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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where I'm From

Here's a meme where we can all have fun (if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged). It allows us to explore the creative side. I found this while visiting Shanda at Front Porches-Sweet Tea&Old Aprons. She has, herself, written a wonderful response to the poem called "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyons. You'll find my own response after. Thank you, Shanda, for such a great idea!

Where I'm From
by George Ella Lyons

Here's my humble response...

Where I'm From

I'm from paper
I'm from books
I'm from flowers
I'm from music
a piano filled with melodies
From Vic and Marilyn
and two sisters one blond one brown
I'm from the ocean
and the swirling tide
From the lake where the loons cry
From kisses
From smitten looks
From the One who
Knows me best and loves me most
From the north born in the south
From hazelnut coffee with cream
From blueberries
From the forest
and the trees
From the kitchen and the laundry room
From the garden
Upon my walls photographs of my loves...
From the books I've read, the tunes I hum, the moon I gaze upon
From the dust...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sooooo, have you anything planned for supper yet?
Because if you haven't, I'd like to offer a suggestion. I found these Crash Hot Potatoes at Ree's. Honestly, they are soooooo yummy, soooooo easy. I've made them four times and I'm thinking of making them again tonight. Have I mentioned lately that I'd like to lose weight? Perhaps, I shouldn't make them tonight, but you can!

Create a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. You are a beautiful writer, Vee.
    Oh, and I'm definitely going to check out those potatoes...although I need them like a hole in the head!!


  2. What lovely lines, Vee. I think I'll try this too but I probably won't publish it as I'm not much of a writer.

  3. Loved your response!! Perfect!!

    kari & kijsa

  4. I'm a sucker for anything potatoes...and I checked out the recipe...so they are going to be happening over here!

    Fun meme...I like where you're from.

  5. Vee I LOVE this!! I've read it on another blog as well, yours is so beautiful, Vee! Hope you're having a wonderful day ~ xxoo, Dawn

  6. Beautifully written. I'll pop over to check on Shanda's and see if perhaps I can do this too.
    Oh, a recipe for a potato dish. . yes, I'll check this out too.
    Thanks. .

  7. Yummmmy sounding recipe, you pointed us too. Thank you.

    And yes, you are a talented writer, Vee. Lovely composition.

    Happy Full Strawberry Moon to you, tonight!

    Smilnsigh blog

  8. Vee,
    Your poetry touched my heart ~ simply said but beautifully elegant! I am going to think on this and I consider myself tagged!

    Thanks for another yummy sounding recipe.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Rats I wish I hadn't looked at that recipe! Those look so yummy!

  10. That was really good!!! I don't think I have enought writing skills to come up with anything worth reading.

    I'm going to go and check out that recipe now.

  11. I saw those potatoes.... they look scrummy indeed! I love "where you are from" Vee. Lovely.

  12. Where you are from is a very nice place, I see. You have written some beautiful poetry in this post, full of wonderful imagery...

  13. Thank you Vee, for pointing me to 'Gracious Hospitality.' What a lovely blog!

    And I do hope you and she get some beautiful Full Moon photos tonight. No such luck here, I fear. :-( The clouds keep rolling in and out. And now, they seem like a solid cover. -sigh- I doubt they will clear, by Moon Rise, so I can see what she calls 'the moon illusion.' Let alone try to photograph it. 'Tis your job, with this Full Moon, Vee!!!!!!! :-)

    Smilnsigh blog

  14. Very Nice Vee, I just love reading them. After I read someones response, I would just love to ask so many questions. You did a wonderful job. I promise to have my meme from you posted up tonight.

  15. Vee, i so enjoy your writing. I loved this post. Those potatoes have been calling my name...I am trying to resist!

  16. You have a way with words Vee!

    The recipe will be one I will try.
    Love any thing with potatoes!

    My tag is coming-hopefully tomorrow.


  17. Vee,

    Your response is beautiful!! Wishing you a glorious tomorrow and wishing all your tomorrows to be beautiful...Mary

  18. That is neat Vee! I seemed very effortless for you..I think I would struggle to make it flow so nicely!

    That is a neat meme..

  19. Hi Vee...nicely done my friend...you are awesome ....

    BTW...you've been asking about how I do certain photos....When the digital camera first came out...my husband splurged on an incredible Sony camera....It has a setting called solarize...you click on this before taking the photo...I love how it works on landscapes and outdoor scenes...best wishes...Dee Dee

  20. Very beautiful, Vee! I like all the imagery in your poem. We have many similarities :-)

    I'll try to do this myself someday soon. We've been hit by so many thunderstorms this week that has made me go off line, that I am so behind in everything. Thankfully today has beautiful blue skies!
    Hugs, Pat

  21. You have a wonderful blog! I'll be peeking in again, for sure!! :)

  22. That was really neat!

  23. Hey....I did not know you were such a poet. Wonderful Vee....I am guessing you have more where that has come from .... you have been holding out on us!

  24. Awwwww you gals know how to make a person feel good. No, I am not a poet, poetry in me does not exist...grant that gift to the daring alchemist! ;>

    Response poetry is the best that I can hope to achieve as it lends itself to success providing the framework. I know that everyone could have great success with this exercise. I've done two more for others...one to honor my aunt's 80th birthday this weekend; I'm hoping that it will be well received.

  25. Dear Vee, I love your rendition. It reads perfectly and creates such lovely images in my mind's eye. Thanks for sharing that. I have read it before, but your version is excellent. xos Terri

  26. Thanks for doing this. Mine is here:


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