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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Friend Vanilla

Yippee! It's Thursday at last!

Would you believe that there are home remedies that work quite well for toothache? I did a little Googling and I discovered two very promising things: oil of cloves and vanilla. I didn't have any oil of cloves, but vanilla...well, I have tons of that.

And it is working! No fuzzy head, no whacky side effects...nothing but vanilla breath.

I hope to visit everyone at some point today. By the way, if I've visited your blog and sat there stupefied for hours or if I slipped in and out without commenting, I hope that you'll forgive me. Just had to know what everyone was up to and thanks to my little friend Vanilla, I'll be good to go today. And no, I have not been drinking the vanilla...just dabbing it on that tooth.

No more reports after this...a simple thumb's up will suffice. Catch you later...

ETA: The deed is done; the tooth is gone; the vanilla really worked. Thank you for all your support, everyone!


  1. Oh, I hope I can remember the vanilla remedy the next time I have a toothache. And I'm sure there will be a next time. Good luck at the dentist today, Vee!

  2. What great info- we will keep the Vanilla handy!!
    Great post!! Good luck at the dentist!

    kari & kijsa

  3. Not sure if the pain is causing you to hallucinate or not. But if your pain is gone, your pain is gone.

    Wishes for all to go well today.


  4. Doesn't vanilla have a high alcohol content? Hmmmm.

    - Suzanne

  5. Thank the Lord for those simple home remedies. I am so glad you are feeling better. Let us know. I'll be praying for you. I hope it is quick and painless whatever the outcome. It must be so annoying. Bless your heart.

  6. Oh Lord, Vee, I hope everything turns out OK! I'll be thinking about you today...

  7. Vee...did you know there was a time when vanilla could not be out in the store shelves in our area? It seems it was being used too freely to drown out people's misery! I have used the oil of cloves remedy many years ago...but vanilla would have been more pleasant. I'll keep that in mind!

    I'm glad you are feeling better...and hope your day goes well.

  8. Wow, who knew?? So glad you found something to ease the pain. Hope all goes well at the denstist today.

    I must go out and find some vanilla post-haste 'cause you never know when a toothache will hit, do you? I love vanilla anyway, use it all the time in baking, coffee, tea, etc. so that's a double bonus. I just need to make sure I don't use it all up before I need it. :-)

    Hugs and prayers for you,

  9. Hi Vee,

    Wow, you have a lot of Vanilla. I had no idea that it would help a toothache. I need to file that away in my little ole brain.

    Hope all is going well.
    Good luck!

    hugs to you,

  10. Vee, I'm so glad today is the day!Hope it all goes wonderfully and you are a happy girl this evening. I knew about the oil of cloves but not vanilla, how neat! I'll be thinking of you today ~ xxoo, Dawn

  11. I knew about cloves but not vanilla! I also use "Anbesol" -- the thing our Moms put on our gums when we were teething as babies --it still works at our age when those teeth are now giving problems..lol!

    Hope you get permanent relief soon!

    Hugs, Pat

  12. One more reason to love vanilla! We'll have to remeber that. Hope things with the tooth work out... sounds awful!
    Get well soon!
    Karla & Karrie

  13. Hi Vee...sure glad that vanilla is working for you...I keep having flashbacks of Tom Hanks talking to Wilson before he yanked that tooth out :)...just a little kidding to try and cheer you up a little during this long period of waiting...I hope all goes well at the dentist...

  14. I couldn't help but notice the varieties of vanilla. I can see why you are quite dazed. Oh . . .I hope the pain is gone. .

  15. Thanks for dropping by. I started reading your blog and before I know it half an hour is gone.
    It's great to get caught up here and there and also see what the other side of the world is dealing with.
    About your tooth. I have no coverage. Do it the right way. If you are in your 50's, i know it's expensive but hopefully you aren't paying all those kids expenses anymore. I have a 3-year goal with my dentist, bit by bit, to work at it preventively.
    Good luck on teeth.

  16. Vanilla -- well, I will keep that one in mind. I just did the tooth extraction and bone graft thing last week and have more to do in the fall to prepare for implants. My 94 yearl old aunt says "growing old is for the birds!" And, I tend to agree with her these days! Good luck!!

  17. I just had a bunch of fun catching up on posts I've missed lately. Hope your tooth troubles are over by the time you read this.

  18. Hmmmm. I may give it a go. You never know!

    I am glad to know the tooth is feeling bearable at the moment though.

  19. When are you going to the dentist, my dear Vee? You can't depend on that vanilla to behave herself for ever! Oil of Cloves...good for ear ache, too...get thyself to the dentist!
    hugs to ya

  20. I am glad you found a bit of relief, I am going to keep this remedy in mind. I have heard of putting a whole clove next to the aching tooth works but I've never tried it. Feel better soon.

  21. wow , did it really help?? I always have vanilla around!

  22. I didn't know about the vanilla but now that you said oil of cloves I remember my grandma saying that.
    Glad the vanilla is working for you.

  23. Oh Vee....cloves and vanilla...sounds like a recipe brewing to me!!! Grin

    I am glad it is a 'thumbs up' Take care....watch out - you know what they say about 'mixing your drinks'.

  24. Oh Vee, it's all down hill now! We use clove oil at the office then pack it...clove oil is the most awful smell, you would think it would be wonderful but it's not. Let me know if you need any advice, I'll try to help you out! Big hugs to you, I hope you get some sleep :).

  25. Wow! Great info. Thanks Vee. I am glad your tooth problem is gone...

  26. Did you know that you can put it behind your ear and it'll make you smell wonderful!
    Have fun.

  27. Thanks for the great tip about the vanilla... I'll have to remember that one!

    Glad you're doing better today Vee.

  28. Glad it is OVER!

    You are going to have a wonderful weekend, I promise!

  29. Is that Vanilla Smirnoff in this picture?? No wonder you're so happy with your vanilla cure. lolol

    Glad to hear the tooth is out and all is well. Now pass that "vanilla" and let's party. :)


  30. Does it work for braces? My daughter will be getting them soon.

  31. Now listen up, gals, I was NOT drinking that stuff...no, I was not. I was only dabbing a wee bit — wee. tiny. bit. — on my tooth.

    Judy, that's wild! I've heard stories like that before, but never believed them.

    Bonita, I don't believe that it will help your daughter or be good for her because she would have to use it for an extended time. My use for it was just the length of time I needed to make my dental appointment, which had been postponed for a day. Vanilla or codeine? I opted for the vanilla. (My daughter had braces and a lot of pain, but I am trying to remember what we did, beyond Ibuprophen, for her.) Best wishes to your daughter! She won't regret it.


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