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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day of Crafting

It's always a good thing to get away to putz. Create would be the better word, of course. Personally, I get a little antsy if I haven't been able to do something different and fun after about four days. How about you?

There are a few things in my craft room that I haven't shared...like those cute hankie curtains. It's an idea I stole from Linda at Blue Gate Blog; I've lifted some of my best ideas from Linda.

Oh, and the apron tied around the chair (which you can barely see)? I lifted that from Linda at Restyled Home right *here.* I must have a thing about stealing from Lindas.

Four of you should be able to find some little things that you may partially recognize. Yup. I'm playing games again today. Look around...it's a "Where's Waldo" kind of day.

Oh, I've been meaning to show you these cute little buttons that I found in the stash my mother gave me. They're peg clothespin buttons! I know, I've got so much stuff on my bulletin board that they're hard to see plus the quality of the photographs isn't so hot today. (I may be such a perfectionist that this pic and a few others will change at some point.)

My number one errand of the day is getting to the post office. That and making my beloved his dinner. Have a great day everyone!

Edited to Add: Just dropping in a better daylight photo of the aproned chair. I see that my take on it is a bit different from Linda's...my chair is more bibbed than aproned.


  1. Good morning Vee, I love the hanky window treatments, so sweet. It looks like your inspiration frame is full of just that. I am off for a trip to the city for a dr. appt. today and then hopefully a little fun that I hope to blog about, that is if the fog clears off. I am seriously needing a puttering day but no time at the present, maybe tomorrow. Have a great day!

  2. Putzing days are the best days...your new crafting area is wonderful! I love the curtain and all of your display boards. Have fun!

  3. Your sewing/crafting room is super nice.
    I have my loft for my little space for knitting, doing needlepoint, cross stitching and stamping. It's wonderful to have a place like that.

  4. Love the hankies. I have tea towels in my kitchen for the same purpose!

  5. I wish I could sew. I tried to learn. Alas, I have absolutly NO patience. If I can't do it perfect the first time I get mad and give up. I'm such a quitter!
    I love those curtains. They are so cute!!!

  6. Good Thurs. morning Vee, The post office is at the top of my list too. I love your bulletin board. I have an old frame, hanging in my garage! Hmmm.I may swipe your idea. Thank You! I will let you know if I do! I also love the idea of the apron on the chair. I have a small collection of vintage aprons. So cute!

  7. I love the word "putz"! My hubby accuses me of that doing alot! lol

    Your inspiration board is just lovely!

  8. What a warm and cozy sewing room, Vee. I love the hanky curtain. And maybe I need to "steal" the picture frame bulletin board idea. I hope you have a lovely day of puttering. ~Kathy

  9. Your room is adorable! And I must say I love the tea cups hanging in the frame- perfect! Some of the very best ideas are the ones' shared with others on the blogs we visit and YOURS is no exception :-)

  10. Hi Vee,
    Love your new header for spring. I am so jealous over your sewing room!! I want to have a space with a window, but I would spend my time looking out the window!

    Now don't fall of your chair laughing when I tell you why I wanted a three column layout.

    Number one~ my brain is wired to have everything balanced and I thought the two column was a little off balance for me. My mother says that I am so like my father, everything has to be perfect and in line! LOL

    Number two~ I got tired of having to scroll so far down to read all the information on other blogger sites, and I wondered if they got tired of having to scroll down on mine, not that I thought what I had to say was that important! Are you still sitting upright? lol

    Number three~ I just got plain bored!!And when I found that I coud not do it own my own It then became more of a challenge to me!! Now!! are you still sitting in your chair? lol
    Thank you for stopping by today and as always I enjoy your visits.

  11. OHMYGOSH...... where have you been hiding that adorable craft/sewing room..... it is soooo cute.... I had to click the first picture so I could see all the cuteness...... then I saw your linky love to me... I love that we can share so many things in blog land ...... he-he.... there is a little of me in your craft room..... I am grinning from ear to ear...
    Big hugs

  12. Your craft room looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. I love the curtain you made from hankies. Very cute!!

