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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's Take a Trip

Judy is hosting "Let's Take a Trip" at My Front Porch this week and I want to play, too. She gave me permission to share a day trip; now I'm wondering if she'll give me permission to play twice because I am taking another day trip Thursday.

Since one should seize an opportunity, I've decided to focus on my Pemaquid Point Day from last September. You can read about the day as posted then right here; I have selected some new photos to share as well. (Perhaps you'll notice a titch of difference in my cropping skills. ;D)

We wound down to the coast that September day via Jefferson so that my daughter could show me this scenic view.

Of course, I think that all scenic views are improved by having my daughter pose in the middle of them.

This is the church spoken of...

We had already picked up our picnic lunch consisting of Italians and chips. I found the graphics on this chip bag interesting so took a photo.

Pemaquid Point is a cozy spot high upon a bluff overlooking the Atlantic. Its main draw is the scenic lighthouse and the beautiful vistas of seascape.

staking our claim...

lobster boat...

Funny to think that a few hundred years ago, lobsters were used as bait or even to fertilize fields...they were that numerous. People who ate them never told anyone because it was considered shameful to resort to eating such a creature. Personally, I don't like lobster unless it is dragged through mayonnaise and lands in small bits in a lobster salad roll.

We left Pemaquid after a few hours and wended our way along taking lots of pics...

The following pics were taken for my father who, as a true son of Maine, drinks Moxie until it runs out his ears and loves nothing better than eating at Moody's Diner.

Closing with a favorite photo from the day...

Hope that I'll see you on the tour!

Edited to Add These Many Years Later (4-24-2018), blame Mrs. T. 

I decided to re-edit some photos to see if I could improve them. ☺ Either that or mud.





Thanks, Mrs. T for making me take another look!


  1. What lovely photos of the Pemaquid Point area. How amazing it would be to attend that church in the middle of so much natural beauty. I do hope that it is still used by a congregation.

  2. Vee that was wonderful! I've been to your area several times and can't help but marvel at the beauty! Such a lovely corner of the world! Thanks so much for the tour!


  3. When you live within driving distance of such a beautiful place, why go further afield? About those Italian sandwiches....they sound delicious! I grew up in Southern Rhode Island where they make a similar "grinder". There's nothing like oil, salt and pepper on meat and vegatables! Thanks for sharing. A day trip with your daughter is worth more than any long vacation without her, I'm sure!

  4. Vee...beautiful photos. So many beautiful places to see in your part of the world...I love the old church photo very much...

    I'm with you when it comes to lobster...I want no eyes looking up at me when I eat :)

  5. I love the mental image of eating "Italians and chips" for lunch. HA. Also love the "Miss Vickie" chips.

    I've never had a Moxie, what's it like? I've heard of it. And I'm with your dad..I want to eat at that diner!

    One of my retirement goals is to eat at diners all across America and write a book about it. Do you ever watch that TV show, Diner, Dives and ....something else, I can't remember.

    - Suzanne

  6. Jan, the next time you show up in my corner, I want to know about it in advance! We can meet under the moose at LL Bean or something!

    Kathy, have Italians reached your corner yet? They are such a wonderful distinctive Maine sandwich. The picture at that site is incorrect...we'd never serve Italians on that kind of a roll.

    Suzanne, Moxie is, in my opinion, a nasty liquid. As the article states, one either loves or hates it. There's no middle ground with Moxie. What a wonderful thing to do...eat at every diner across the country and then write a book. If you show up here, I want to hear about it, too!

  7. What a lovely day and great pictures. I love the church!!
    I like lobster but like Crab better. I have to say that living in Maryland. :-)

  8. Thanks, Vee! I'm so glad you re-visited Pemaquid Point...since I hae no recollection of your last time there. Beautiful spot...and wonderful pictures.

    I googled 'Moxie'...had no idea what it was.

    Glad you are joining us on the travel tour...and feel free to add any more trips you have up your sleeve!

  9. What a peaceful trip - thank you Vee!

    I liked the lobster lesson - never heard that before.

    Take care!

  10. Hey, Vee- Love the potato chips! We have those down here in Texas too!

    I didn't know what Moxie was either, altho it sounds like something completely gross.

