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Friday, June 20, 2008

Strawberry "Illusion" Moon and That Danged Deck

Yes, I am still practicing moon shots scampering about in the dark getting my face slapped by branches and being eaten alive by mosquitoes and black flies. I tell you I will stop at nothing to gain some success. Mari-Nanci told us that June's full moon is called a "strawberry moon" and La Tea Dah shared what makes it all so very special in her Moon Illusion post. Patient man was still at the wheel and silly woman — that would be moi — was yelling "Stop, I see the moon!" Ridiculous! It did get me a Heath Bar Crunch ice cream cone, though. ;>

This week has been absolutely awful for anyone trying to get some painting done. Just when it seems that the skies will be blue and clear, showers pop up. I think it has rained every single day since last Saturday when the deck was finally painted one coat.

Several weeks ago the deck was stripped using a high powered steam cleaner.

The stripped deck receives some much-needed repair.

And this is how we've been enjoying the deck since.

If anyone's interested, the deck color is Behr's Deck Plus Solid Color Stain in Chatham Fog. I adore this color that's all I know.

Yay for Friday! Have a wonderful one...


  1. I think you've done very well with the moon capture. It's something I've not been able to accomplish.

    The deck looks great! But it simply reminds me that mine needs to be done and that means I need to do it . UGH. I love Behr products and that color is great. Thanks for the heads up.

    - Suzanne

  2. Your deck looks great. I love that color too. I wonder if that pressure steamer-washer thing would work on removing wallpaper. :)

  3. Still trying to capture that moon "shot", huh? I like the final product. The deck is wonderful. You must be so anxious to get out there. Have a great weekend. Maybe it will stop raining! ~Kathy

  4. Great moon capture- very ethereal!! Your deck looks great, love the color!!

    kari & kijsa

  5. Hi, Vee - love the deck color - is a stain or a paint? It looks like paint - I need to paint my front porch and possibly my deck, too. I was going to go with a grey color, and I like that Chatham Fog. Let me know - Vickie

  6. I never realized how difficult it is to get a shot of the moon until I tried it myself! You are to be commended on your determination...and a great picture! : )
    Your deck looks great! I like that color alot too! So pretty!


  7. A lovely moon indeed! I don't think we've had a moon here this week...not since our moonlight drive on Sunday night.

    Wow...you have transformed your deck. Looks great! I was out washing bird stuff off my front porch yesterday & thinking it needs re-doing.

    Who is the 'patient man'...just wondering???

  8. Vee, your moon photo is just wonderful. I saw the moon peeking over the barn the night before last and now I really wished I would have tried to capture it when I could . . .we have so much cloud here these days.

    I so love the deck. . oh. .it looks wonderful.

  9. Terrific before and after shots....your deck now looks lovely.

    I'll be staining my woodfence, and am leaning toward a soft grey-blue, not sure what the colour is called. Yours is most poetically named..

    Strawberry moon, I like the sounds of that....and what a unique photo you've captured there...

  10. I think you took a good picture. Every time I have tried to take a shot of the moon it never turns out. At all!

    The deck looks great. I know you will enjoy your time spent out there.

    Have a blessed Friday.

  11. Vee,
    You are too funny with all those moon shots, I am going to send you some of mine. Two things that will make the shots easier, a tri-pod with your camera mounted to keep it steady while the aperture stays open long enough to get the shot and a remote commander, if your camera allows for this feature, it allows you to release the shutter without touching the camera. This keeps the camera from shaking and allows you to keep the shutter down during bulb exposure. Happy moon shooting!

    Your deck looks great! Mine is in need of a new coat of stain and we hope to do that in the next week or two.

    I am off to check out your links. Have a great weekend!

  12. I love the moon shot and the deck looks beautiful....Have a bright and beautiful weekend....Mary

  13. That's a beautiful shot of the moon! Well done! Your deck is so inviting. Love love love the color!

  14. Cool moon shot and your deck looks great!!

  15. The deck looks fabulous -- I love that color! I saw that moon, too, but could not get a decent picture. Yours is so cool!

    Happy weekend, Vee.

  16. That is one beautiful moon, Vee! I love the name "Stawberry Moon"! All the rain we have gotten here ruined my strawberry crop :-( We had thunderstorms on and off all week too.

    I love your kitty looking out the door -- such a cute photo!

    Hope you get some sunshine this weekend to enjoy that pretty deck!

    Hugs, Pat

  17. Have a lovely Midsummer Night's Eve. 'Twill be easier on 'patient man,' than driving about, trying to 'catch the moon.' :-)))

    Take Joy, as Dear Tasha said!

    And that is certainly a very, very artsy shot of the moon!

    'Smilnsigh' blog

  18. Your deck looks fabulous! We've been experience those same days ... sun one second (literally) then showers for hours. Great moon pic! I've never managed to take one worth printing.

  19. Hi Vee! I got so tickled reading your escapade in search of the perfect moon shot! Great pictures!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Rhonda ;)

  20. Wow, your deck color is awesome! And your moon picture... well there are just no words. Strawberry moon indeed!


  21. Oh, your deck is lovely. I like the kitty in the window! I love your banner photo too - is that your house? Wow!

    Good luck with the moon shots. Careful you don't lose an eye out there in the dark...


    xo Terri

  22. Vee...scampering about trying to take a moonshot...too funny! Well you did it...and a lovely one at that! I don't even want to think about MY deck these days....I guess I will eventually make it a priority to get it redone...so far I have just moved the deck furniture around to cover the moldy spots...oh, we get mold here BIG time!

  23. Just stopping in and your writing was making me smile in the beginning of the post.

    I could just picture you guys out in the dark trying so hard to get a good picture of the moon. I can certainly relate! I thought that it was a good picture! And the deck... looking good! Kayce

  24. You are a hoot Vee. Always giving us a giggle. I can just imagine your midnight romps :]

  25. Beautiful moon :)...your deck is awesome, I love the spindles and shape of it!

  26. Love that deck. When are you having us all over for a BBQ?



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