    I'm also going to check out that rhubarb bread recipe. I can't wait for the first taste of rhubarb.

    BTW, thanks for your well wishes and suggestion on the gel bag. I am off to the drugstore to look for one.

  13. I immediately noticed those curtains, Vee! Very cute! Blue Gate Linda is very creative.

    I thought only Brooklynites like myself use the word "putz" -- I'm happy to see it's in your vernacular...lol

    I was out shopping with a friend this morning and we stopped to have McDonald's for lunch, which I haven't had in years and years...they have to put the calorie counts up on the board now, by NYC law. WOW! Now I have to go back out and jog around the block a million times to burn off what I ate!

  14. The hankie window treatment looks so sweet! Your whole room is adorable, Vee! If that were mine, I'd never leave! :)

  15. I love the hanky curtains!! Have a great day...m.

  16. Love the hanky window treatments!! We showed a friends a while back we thought was just as sweet! beautiful job!! We love to see so much creativity in blogland..and we were definitely inspired here!!
    kari & kijsa

  17. Awww Vee...I just LOVE your craft room!!! Thanks so much for giving us a little glimpse of where you love to create. I love your inspiration frame full of things you love ~ hope all is well with you and yours sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

  18. Good evening Vee, What a nice craft room you have. Those hankie window treatments are so pretty. I like how you have decided to hang your cards and etc on your poster board. Very nice room to get away to.

  19. I am feeling the 'need to create' right about now! I've been Spring cleaning and my crafting has been put aside. I can't wait to get back to it! You always have so many neat projects!

  20. Hi Vee,

    Nothing beats putzing around. Sometimes I call it chasing my tail - especially if I have wayyy too many things going on at one time.

    Your craft room is so cute. Hope you enjoyed your time.


  21. Hi Vee! Glad you stopped by with your always welcome thoughts.

    I am going to make myself an inspiration thingie of some sort. I have an old green chippy piece of window frame with no glass that I think would be perfect for this project. Love your "space". Wish I had one...

  22. Thanks for sharing, Vee. Your craft room sue does look tidy!

    Happy Crafting,

  23. Hi Vee,

    Oh how I wish I could sew all day long!, but I must go to work M-F so I only have the weekends. I bought fabric last weekend and had big dreams of sewing my weekend away, but alas I have my grandson's 4th birthday party on Sat. and then on Sunday my niece's 2nd birthday party. Maybe I can steal a few late night hours. Your sewing room is lovely, the window is great for light and just to look out. I sew on my dinning room table it's the biggest space I have to spread out my fabric.
    Have a wonderful day,

  24. I spy with my little eye...LOL! I do think I spy something special!

    A day of crafting sounds so good. I have so many things I want to try out but the garden was calling me, then blogs were calling....But it's suppose to be pretty stormy here tomorrow so I'm thinking I might just have a day of crafting (as long as we don't have to hunker down).

    Have a good weekend!


  25. Crafting, blogging and family tree research. I am amazed you found the time to change your banner. Pretty though.

  26. I love your craft room. It's so inviting and pretty --- and vintage too, which pleases me. I think one of your decorating techniques is such a favorite of mine: how you use empty picture frames to showcase teacups or ribbons or art. I appreciate your creativity --- it just seems to flow from you effortlessly.

    :) LaTeaDah

  27. Putzing, yeah definitely one of my favorite activities, especially in the garden. Chores has such a different connotation. Your craft room is really getting inviting. I would love to putz around there myself. Now I have to go check out those hankie curtains...hmmmm :)

  28. I spy with my little eye....found it! Thank you so much for my gift Vee, I love it! It is proudly displayed on my kitchen shelf!
    Love your craft room, so sweet!

  29. Hi Vee,
    I love your craft room! I took a computer break, but wanted to check in with my blogging friends!