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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Thirty-### Year Old Dress

Yes, darling, I have dresses older than you!

Yesterday, Lovella hosted a gathering of graduation dresses. I certainly hope that you will read her wonderful essay and look at her beautiful yellow dress, which she can still wear! There are also links to follow to see other beautiful gals and their graduation dresses.

My dress and I parted company some years ago...she remains ever the same, but I am much changed. Yesterday, I was unable to find her, but this morning I remembered that she was tucked in a pillowcase in the bottom dresser drawer. She has seen better days, my friends. I don't even have a photo to prove that I ever wore this number, but I assure you that I was fetching. FETCHING I tell you!

The pictures are a fright, but here goes...

We can all be grateful that I was unable to find my lavender gingham dress...graduation had so many events.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. A dress for a sweet young girl for sure. I believe we were instructed to wear white dresses under our graduation gowns. I can't imagine why as the gowns were heavy and dark blue.

  2. Graduation??? Oh my! Ancient history. Your dress is quite lovely. It's very prairie which is sweet compared with the Vegas style stuff I've seen lately.

    I can't believe I didn't save mine since I seemed to have saved everthing else in the Ark of the Forgotten Nonsense (my cedar chest). It wouldn't matter. Since graduation was 40-something years ago the delicate fabric has since disintigrated.

    I do, however, have picture of it somewhere. It will surely appear some Sunday in my Way Back Machine.

    - Suzanne

  3. Ah, I like your simple and sweet dress!

  4. A maxi dress!!! I remember those! I can't remember what dress I wore to graduation. I do remember that we were required to wear white shoes and a knee length dress. All I remember is the royal blue cap and gown. Thanks for sharing your sweet dress.

  5. Fetching indeed Vee. Oh so sad that the lavender gingham has left the building.
    I so enjoy the way you make me smile while I'm enjoying my morning coffee

    The prairie sytle is really cute and with the empire waist .. really it is exactly in style.

  6. Fetching is indeed the proper word and a word only those of us of a "certain" age use anymore. I don't remember what I wore, but I do remember that we didn't wear gowns. Now that I think of it I don't really have a memory of HS graduation anymore. Sad.

  7. The lace up bodice and sleeves! Oh so chic...so in...so Seventeen Magazine envy! I am so glad I got to live through the prarie granny old fashion maxi dress era. I thought it was so romantic. Today's dresses just don't say romance to me, just "check out my bod"!

    Still marveling...you had a lace up dress. Cool!

  8. The dress is lovely...I know we're from the same era now!! I remember my graduation dress...white pique with pintucks, but it is long gone. Don't know where it ended up, and even if I did have it, I'd burst the pintucks. I've grown in many ways.

  9. What a sweet dress, darlin'! I'm lovin' it! IF I had my prom dress I would have had to hang it from someplace to take a picture of it! NO WAY am I fitting into that thing now! LOL! I really love your dress! It's just perfect!


  10. Fetching...prairie...sweet...romantic...I'll ditto those! Now that was the class of 197_???

    And I can't believe you still have it! I wish I had kept all my old dresses...bridesmaid gowns, etc. Put it back in that pillowcase and stuff it back in the bottom drawer.

  11. We had to wear white dresses, but I threw mine out years ago so I don't have one to post a picture of. Maybe today I'll post my graduation picture instead.
    I think your dress is pretty.

  12. Oh Vee, I love it!!! It reminds me of what I would have worn! OH my you made me think that next year I will have been graduated from high school thirty years! YIKES!! xxoo Dawn

  13. Yours is quite cute! I can remember mine well, a cream gauzy,tiered skirt and a brown peasant blouse. It was the shoes that I loved, platform sandals!I graduated in 1975, those were the days.

  14. I remember what I wore graduation night but I don't have it and if I did, I could not fit into it!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my attempted lampshade, however, I have removed the pics of the lamp since I'm not happy with it. My DIL e-mailed me she thought it was a "good first try". All of ya'll are too nice to say anything but sweet stuff but I know it is not up to par so I'm going to have to go to Plan B (don't know what that is yet)!


  15. What a lovely dress. And I know that you must have been fetching in it, no doubt. Lovely post!

  16. That is a pretty dress, Vee!

    I don't even remember the one I wore. I went to an all girls high school and graduation wasn't a big ceremony --we went to church and that was that.

    I did have a stawberry shortcake that day --my favorite! I would remember food over clothes...lol!

  17. Oh, do I ever remember that dress style! It's such a sweet little dress! At least you still have yours...I have no idea where mine went.

  18. I am sure your were in high style.....holy moly still wear a high school dress....for ever more....I can't wear last years let alone 40 years ago... I think it amazing that you have it your sweet dress..

  19. I actually like that dress...I'm sure you looked quite fetching in it...LOL. I hope all is well with you.

  20. Precious. And I wish you'd found the lavender gingham dress too. :-)

    'Smilnsigh' blog

  21. Thank you for sharing your dress. It is lovely and I am sure that you would have looked fetching in it. I wonder how we came to use fetching as a word to mean attractive when it is a word that also means to run and get something. The English language has many intrigues. Had a look back through some of your other blogs - loved all the photos of your trip. Is the photo in the header your home. It is a lovely photo and looks like a very relaxing place to live.

  22. Oh, wow, graduation dresses! I had to think for a moment. Not sure if I remember mine. I had a baccalaureate dress, I do remember that one.

    Happy post! :-)


  23. The pictures are not a fright. Styles and fashions change, that's all, but look at the beautiful plethora of details on this dress....I wish you had a photo of you in it, but it is lovely all on its own...


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