    What a nice day trip with your lovely daughter - she MADE your photo! The sky looks so clear and blue up there and the ocean with all the sail boats is so inviting. I'd love to go there. Don't get up to your area too often. I've only been up as far as Pittsburg one time in my whole life. It's a beautiful place!

    Have a great week! Vickie

  11. Hi Vee!

    I think the Maine coast is one of the most beautiful in the world! We took a car trip once all the way up Bar Harbor, and I often wish we could go back -- maybe in a few years when my husband retires, and gas prices go down?

    Pemaquid Point is lovely, and that New England church is exquisite, and your daughter is also! :-)

    I loved the sandwich history web iste --I sent the link to my hubby as he'll love it too! When he emigrated to America from Italy as a child his Mom always sent him to school with a big salami and provolone cheese sandwich made using an entire loaf of Italian bread. Meanwhile everyone around him in the school cafeteria was eating peanut butter and jelly on Wonder Bread. He felt like the odd one out, but still relished his big lunch! LOL!

    I love love love lobster! I don't eat it often but it's one of my favorites! We always have it on Christmas Eve.

    I'm glad your enjoying my Ireland posts -- we saw so many different places this trip. Blogging about them is making me relive it all.

    Hugs, Pat

  12. What a lovely trip and thank you Vee! Miss Vickie's! My favorite snacks...specially the chips with vinegar...TANGYYYYY.

  13. Vee .. I'll come with you on a day trip any day of the week. Oh such lovely sites. I did chuckle at your Lobster roll remark. Quite a witty gal you are. . I so agree about the posing of a pretty daughter in any photo.

  14. Vee..I miss New England...the West Coast just doesn't have the same charm....it's nice...but not home!

    Loved your photos...we have those Miss Vickies chips out here too....

  15. hey Vee...you last pic with the brilliant blue water and yellow shrubs (could it be broom?) reminds me of some taken with Mom in Victoria..... took me back ten years.

  16. We have neighbors from Maine. Bruce drinks Moxie but his wife says it tastes like cough syrup. We have a small local grocery store that sells a huge selection of specialty sodas and Moxie is one of them. Right now we're on a short vacation at the ocean on the other side of the country, the Pacific Ocean, having a wonderful time. Also thanks for stopping by my site. Hope you come by again.

  17. Beautiful trip photos!

    And a beautiful daughter, as well...


  18. What great photos! I will definitely be participating this week if I have a day trip worth noting.. :D None in the planning stages, but you never do know.

  19. What an enjoyable tour! The tidbit of info about the lobsters' former uses is interesting! I especially like the photo of the picnic tables with ocean in the background......looks like just a lovely spot!

    Thank you for visiting my blog on the travel tour, too!

  20. How beautiful...not only your daughter but the scenic tour as well :). I'd be calling in sick at work a lot if I were surrounded by all that beauty...:) Your cropping and photo's are awesome, I need to get practicing!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  21. I could feel the ocean breezes and smell the salty air as I looked and read through this post. Ah, what perfect weather you had, what a beautiful day, beautiful scenery, and a beautiful daughter, I might add.

    Interesting history on the lobster, how strange it would have seemed to those people of that earlier era, to learn that lobster is today considered a luxury and a delicacy.

  22. What a great trip, thanks for taking me along. I never knew that about lobsters, what an interesting little fact:)

  23. Stunning photos. What a great trip. I have never been out your way but I can see that it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your day trip with us.

  24. I've been traveling this evening and ended up at "Pemaquid Point". Wow, talk about gorgeous scenery.

    I didn't know that bit about the lobster, hmmmm, I LOVE lobster dripping in butter.

    Great trip tonight Vee, thanks!

  25. Great photos of a delightful place. I can almost feel the breeze...

  26. Those pictures look lovely and relaxing. I have never even been on the East coast, so I am fascinated by the scenery.

  27. What a fun tour! I am sorry I was on vacation and did not get to play vacation trips with Judy!

  28. Pemaquid Point is so beautiful. We have gorgeous pictures of our glorious day there in 2015.

  29. Beautiful work on the re-editing. I notice when I visit some of my older posts that Blogger seems to have made the photos smaller. Or maybe it's just that back in the good old days of dial-up internet, I usually resized the photos so they wouldn't take so long to load.


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