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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This and That

A few loose ends to tie up...

Just the mention of Italians yesterday and wouldn't you know that I couldn't stop thinking about them all day until suppertime when nothing would do save ordering some at the local Mom and Pop store.

His has all the trimmin's and hers has no onions and no oil. Yummy!

This is a pic I was supposed to put in my Drive-by post and overlooked.

I like the classic black shutter on the white.

Finally, a before and after that I've been meaning to share. Regulars here will recognize the corner.

And a close-up...

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Wow those sandwiches look really great. Around here we would just call them subs.

    Did you get the Daily Candy e-mail with the Father's Day ideas including dad's own Maine lobster trap for one year! Only $3,000.

    - Suzanne

  2. ANOTHER reason to move back East...sandwiches of that quality just cannot be found out here! Yum yummity yum!
    Have a great day darlin'!


  3. Hehe, it took me a moment to realize you were talking about sandwiches and not Italian men.

    Your corner shelf looks great. I especially like the little picture.

  4. I've got to work at being more clear. Italians can only be found in my state. They don't make them like this anywhere else. It's all in the bread...not a crusty roll like a sub or a grinder. It's like a soft white dinner roll shaped like a giant hot dog bun. Sigh. It's a challenge to explain. ;> Anyway, I have known people to move away and beg for Italians to be sent to them as far away as California. We try to oblige, but I'm sure that it doesn't taste quite the same even 24 hours later.

    Yes, Suzanne, I did see that. I have an old one in the garage that he can have for free. LOL!

  5. Oh, forgot, Alice...we never say Italian "sandwiches" hence the confusion. Tee hee.

  6. Well...I think I need to come to your state and checkout the Italians! It looks like they would make the trip worthwhile.

  7. Vee... these delicious looking sandwiches and (my five men) Betsy's warm chocolate sauce...all before I've had my breakfast...have totally confused my taste buds.... That bowl of cereal somehow just doesn't sound as good now :)

  8. Now I've got to go fix a sandwich, I'm starving, Marvin...lovely corner...the colors are so cool and pleasing

  9. The Italian subs look very good. Kenny makes some really super good ones!! (and he is Italian)
    I love the corner shelf.

  10. Hi Vee! Last weekend I bought some of those bread and butter sandwich pickles and I have had a sandwich almost every day with them on it...yummo! That corner looks very sweet...love the lil display.

  11. OOh it is lunch time and your sandwiches look so much better than the toasted tomato sandwich that is on my menu.

    Your corner shelf is so cute. it's always so wonderful to fill a space perfectly.

  12. Now that looks mighty tasty, Vee!

    Thanks again for participating in the Drive By: Around the World! It was so great to have you be a part of the first edition!

    Happy day, dear!


  13. You have got to stop with showing me DElicious looking food. I'm weak, woman, weak! I can't take this kind of temptation. Geez.

    Anywho - the black shutters on a white house is my BFF's "dream" house - she loves that look and always has.

    Now I'm off to go chew on a washrag (in the vain hopes it will keep me from raiding my pantry!). lol


  14. Oh my gosh, those sandwiches are to die for! I hope all is well with you and yours. I don't get over to see you nearly often enough, but you're in my thoughts!

  15. Mmmm, the Italian looks good...I wasn't sure if you were talking about a tall, dark haired man or the sandwich! :)...Your corner looks beautiful!


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