stacks of cookbooks. Love these! C

  18. You always add something of value to my days. I look forward to these "visits". Love these books and the pictures you've shared.

  19. Well Hon, you know my "way"... Look at number of Visitors and look at number of Comments, on each day.*

    This way, I have no need to go through the only-post-what-I-posted-last-week, etc.

    Simply look daily. Easy as pie. Imho, that is.

    Oh but I'd better remember the thing you told me, about how Daily Commenting is viewed as Stalking! Remember to NOT do Daily Commenting anywhere!!!!!!! Eeeeek! -giggles-

    *[Use Site Meter, for such statistics]

  20. But!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I certainly don't have the time to do that, every day!!!!!! Look at number of Visitors, and number of Comments!

    Just saying, if and when I want to, that is how I do it.

  21. ahem . . . noticing quite a few
    comments here.

    please don't be tempted to
    comment on my site, but i
    wanted to tell you that i got
    myself in hot water again.

    wrote a silly piece on i-phones
    and hurt my friend. who can't
    hear very well.

    i can't seem to get this whole
    humor thing down.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  22. you were talking about variables.

    what if ornery friends post three

  23. It happens, Lea. Aunt Amelia doesn't think I know how to check my site meter. :D Oh well. Take it in stride. I did visit your site so I have read your post. If I had commented, I would've said, "I don't even know what an i-phone is."

  24. What great books you have. It would be fun to try some of the recipes and the crafts. I hope you have a lovely spring weekend.

  25. I wish I had the patience to do one of those stiched houses - it's so cute. I doubt it's something I'll ever do though!

    It'll be interesting to see the results of your experiment. I find that the more I post the less comments each post gets but the more traffic my blog gets. But then the more I post the more like work blogging becomes to me. I don't know how people post everyday (unless they don't have pictures then I get it).

    I couldn't leave a 100 comments a day!! I'd never get anything done! Even for blogs that I read all the time like Brenda's. I think I comment about once a week there or if something really compels me to communicate with her. But I read every post.


  26. Hey Vee, I have a technical question. What template are you using? I like the width of your blog. I feel squushed sometimes. I feel like I need to spread out and simplify. Thanks!

  27. I love the tea cozy so much...anyone out there know who DOES make them? Mine is threadbare! Isn't "relocating" treasures a thrill? Hugs to you Vee...oh, and please email me your address again, I have something I want to pop in the mail to you!