Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And So It Goes

The projects continue...

My mother gave me my grandmother's vintage chenille bedspread some months ago and it had been sitting in the sewing room since. At first, I thought that I would cut it up into pillows because it had a fair amount of damage, but because of the center pattern, I just couldn't. Instead, I removed the damaged upper edge leaving about two-thirds of the spread. I used a zig-zag stitch to hem it and, hopefully, I've disguised it well enough to use on my bed by folding down the comforter over the top.

(Sorry about the photo quality...another dreary, wintry day here.)

The project that I am puttering with for my niece (the one who thinks this blog is all "Martha Stewart and dull") is coming along slowly. It will include these quotes about music already printed up on fabric and, hopefully, I'll have something more to show soon.

After all that work on streamlining my blog to get it to load faster and somehow I was tempted yet again to slow it down. A Woman Who Is IS responsible for this! =>

You would not believe how much I blog hopped right here in my own blog after that widget was installed. Very tempting! Anyway, if the page is loading too slowly for you, please let me know. I've never had the option to have similar subject material listed at the end of each post because I edit so much. This seemed a good alternative. I do wish that it would stick with the first three it selects for a post without continually rotating.

Thanks for visiting...I promise to slow down long enough for a cup of coffee and a muffin soon!


  1. I thought about installing that widget too,,,,,,I like a lot of my old posts.

    I'm glad you kept the chenille...It's pretty!

  2. I love the blanket. You did a wonderful job!

  3. Are you coming here for the coffee and muffin? I'm ready (although I know I don't look ready to be seen!)

    Good move in preserving the beautiful would have been a shame to cut it up. It looks perfectly fine.

  4. Nice job with the chenille bedspread - looks really nice.
    I had a friend who cut up old chenille bedspreads and made little bear and rabbit stuffed animals out of them. I have one of the rabbits.

  5. Just last week my sister and I had a conversation about chenille bedspreads. We agreed that we always thought the girls who had them on their beds when we were growing up were so lucky. So glad you are preserving yours. It looks very pretty.

  6. That bedspread is beautiful! I love chenille. You did a marvelous job of repairing it.

    So you are Martha Stewart?! I'd never be accused of that-- tee hee --even though I love her.

    I love the "Linkwithin" widget! It does rotate, but that is part of the fun because you never know what you are going to see every time you re-visit your blog post.

  7. mmmmm - That chenille bedspread is lovely.cozy and as you say, the center is still in great condition! I'm glad you didn't cut it up for other uses!

    A muffin and coffee in your home would be a "piece of haven!" Thanks!

  8. I thought about having that same thing on my blog! I see it all over here lately.

  9. What a creative way to preserve your grandmother's bedspread! It is so lovely and I am sure a treasure for you.

    Have a lovely Wednesday,

  10. I think your chenille fix is great! I bet your grandmother would think so too - in fact, that's just the sort of thrifty fix that would have been done back in her day!

  11. I think you did a very wise thing by not cutting it up into cushions. I have my mother's chenille bedspread too and though it is too small for our large bed. . I somehow invision it gracing a single bed in the future. . . in the guest room . . if I ever get one.

  12. Your bedspread looks beautiful! I think it's wonderful that you didn't cut it down and instead chose to use it on your bed.


  13. I love how you saved that bed spread!!! It is so beautiful...m..

  14. Hello Vee,
    I am so glad that you decided to mend instead of making pillows. What a great job you did on your mending of it!! This spread brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother's!! Thank you for sharing and for your visit and sweet words of encouragement.

  15. Hi Vee,
    Wow the bedspread is lovely and it's always best to try and same something that has so much love and great memories..I remember my Grandmothers Chenille bedspread. I think my sister and I each had one growing up.
    Have a wonderful day,

  16. Ahhhh I love that chenille..... that basket of flowers looks like the one I did on those metal glider..... you did a greta job... it looks wonderful on your bed.... LOVE it...
    Loaded fine for me...... I do have issues with some blogs that have so many gadgets on them.... but NOT yours ; - )

  17. What a beautiful keepsake!

  18. I do so love chenille! And my Gram and Nan had them on all of their beds. Mmm... I can even smell the Gain laundry soap if I try real hard!

  19. Thank goodness, you didn't cut up that gorgeous bedspread. And your solution was perfect. Now you can enjoy your heirloom.

  20. Love your blanket! And your new widget! Fancy schmancy!



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