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Friday, June 6, 2008

Let's Take a Trip Part II

One of the joys of living in my corner is that in about an hour I can be at the ocean if I travel east or in the mountains of New Hampshire if I travel west. Yesterday, we chose the mountains. It's a trip that I've planned for the first good day for the past few weeks.

The unfortunate thing is that the weather here has been unsettled for over a week. Yesterday promised to be the best day with promises of partial sun in New Hampshire so we struck off by nine a.m. with a picnic lunch and planning to find a little diner where we could have some breakfast.

Some time later and with grumbly tummies, we found the Morning Glory Diner. I didn't even take a picture because it was such a hole in the wall, but the food was great.

We were supposed to be taking the famous Kancamagus Highway, which we did right up to the point that we were welcomed to Vermont. Oh well! Someone can't read a map. Now you can see bright sunny New Hampshire day photos anywhere, right? But where are you going to find any like mine? LOL! I'm going to allow the photos to speak for themselves for the most part...

We did a lot of this...

We followed these vintage cars to 2855 feet where the mountain was covered in mist and so no pictures from the peak...darn! My ears popped repeatedly...guess that I'm a lowlander.

A small ski museum offered this display of "When Girls Wore Skirts to Ski." I tell you what...those gals of the 1930s and 40s were well dressed on the slopes!

Mt. Washington Inn

Finally, some lunch! Have you ever seen anyone more happy?

This is how he spent much of the day...patient man!

Mt. Washington at 6,288 feet is the highest mountain in the Northeast United States. A weather observatory sits at the top that measures some of the craziest weather on earth including the highest wind velocity ever recorded anywhere on earth...231 mph! It's up there somewhere, but was wearing a stole of mist yesterday. We decided not to chug the car up that steep mountain road. The joke around here is NEVER to buy a car that has a bumper sticker claiming that it climbed to the top of Mt. Washington.

Homeward bound...

I don't usuallly enjoy following lumber trucks, but this was one well-fitted load.

The day ended with ice cream just as all perfect days do. Thanks for looking at my pictures again and please join Judy at Let's Take a Trip. I see that she went to Hawaii yesterday. ;>


  1. Oh my Vee...gorgeous photos...I especially enjoyed the covered bridge..well...I especially enjoyed everyone single thing about your post....a lovely time of the year..Everything looks so fresh and green.

  2. Well, Vee, I have been alot of places and my family will agree when they hear me say that my heart is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I've taken your road trip countless times and loved every one. Your photos remind me of why I enjoy it so much! I must confess, however, that for a while, I had a van that had the Mount Washington bumper sticker on it. My kids were young and had to have it. The day we were there a few years ago it was 65 degrees with no wind on the summit. A once in a lifetime day of perfect weather on the mountain known for the worst weather on earth! Thanks for sharing. Now I need to plan a day trip! Maybe I will take a wrong turn and end up in Maine! ~Kathy

  3. Such wonderful photos Vee! I'm so happy you let us share you roadtrip! Hope you finally got to enjoy our picnic! : )


  4. Your photos were a treat. Hehe, my parents' car had that very bumper sticker back in the '60s! I believe my dad said that it was worse on the car going down than going up.

  5. Miss Vee...
    Thank you for sharing your great photos and fun trip..what a lovely outing!!!!

  6. Hi Vee, although I've been to a lot of places there in New England..I've never been there. The photos are gorgeous!!

    I was looking for something in Mass. once and I drove straight through into Vermont...I think it's easy to do....LOL.
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Wow, that was some trip. Great photos to share with us!!
    I really liked the covered bridge.
    Ice cream is just perfect for ending the day! :-)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous photos of what looks like a wonderful trip. I too, love the photo of the covered bridge.

    Since I'm a full-time flatlander, driving in the mountains makes me very nervous. I'm going to need to get over that quick because we're going to retire to the top of a moutain! The logging truck makes me even more nervous. YIKES.

    Although I've never climbed a mountain I can bet that I've read every mountain climbing adventure book ever written. Mount Washington is a major figure in some of these books. Although it's not the highest peak in the world, the maniacal weather makes it very, very dangerous.

    Thanks for the photos, I needed to get away today.


  9. How beautiful Vee, your pictures are breathtakingly perfect :). I can't imagine any woman wanting to ski in a skirt! and your within driving distance to Mt. Washington Inn :0, it's all so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day!

  10. What beautiful pictures. I'm with the others, I love the covered bridge. Bridges just seem so nostalgic. You expect to see a horse and wagon coming thru it. We don't have those here in Southern California. But we did see some when we went up through Oregon a few years back. It looks like a good trip. I love how green everything is. Another thing we don't see here in Southern Cal.

  11. Vee, this was such a beautiful post. It makes me want to come there, the scenery was spectacular. My favorite scene was the covered bridge. . oh my camera was sitting beside me and I'm sure I saw it quiver a bit. . .

  12. Thanks for taking a day-trip on our behalf! Beautiful photos...and I am so much the wiser after your post. I got out my trusty road atlas to see exactly where you took us...although I'm still not sure why you were in Vermont! New England looks lovely...maybe someday I'll follow a path out that way.

  13. Vee:

    Love the beautiful greenery....very west coast! And that steep mountain climb....wonderful...right down to the logging truck too.!

    Thanks for the tour.

