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Monday, June 2, 2008

Drive-Bys: Around the World

It was one of those lowery days when I wasn't sure if the sun would shine or if it would pour rain at any given moment, but I was most eager to capture my drive-by photos. Gosh! It's scary! Now I see what Melissa means. And, it can be dangerous, too. Be careful out there, gals!

So please forgive the quality of some of these photos because I am a coward and couldn't always stop. Plus people were looking at me funny. And I was hanging out in the cemetery to boot.

Let's start at the lake where you can follow the path of silver to the ridge above where these homes live.

This is one of my favorite roads ever anywhere. I love how the canopy of the trees on either side of the road meets in the middle creating a tunnel of green.

Okay, here I am at the cemetery at the top of the ridge...

Across the street is this beautiful home,

and up close...

with this view from its west field...

Apparently, what particularly charms me about the homes I am showing are the verandahs.

New England home colors are often sedate, but here's a pink house.

Back to sedate...

Finally, returning to my own humble abode...

and my new posies.

Thanks for looking at my pictures...please join the rest of the tour at Melissa's The Inspired Room.


  1. Such a great tour on this Monday morning. I don't think I could live in a house without a front porch. I spend at least part of every warm day sitting on my swing out there.

  2. I loved the tour. I'm with you on the subject of porches or verandas. Perfect for porch sitting and watching the world go by.

    The house colors in the midwest are also very sedate. Once in a while you'll get a blue house or a yellow house but most are painted neutral colors. The farmhouses are always white because it contrasts well with a red barn.

    - Suzanne

  3. Great job, Vee! Risking life and limb for us all! This was a fun tour!

    The Drive Bys will be up tomorrow so watch for it!

    Happy Monday!

  4. What great pictures Vee! I love porches too! When we move that will be one stipulation...we have to have a house with a porch!
    The countryside in your corner of the world is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Great tour, Vee! Porches...sedate colours...rock walls...wonderful shots.

    I love the drive-by tour idea...too bad I'm off travelling all week over at My Front Porch!

    Someone is also doing a 'front porch' theme this week that I'm missing out on. I'm all for front porches!

  6. Excellent job!!!

    May I please have the pink one?



  7. Oh I do love a veranda. My dream house would have a covered veranda. With the rain in our neck of the woods, it would come in very very handy.
    I do think that your little front door is just so welcoming too. I sure don't mind my little bungalow.

  8. Oh..I miss the look of the houses in New England.....thanks for the tour!

  9. I enjoyed taking the tour with you. I love the first house and what a great view they have.

  10. Beautiful, Vee! The photo of the open field and bright blue sky reminded me of Ireland!

    I love big porches and verandas too -- wish I had one on my house --with a swing! :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  11. Vee! Those are wonderful pictures and they convey such a sweet and idyllic mood! Don't you just love perfect places, whether they are cemetaries or stretches of street with great houses, or a narrow view through trees of a church steeple in the distance. I have favorite spots too, favorite streets of houses, just perfect houses. I always wonder "who gets to live there?" and hope that they appreciate it!

    Careful with your drive-bys!

  12. I just love driving around admiring homes and all of the little details. I too wonder who lives there and what the interior is decorated in. Great blog!

  13. Oh Vee, what a great tour! I love all those porches, too. :)

  14. How fun your Drive by was! I loved all of the houses you showed us....

  15. ooooo I love that rock wall.... your home is lovely.... such a fun tour...

  16. Humble abodes are the best ,I think so anyway. Nice photos. I especially liked the one with the stone wall. You don't often see them and I just adore them. Wish I had the energy to build one myself. That ain't happen'n in this life nor the next one.

  17. Oh Vee, thank you so much for all your comments on my new blog! You are a sweetie. I love your drive-by's ...you are doing Melissa proud!! My favorite... a dream of mine... is a stone wall like that one in your pictures. One of these days I dream of having a little English (at least in style, if not across the pond) cottage. And along with that it must have a stone wall of some sort! Thanks for going out on the road for us.


  18. Thanks for the tour, I love to take a car ride and look at other people's homes. I think your house is perfect!

    Hugs, Sherry

  19. What a wonderful scenic tour, Vee...but really, your back door is the best...we can put on the tea and put up our feet and have a nice chat!

  20. I love taking that tour with you and seeing all the beauty. Now let us drink some ice tea and chat for hours...Mary

  21. These homes are wonderful, this is a lovely tour of a pretty place. I love all the porches and verandas. Karen

  22. You have some beautiful photos here! And I'm a sucker for verandas, too. I wish they still built them like they used to!

    Thanks for taking your life into your hands to share these with us, Vee. -Julia :-)

  23. Beautiful homes & another NE girl! I have never been up there & would love to visit. Thanks for the tour & thanks for stopping by mine.


  24. What a beautiful tour Vee, your pictures are so beautiful :).

  25. I know what you mean about not wanting to make it obvious that we are taking pictures of someone else's home. It was fun though, wasn't it. I love that wrap around porch on the white house!

  26. the grey cape w/dormer that is up the slope causes some visceral response: my former life as a house or something. anyway, i love your tour and your area!!! keep braving the weird looks and please post some more snaps!! jkj

  27. p.s. i forgot: your house IS the best! love the doorway/windows. i'm sure you feel secure everytime you enter! perfect! jkj

  28. Sunice drive by. It all looks so peaceful.

  29. I thought about doing drive by photos while we were on vacation last week but somehow it just seemed like I was meant to just look. Greedy of me not to share huh? Maybe I will play nice another day. Your photos are wonderful!


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