  14. Looks like a wonderful trip, Vee! Thanks for taking us along.

  15. What stunning pictures! I have never been to New Hampshire but I feel like I was along for the trip.

    Thank you so much for a very enjoyable ride.

    take care,

  16. Such awesome photos... thanks for "taking" me along!

  17. Oh Vee -- this brought back memories! We visited New Hampshire about 5 years ago. We drove on the Kancamagus Highway, saw the "old man of the mountain" at Franconia Notch before it eroded away, and actully drove all the way to the top of Mount Washington! My husband got more and more nervous the higher we went as all he could think of was how steep it would be going down! It was more nerve wracking on the way down and we had to keep pulling over to cool the brakes. But it was fun and I'm glad we did it once. Then we stayed in Portsmouth, NH for a few days, which was a very nice village.
    Thnaks for bringing back all the memories!

    Hugs, Pat

  18. So pretty! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  19. OK, I read all the comments. If someone had asked, I'd not have to. But... Since no one else asked... I guess I will have to. -sigh-

    Who he?????????????



  20. Oh my what astounding photos. I am so glad you weren't driving and trying to snap pictures at the same time on those winding roads!! The covered bridge is magnificent... amazing that you got such great shots of it. Thanks for adding my new baby bloggy home to your blog roll... I am adding yours to mine, too.

    Blessings and hugs,

  21. I absolutely love mountains and forests, and throw in some water and I am in paradise, Vee. I have to come and visit your neck of the woods sometime. It is so incredibly beautiful!

  22. Have you ever thought of going into the post card business? These are just doggoned beautiful shots! I especially love the feet climbing the mountain trail...oddly enough, we are in the same type of area...an hour and half from Myrtle Beach (SC) or an hour and a half from the Mountains (Brown, BLue Ridge take your pick!) You know, the mountains call to my Scottish Blood!

  23. A beautiful trip. The bridge reminded me of The Bridges of Maddison County.
    It was especially interesting to see the terrain as I have been searching around your area on Google earth recently.
    These husbands are going to have to get used to hanging around all day while their blogger wives take photos.

  24. I loved those photos! I've never been to Vermont. Perhaps we will go there the next time we visit our daughter and her family.

  25. Thank you Vee, for visiting my blog and the great comment about my quilts. Love the beautiful pictures you have here! Great photography!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  26. What wonderful photos! So refreshing and beautiful. I love the mountains. Thank you for sharing your road trip. Now I'm off for a little ice cream. Don't want to miss that part LOL Great post.

  27. What beautiful photos and a great adventure!! loved your traveling post and letting us go with you! Have a fabulous weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  28. Is there any other way to end a day.....Hugs....Mary

  29. Lovely photos and wow, how fortunate you are to have the beach on your right and the mountains on your left. Love the rushing waters and the covered bridge. I'll bet there are plenty of bear in the forest. My sister has lived in New England, (mass. Vt, RI) for almost 30 years yet I have never gone there to visit. I cant make long car rides because I have a clotting disorder and I dont like to fly. Perhaps Ill reconsider .

  30. That is some beautiful countryside!

  31. Thank you for joining me on this little trip. It was great to have you all along! Truly, the more the merrier when on the Kancamagus...we saw busload after busload of children on their class trips. They were having a blast.

    Let's see, seems as if there were a couple of questions or comments to which I should respond...

    Judy, we wound up in Vermont because we took a left when we should've taken a right. ;. Since I was not driving that means that I was the one reading the map or not, as the case may be. We're going back to Vermont soon because it's so beautiful...like being in the Alps. Oh, and as you can tell from Robin's post, it's easy to wind up in Vermont.

    Lovella, you and your quivering camera comment had me chuckling.

    Pat, would you believe that we stopped to "mourn" for the Old Man of the Mountain. It really was the strangest thing to look up and see not one feature left. I took a photo, but the quality was so poor that I didn't post it.

    M-N, I figured that you might ask... ;> Keep your eyes peeled as all will be revealed soon. But then, if you're a regular reader here, you'll already have figured it out...no?

    Sandi, you are too kind. I need lots of work on my photography skills. Glad that you liked "the feet." How cool that you are in the same situation as I with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. It's a perfect world, isn't it?!

  32. Yes, I am a regular reader here.

    And No, I have not figured it all out. &(*&%$%^






  33. Beautiful pictures! I have never had the privilege of going further than upstate New York. Thank you for sharing. I'll have to show my husband the covered bridge; he loves them and has been known to drive miles to see one.

    I had to chuckle at the skirts for skiing while I wondered what it would have looked like in some of the wild tumbles I have taken down hills! Oh my!

  34. Dearest Vee!

    Yes, I'm a regular reader here! As a matter-of-fact, I've read every single entry you've ever posted on your own blog!!

    And, no, I have not figured it out already!! LOL!!

    Btw, that cryptic email I received from you on Saturday didn't help one little bit! LOL!!

    The pics of your trip to the mountains just sound so beautiful!! You described them enough for me to follow along and enjoy your adventure!!

    So, I reckon I'll keep on reading here and I'll attempt to read between the lines! All I do know for sure is you are smiling from the inside out and I love it!!!



  35. Vee,
    You do live in a lovely place! Thanks for the trip to the mountains! I would just love to travel to your area and explore it with you. I agree all good trips do end with ice cream! Make mine a double scoop of butter pecan in a waffle cone please!


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